Infor Distribution A+

An ERP system designed by Infor for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Infor Distribution A+

Infor ERP A+ is the leading enterprise resource planning solution for distribution companies operating within an IBM System i (formerly AS/400 or iSeries) environment. From accounting and sales to the warehouse and everywhere in between, Infor ERP A+ automates core business processes to provide a foundation for enhancing customer service, optimizing inventory levels, increasing productivity, and improving profitability.

Infor ERP A+ offers a flexible and graphical distribution-specific interface with a broad range of functionality, including:

  • Inventory management and planning
  • Warehouse management with optional radio frequency capabilities
  • Customer consignment
  • Electronic payment processing
  • International currency
  • Bill of materials
  • Financial management
  • Event management
  • Traditional EDI
  • Web-based communication methods
  • Tight integration with purchasing and value added services

Compatible Operating Systems:

Desktop OS:

  • Windows

Server OS:

  • OS/400

Database OS:

  • DB2
  • MS SQL Server

Business Intelligence

data@work - Utilize your company’s data to the fullest. Create your own virtual databases, virtual tables, charts and graphs. Schedule reports to run when you would like.

Sales Analysis - Know what items were sold, to whom, and when. Allows multiple views of the data, such as sales history by sales representative, customer, and item. Bar graphs provide multiple year sales information for comparison and analysis.

Workflow Management - Manage critical states in normal processing flow, such as notify a customer of the shipment of an order. Create an intelligent communication link between the system and its users.

Customer Service

Immediately respond to every sales opportunity. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is necessary to enable your business to satisfy inquiries quickly, manage information accurately, and complete sales transactions profitably.

Our Customer Service modules’ easy-to-use interface allows complete access to online product availability, customer-specific multi-level pricing, and unlimited sales history. You can instantly develop quotes, place orders, answer customer questions, and analyze sales activity.

Modules Include:

  • Order Entry
  • Price Maintenance
  • Sales Analysis
  • Kitting Configuration

Financial Analysis and Management

Tighten financial control of your business. Effectively use a powerful set of tools to manage and control your financial processes. Audit and analysis tools give you the capability to manage by exception. Access to detailed information supports rapid identification of potential problems. Our Financial Analysis and Management modules provide information needed for split-second decision making.

The Financial Analysis and Management modules, as well as all other A+ modules, are fully enable for cross-border and multi-currency transactions, including Euro compliance.

Modules Include:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • International Currency

Purchasing and Inventory Managment

Minimize inventory while maximizing customer service level. The Purchasing and Inventory Management modules assist in forecasting future product demand, controlling purchasing activities, monitoring inventory levels, and recommending timely, appropriate procurement activities.

With our Purchasing and Inventory Management modules, you have central access to company-wide inventory levels. Furthermore, you can forecast future requirements based on past demand, manage optimum stocking levels, and reap the benefits of automating replenishment requirements of a multi-distribution center environment. Finally, you have extensive procurement support for stock and non-stock items, MRO items, drop shipments, and warehouse transfers.

Modules Include:

  • Inventory Accounting
  • Inventory Management and Planning
  • Purchasing.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Make your sales force more effective. Enhance your overall sales and marketing practices by automating your sales force. Provide your sales, marketing, and management teams with strong analysis tools. Increase sales by arming your sales force with information about their accounts and the products they are selling.

Our Sales and Marketing Automation modules are not just a sales force automation tool, but a marketing tool as well. The purpose is not just to acquire and store information, but to use that information to drive individualized communications and generate sales.

Modules Include:

  • Sales Management
  • Contact Management
  • Mobile Order Entry
  • Marketing Automation.

Warehouse Logistics

Manage all phases of physical distribution activity, from receiving through shipping. Our Warehouse Logistics modules provide support for supply chain management activities occurring within the distribution enterprise.

Our Warehouse Logistics modules support automated activities such as receiving, put-away, replenishment, picking, packing, shipping, and cycle counting. You have the option of easily moving to a barcode-enabled, paperless environment that can dramatically increase warehouse productivity and accuracy. Additionally, if you need to manage processes such as repackaging and product assembly, you can do it with our Warehouse Logistics modules.

Modules Include:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Radio Frequency
  • Transportation Management
  • Value Added Services

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