RTMS - Oilfield Rental Tool Management Software

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A software system designed by Corporate Services for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining companies.

About RTMS - Oilfield Rental Tool Management Software

Rental Tool Software Solution for Windows Designed for the Oilfield Rental Industry.

RTMS is designed to be used by field personnel.

RTMS Features:

  • RTMS allows users to Rent, Sell and Service all in one software package.
  • RTMS runs in Windows 2000 and higher.
  • RTMS allows for easy exchange of data with Office applications

Video Overview

Modules Available:

  • Job / Delivery Ticket / Field Ticket / Return Ticket Management
  • Invoice Billing Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Purchasing
  • Fixed Assets
  • EDI Integration
  • CS-AP accounts payable software
  • CS-AR accounts receivable software
  • Or Integrate with most Accounting Software Packages* including:
  • AccPac, AccountMate, Business Works, Cougar Mountain, CYMA, Great Plains, Libra, Macola, Mas90, Oracle Financials, Open Systems, Peach Tree, Real World, Solomon, PeopleSoft, QuickBooks, WolfePaks and more…

RTMS Is Supported By:

  • On-Site support in your office
  • Remote Support Via the Internet
  • Multi Media Training

For the Technical Person:

  • Some portions of RTMS are written using Microsoft Visual Studio (Enterprise Edition) and other portions are written using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Eventually all portions of RTMS will use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
  • RTMS standard database is Microsoft SQL Server 2005 but 2000 and higher versions are supported.

Some Typical Equipment Tracked by RTMS Oilfield Rental Software:

Accumulators, Casing Pipe, Casing Scrapers, Chiksan Joints, Coiled Tubing, Cranes, Cutters, Blowout Preventers, Boot Basket, BOP, Boring Mill, Bull Nose Mill, Cargo Baskets, Centrifugal pump, Crossover Sub, Cuttings Tank, Diaphragm Pump, Drifts, Directional Driller, Drawworks, Drill Bits, Drill Collar, Drilling Jars, Drill Pipe, Drive Systems, Elevators, Fishing Tools, Generator, Grease Injectors, Hammer, Heavy Weight Pipe, Hooks, Hydraulic Pump, Junk Baskets, Kellys, Knuckle Joing, Land Drilling Rig, Lift subs, Mud Motor, Mud Pump, Muleshoes, Packer, Plug Valve, Pressure Washer, Propulsion Engine, Pup Joint, RAMS, Rotary Table, Stabbing Guides, Stabilizer, Safety Valve, Shale Shaker, Solids Control Equipment, Stabilizer, Licking Swivel, Survey collar, Offshore Baskets, Pony Collars, Power Tongs, Top Drive, Reamers, Traveling Block, Wear Bushings, Whip Stock, Wireline, Workover Rig, Vacuum Tank

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User Reviews of RTMS - Oilfield Rental Tool Management Software

Submitted on December 11th, 2017 by Zachary

It’s suited our needs rather well.

The Good…

Geared towards what we do for oilfield rental equipment. It’s a perfect fit.

The Bad…

Nothing to say off hand.

Submitted on April 16th, 2015 by Shay Bellard

Our experiences working with Corporate Services has been fabulous. Their support staff are always there to help us. They work with us to find solutions to our problems and not just temporary fixes.

RTMS has saved us time and money. My favorite thing is the use of their query tool. Any information I want, I can type of a query. They are easy to reach on the phone too so I can learn how to use the query tool better. It’s been easy to teach our staff.

RTMS has streamlined our operations in a great way. Everything is a click away. We have a pick list we can choose options from. We don’t have to type in a lot of information as it’s already in there. It reduces errors so it saves us time.

RTMS software has changed the way that we do business by making us more efficient. We have certificates of performance for each piece of equipment so our customers require that when they rent our equipment. Instead of having it in a paper file we put on our server, it’s saved in the RTMS software so we can pull it up with whatever delivery ticket we’re on at home or at the office. Our customers love it.

It did seem a bit cumbersome to use at first, but once you understand the software and begin using it, it’s a lifesaver.