Infor Distribution SX.e

  • Discontinued
  • Not Actively Maintained

A legacy wholesale distribution ERP software. Infor no longer offers on-premises deployment for SX.e. Instead, customers interested in SX.e need to opt for CloudSuite Distribution, which is available for cloud deployment.

Product Overview

Infor Distribution SX.e is an ERP software for the wholesale distribution industry. While it still has available support, new licenses of Infor Distribution FACTS are no longer sold. The platform handles mobile warehouse operations, rules-based order fulfillment, and forecast-based inventory management. Additionally, Distribution SX.e provides barcode recognition and advanced analytics and data insights.


  • Build complex pricing structures
  • Manage inventory levels at customer locations
  • Customizable reporting for inventory, sales, and financials


  • Steep learning curve
  • Product demand usage tracking reported monthly, not daily
  • Some challenges exporting data to Excel

Target Market

Mid-sized to large enterprises with employee counts ranging from a few hundred to several thousand. Ideal for wholesale, industrial, electric, plumbing, and automotive distribution.

Infor Distribution SX.e is a specialized ERP software tailored for the distribution industry, encompassing sectors like light manufacturing, retail, and third-party logistics (3PLs). The software is designed to synchronize an organization’s data, processes, and communications, ensuring cohesive operations across various business units. It integrates with other Infor solutions, including Infor CRM, Infor Supply Chain Execution, and Infor Reporting.

Infor Distribution SX.e Key Features

  • Advanced Inventory Management: Offers detailed tracking and control over inventory.
  • Omni-channel Transaction Processing: Facilitates transaction management across multiple sales channels.
  • Order Management: Streamlines the entire order processing cycle.
  • Pricing and Rebates Management: Enables dynamic pricing strategies and efficient rebate handling.
  • Warehouse Management: Optimizes warehouse operations for better space utilization and process efficiency.
  • Financial Management: Comprehensive tools for managing financial transactions and reports.

Infor Distribution SX.e Benefits

  • Integrated Business Operations: Ensures seamless connectivity between different departments and divisions for accurate information sharing.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: Tailored features that cater to the unique needs of the distribution industry, including light manufacturing and 3PLs.
  • Scalable and Flexible: Suitable for a range of business sizes and types within the targeted industries.

Target Market

Infor Distribution SX.e is particularly effective for businesses in the following sectors:

  • Industrial Distribution
  • Electrical Supply
  • Building Materials and Timber (BMAT)
  • Plumbing and HVAC
  • Automotive and Heavy Duty Truck Distribution

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Product Overview

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