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About SaleTransact

SalesTransact – for quoting, pricing, orders and document management, as well as estimating, product catalogs, sales content and proposals.

Lead to Order Pipeline Management – SalesTransact is organized around the tracking of the iterative stages of a lead through the quoting and order process. A lead to order pipeline ensures that all sales transactions are properly categorized (by status) and the correct process and personnel are in place to quickly and accurately communicate and close business opportunities. It allows the right resources to be applied at the right level of detail for each phase, focusing on the real revenue opportunities.

Specific Features Include:

  • Notification and disbursement of leads including the associated opportunity and tracks the opportunity with all related quoting activity.
  • Approval Status codes. These drive sales actions required for quoting and provide for the correct workflow to move a quote to an order.
  • Event notification using e-mail to notify and inform the required parties - allowing collaboration and assisting in the completion of the transaction.
  • Details on all activity throughout the pipeline process.

Multi-Level Sales Channel Management – Allows businesses to maintain the current sales models and improve and support the way their current selling methodology. Communication and collaboration can be tuned to the channel requirements ensuring less mistakes and better customer service (timeliness of information). This includes powerful sales functionality tailored specifically to the sales channel user.

Specific Features Include:

  • Supports various Sales Channel types including inside sales, outside sales, resellers, manufacturer’s representatives, business users, suppliers, service providers as well as others.
  • Security to support different types of users within an individual sales channel or buying organization.
  • The ability to create a hierarchy of management, sales and sales channels within an organization and across all sales channels.
  • Access to the appropriate critical data to users including accurate pricing, products, services, terms and conditions when they need it and organized to help them sell.

Quote Engine and Document Management - Guarantees that all information needed to successfully communicate a sale (closing document) to all parties is complete. This significantly reduces non-value-added lead-time, reduces expensive errors and ensures rapid communication to back office. Quote management provides extensive details on the make up and breakdown of the products and services required by the customer.

Specific Features Include:

  • All information required completing the transaction including drawings, e-mails internal notes, and appropriate authorizations are attached.
  • Contact information, shipping, billing, main addresses, terms and conditions, internal and external notes, forecast data as well as payment options among other data are provided.
  • Provides quote/order and line level data necessary to document sales information and ensures accurate pricing and customer specifications are there.
  • Visibility of all margin, correct configurations, and product data for rapid approval and executions are included.

Parts and Pricing Management – manages extensive information about parts and services, can be used for creating catalogs, and allows users the details necessary to communicate all the required information to the sales force and/or customer. Parts and pricing management allows for communication and enforcement of business agreements. This ensures that customers and sales personnel can quickly access correct products/service, it minimizes mistakes and provides for the best value proposition. Cross-references to competitive products can assist in better product positioning for better margins and higher close ratios.

Specific Features Include:

  • Simple or complex pricing models including copying and duplication of customer specific contracts.
  • Multiple prices book support to assist in different or specific sales channels and contracts.
  • Time and volume agreements with quantity and set up fees included.
  • Identification of pricing source for better analysis.
  • Security to restrict specific product and services by sales channel.
  • Storage and maintenance of competitive product parts data

Account and Contact Management – SalesTransact supports all of the required sales information about the customer, distributor or even reseller’s accounts. Account and contact management reduces transaction costs and helps in cross and up selling. It helps accomplish this by organizing and improving accessibility of critical account data default data, as well as detail sales and quote history.

Specific Features Include:

  • Supports corporate relationships for multi site customer management.
  • Provides for specific customer or sales channel contract conditions, credit information, terms and conditions and provides for default information to transfer to transactions.
  • Creation of extensive internal and external notes. These notes can be accessed depending on sales channel or customer and position within an organization.
  • Sales personal and their management can be associated with their accounts/contacts for commission tracking and performance analysis.
  • Contact management with the necessary data on all of the individuals involved at the account, including details on location and type of involvement. Defaults for minimal data entry are standard.

