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A full ERP system designed by ERPGOV

About ERPGOV Cloud

If you are a Federal Government contractor or a Professional, Consulting, & Business Services provider, ERPGovCloud is your complete support solution.

ERPGovCloud includes a DCAA compliant accounting system for Government Contractors - and much more. The job cost accounting system is directly linked with an integrated timesheet portal and the Contract Management module. It does your project cost accounting and automates the process of generating your invoices in Cost Plus, GST, or Fixed Price formats. It also allows order entry and invoicing for small commercial service & materials jobs, without setting up a formal contract.

ERPGovCloud is user-friendly and CEO-friendly. You can check your actual costs, revenue, or indirect rate experience at any time during the year. At year end, the information you need for your federal incurred cost submission is neatly presented to you. There are contract backlog reports and job status reports. You can reprint invoices and monthly reports as needed. If you are struggling to do government contract accounting with a ‘generic’ accounting package, or you have a government-oriented system but are unhappy with its complexity, reliability, or cost of ownership& Check out ERPGovCloud.

Accounts Payable

ERP-GOV accounts payable is designed to be a complete payables management system that helps you manage cash and expenses. It distributes your company’s expenses to the General Ledger and billable contracts/projects. Now you can easily enter invoices using preset vendor specific defaults for payment terms, discounts, and product/service codes. You can specify an effective date to put the expense in the proper accounting period as well as an invoice date to ensure proper aging.

Better Control of Contract Expenses

Automatically assign all or part of a vendor invoice to a contract or contracts. ERP-AP allows you to specify separate billing date, units, unit cost and cost account for each expense. Process subcontractor labor and tracks subcontractor labor by task, work order and labor category! Optional Purchase Order module makes cost accounting and verification of receipt for materials purchases even easier.

Reports Include:

  • Vendor Master List
  • Vendor Detail List
  • Purchase Order Register
  • Purchase Voucher Register
  • Payable Voucher Register
  • Check Register
  • Payment Postings
  • Bank Payments & Receipts
  • AP Transaction Details
  • AP Aging
  • Subcontractor Aging
  • and others

Accounts Receivable

ERP-GOV is designed to be a complete receivables and billing management system that helps you monitor customer accounts and collections. You are able to track project charges to activities and produce invoices in standard government-specified formats.

Government Billing

ERP-GOV generates a complete invoice package in Cost Plus, Fixed Price, or Time & Materials format, with ability to print/reprint Invoices as needed. – Form 1034-1035, DD-250, and others. You will be able to track unpaid receivables by contract or customer and aging status.

Reports Include:

  • Customer Master List
  • Customer Detail List
  • Sales Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Journals
  • Receipts Journal
  • Receipts Postings
  • Bank Payments & Receipts
  • AR Transaction Details
  • AR Aging
  • Government Invoice Reprint
  • Commercial Invoice Reprint
  • and others

Contracts Management

Government Contract Management

Contracts are directly integrated with ERP-GOV’s cost accounting and invoicing systems. Fixed Price, Time & Materials, and CPFF contracts are supported as well as commercial activities (with or without contracts.) You can define provisional indirect rates (e.g. off-site and on-site overhead, G&A) with rates specified for each contract. Contracts can be defined with Task and Sub-Task levels to match a work breakdown structure (WBS).


Funding and costs can be tracked at each level for labor, subcontractors, materials, travel, and ODCs. Invoices can include allocation to CLINs and ACRNs. Contract Labor Categories are defined with billing rates and effective dates. You can also track Internal R&D projects and B&P costs.


Each module has an extensive set of reports. All reports can be viewed on screen and/or hardcopy and the user can specify the applicable time period. Contracts reports include Backlog and Contract Completion Percentage. The G/L reports include Contract Cost Details, Cost Pool List, Indirect Cost Allocations, several Incurred Indirect Expense formats. A/R includes ability to print/reprint Invoices ; Form 1034-1035, DD-250, and others. Detailed transaction history is maintained in the system and available for reporting whenever needed.

General Ledger

The ERP-GOV General Ledger Provides Better Control of Finances

Our accounting system has been designed to specifically meet the needs of project-based businesses. Government contracts, commercial engagements, casual jobs, or long-term projects, ERP-GOV addresses the financial challenges of your business. You are able to assign employees and contracts to specific divisions or profit centers and automatically allocate income, direct and indirect expenses and overhead. Your company will be able to capture and analyze the financial information you need to make better business decisions.

Reports Include:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Trial Balance
  • Journal entries
  • Ledger Opening Balance
  • Indirect Expense Report
  • Contract Cost Detail
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statements
  • General Ledger
  • Deleted Entries

Data Entry

The Enterprise Management system posts all transactions into the General Ledger. You are given the flexibility to produce financial statements that reflect the entire company or a single division or any other organizational breakdown that you define.

Human Resources

ERP-GOV includes a complete HRIS package that helps you manage your workforce from time of application to retirement. Smaller companies can manage HR from the Payroll module, but this module also includes employee skills inventory, training/tuition reimbursement, and tracking of clearances/ licenses/ immunization status. It allows the use of a ‘company title’ structure as well as the Contract Labor Categories an employee may be assigned. This in turn supports salary range administration and AAP workforce analysis.