Executive Information Management – SalesTransact provides critical data on what is happening in sales across all the sales channels, including details on opportunities that are being worked. Executive Information provides visibility based on detail transaction information and provides more predictable forecasts, better revenue management, by focusing on the right opportunities, and the ability to help improve sales by providing metrics to help the performance of lower producing channels.

Specific Features Include:

  • Reporting includes all lead performance, quoting and order activity information.
  • Win loss data, business reasons, competitive analysis and weighted revenue figures.
  • Forecast and sales activity by sale channel.
  • Margin Analysis on order, accounts and product sales.
  • Visibility of quoted product line details and configurations for better inventory management throughout the sales channel.
  • Performance tracking of sales by sales channel.

Estimating and Custom Products management – Allows companies to customize products to meet specific customer requirements or specifications. Estimating and custom product management improves quote turn around time, provides accurate margin information and improves flexibility when working on projects. It gives companies the ability to build customer specific quotes, provide margin analysis and allow contracts to be developed based on internal and external supply chain data.

Specific Features Include:

  • Users can build product structures (bills of material) and manufacturing requirements (routings) and can import parts from other systems or create virtual ýone offý products.
  • Copy function allows for quick same as/except comparisons.
  • Rolled up cost build-ups, mark ups and quantity breaks are supported
  • Price or costs books can be used
  • Provides critical margin analysis for management.
  • Can be front ended with rules based questions that allow the sales force to capture all of the required data for engineering to custom build a quote.

Portal Management – This allows additional suppliers to be involved in deals by providing them with secured access to their own information and parts or services records. Portal management significantly reduces overhead costs by allowing the suppliers to directly provide information on their products/services, pricing, and costs. It can help in improving revenue and profit margins by allowing companies to leverage existing sales and infrastructure (WEB) resources by rapidly expanding their own product and service offerings to include complimentary offerings from their suppliers enabling them to collect margin on additional product and services sold.

Specific Features Include:

  • Companies can sell other complimentary products by including suppliers as part of their offering.
  • Suppliers can update their own price/cost structures.
  • Specific terms and conditions to each supplier can be included.
  • Supplier information can be directly used in building contract pricing.

SaleTransact can be used in conjunction with eInteract.

Configurator Plus

CONFIGURATOR+ is an object oriented order and product configuration tool. It is ideal for companies that need to ensure their quotes and orders contain the right mix of items (that is, a valid configuration.) It also helps ensure that ýmade-to-orderý products are correctly specified and accurately translated into manufacturing information.

CONFIGURATOR+ allows companies to leverage their engineering and sales expertise by putting this knowledge into a system that others can use in selling and ordering. Having this intelligence incorporated into CONFIGURATOR+ increases productivity while ensuring accurate, complete quotes and orders.

CONFIGURATOR+ enables non-experts to specify configurations, by filtering out inappropriate customer choices and making available only those that match the customer’s needs.

CONFIGURATOR+ generates the appropriate manufacturing information (bills of materials, routings, dynamic work instructions and more).

Easy Estimate


EasyEstimate extends the capabilities of the SMARTQUOTE module by allowing users to build product structures (bills of material) and manufacturing requirements (routings). It helps you do cost build-ups, and provides critical margin analysis for management.

EASYESTIMATE is ideal for companies that engineer to order or provide contract services, and for job shops. EASYESTIMATE allows users of CONFIGURATOR+ to review standard configurations (bills of resources) generated by CONFIGURATOR+ and modify them to further accommodate custom client specs. It compliments configurator systems in complex environments.



SMARTQUOTE is the core WrightTools module for quoting and ordering. It functions as the central database for quote/order information. SMARTQUOTE enables salespeople to quickly and accurately quote products to customers, to properly manage a larger volume of quotes/orders as well as to easily communicate information to managers and back-end systems. Managers can review current and historical sales information to make better-informed decisions.

SMARTQUOTE grows as you grow. It can be extended with additional modules to support customized product and order configurations, complex pricing, estimating, proposal/letter generation, security, cash/credit card payment processing, order transferring, executive information and other functions.

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