Employee Information

Complete employee history is tracked and available in view mode or on hardcopy. Employee information consists of demographic data, employment dates, contact information, event tracking, benefit participation, pay rates, compensation, EEO/Military data, Job Qualifications ; education, training, skills, languages, licenses, certifications, security clearances and complete employee history.

Applicant Tracking, Job Requisitions, On-Line Job Posting and Application, and Resume Importer are all standard features. Requisition includes ability to match against employee population (for RFP requirements) as well as applicants.

Reports Include:

  • Applicant Profiles
  • Applicant EEO
  • Job Postings
  • Requisition Qualifications
  • Current employee List
  • Employee Birthday Listing
  • Employee Compliance List
  • Employee Event Summary
  • Salary Listing
  • Employee Training Report
  • License Expiration List
  • Pending Employee Reviews
  • Benefit Enrollments
  • and more


Allows you to manage contract specific inventory as well as company-owned inventory and materials effectively. Having a comprehensive, integrated inventory management system with the flexibility to support multiple locations is essential for efficient management of inventory anywhere in the supply network. Providing for pinpoint accuracy of quantities and locations and instantly accessing the item availability is all featured. ERP-Inventory documents the movement of your materials from on-hand to consumption, records the movement of materials from one account to another. It provides the ability to conduct ongoing accounting of item quantity and value. Fully integrated with automatic posting to the ERP-GL and contracts as items are purchased or issued for use.

Reports Include:

  • Inventory Master List
  • Inventory Balance
  • Item Costing
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Item Class List
  • Stock Status List
  • Inventory Profitability
  • Physical Inventory List
  • Inventory Reorder Worksheet
  • Inventory Unit Activity
  • Manufactured Product List
  • and others

Marketing & Sales

This module is oriented to managing your current Customer contacts, addresses, and recent conversations/ promises/ transactions. You can also record and generate standardized correspondence such as NonDisclosure or Teaming Agreements. This information also supports Contracts Administration and Billing.

To support your Commercial activities, this module provides a Sales Quotation function that organizes price information and correct item numbers and descriptions for products and services. When a Sales Quotation is accepted, just enter the customer’s PO number and it will be accepted as a Sales Order. The sales order then furnishes A/R with everything needed to generate an Invoice to the customer. Sales Quotations and Orders can be printed and viewed on screen.


The ERP-GOV Payroll system collects and maintains all the employee information necessary for interfacing to an existing payroll system like ADP, Paychex and others. Optional Web Timesheets enter time directly to the correct contract, task and labor category. Manual timesheets require only entry of hours into a limited selection of authorized charge numbers. Can support ‘exception’ pay rates if employee works a particular labor category/contract combination or premium shift.

Each payroll posting updates employee vacation accruals based on your plan rules. Timesheet History includes a complete record of benefit time taken as well as project hours. Employee record can track leave of absence dates/reasons as well as EEO data for governmental reporting.


The optional Purchase Order module can be used with or without the inventory module. It provides basic Purchase Order capabilities and the functionality to track & control your purchases, receipts and payments at the Contract/Task level. When used with the Inventory module Purchasing will automatically update product quantity on-hand and available for issue to contracts along with keeping a part price history. It provides for Purchase Requisitions, Orders and Returns, and will automatically reflect purchase orders as commitments against contracts & projects. Fully integrated with A/P, it helps match POs to vendor invoices to create AP Vouchers.


The Purchasing reporting module comes delivered with standard reports. Detailed transaction history is maintained in the system and available for reporting. Standard format Purchase Orders are provided or the customer can define their own unique format. Company logo and other graphic images can be printed on the PO.

Timesheets & Labor

Time Sheets and Labor Distribution

ERP-GOV provides reporting of labor by contract, task/sub-task, and labor category. Use system- generated paper timesheets or the optional Web Timesheets employees can complete from anywhere with internet access. Posting the timesheets makes the hours available for contract invoicing and export to your payroll service, updates employee vacation/sick leave, and updates the General Ledger.

Security Controls

Web timesheets are password protected and also require the password to certify and submit the week’s hours. Supervisors can view timesheet status for their employees and approve or disapprove them. Once a timesheet is Submitted, no changes can be made by employee or supervisor unless the supervisor sends it back for correction. Web timesheets will not be processed until the Supervisor approves them. Payroll can view the status of all timesheets and can send pre-formatted e-mail reminders to late submitters.

Time Sheet Entry

The Payroll Operator’s timesheet window automatically populates the timesheet with the employee’s authorized assignments for contracts, tasks, labor category and requires only entry of the hours worked. There is an extremely useful Timesheet History Report that lets you analyze by time period and employee or charge number(s).

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User Reviews of ERPGOV Cloud

Submitted on December 6th, 2017 by Jeff

The interface is very modern and responsive. Cloud based accounting software so I can access it from my client’s location or when I am travelling.

It has a steep learning curve if you are not an accountant or have not used Deltek.

The Good…

The menus and interface are modern and well organized. Easy to correct mistakes.

The Bad…

The date control is terrible. When you click in a date field it has a date mask but the cursor doesn’t always go to the start of the field. You can’t use the delete key for corrections. The drop down calendar requires you to scroll through months, so if you want to run a report for last fiscal year you have to manually type in the date or scroll.

The user manual is poorly written and is not detailed enough to use the software without going through user training.