A full ERP system designed by Deacom for manufacturing companies.

About Deacom

The DEACOM Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System is engineered specifically a wide variety of industries. DEACOM seamlessly links all areas of a company - from production and inventory control, to order entry and invoicing - giving you with a comprehensive view of your entire operation. DEACOM Software lets you manage your business your way…simply and efficiently.

Industries Served

  • Adhesives and Sealants
  • Cannabis
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Distribution
  • Food and Beverage
  • High-Tech
  • Medical Device
  • Nutraceutical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Paint, Ink and Coatings
  • Pharmaceutical

Features of DEACOM

  • Infinitely configurable system
  • Drill down to transactional details from summaries and reports
  • Export data directly to Excel, Access, or other report writer
  • Full ODBC compliance
  • System developed with the Microsoft developer studio
  • Uses a SQL Server
  • Links integrate system with UPS shipping software
  • Search based on partial character matches
  • Fully password protected down to field level control
  • Links with Crystal reports and other report writers
  • Create user-defined fields to facilitate storage of unusual data
  • Print and scan bar codes
  • Links to EDI systems
  • Multiple and simultaneous user-oriented system
  • Graphical User Interface

Successful Implementation Process During the implementation process for the DEACOM Integrated Accounting and ERP Software System, configuration of the system to meet the user’s specific needs will take place. The DEACOM Software System has been designed to allow the user to make major changes without the need for programming or changes to the base operating system. This ability to configure the system also allows for future updates to take place seamlessly.

The following items need to be entered into the DEACOM Software System as part of the setup process. Many of these items - such as customers, vendors and inventory items - can be entered ýon the fly.ý The setup of these items is also the first stage of the training process. Initial implementation generally takes 30 to 90 days.


  • Chart of Accounts
  • Account Structure
  • System Defaults
  • User Groups
  • System Users
  • User-Defined Fields
  • Financial Statements
  • Sales Tax Regions


  • Customers
  • Bill To/Ship To
  • Salesmen
  • Brokers
  • User-Defined Groups
  • Billing Groups
  • Deal Pricing
  • Commission Rates
  • Terms


  • Item Master File
  • Bills of Material
  • Routings
  • Item Categories
  • Item Planners
  • Vendors
  • Ship To Locations
  • Units of Measure
  • Terms
  • Warehouses


Feature of the DEACOM Software System, by Deacom, Inc.

  • Real-time accounting postings allow instant access to financial results
  • Create an infinite number of custom financial statements
  • View financial data based on any time period desired
  • Track A/R, A/P cash receipts and disbursements
  • Drill down to transactional details from accounting summaries and reports
  • Create any style account numbering format for divisional or location reporting
  • Do online bank account reconciliation
  • Create journal entries, recurring and reversing entries
  • Print checks to laser or dot-matrix checks, short pay, over pay, take deductions and void transactions
  • Create budgets and compare to actual results
  • Manage large projects using progress billing to generate invoices based on percent completion


  • Built-in links to MiTek, Alpine, Truswal, Robbins, Intelligent Building Systems and many others
  • Imported items have a bill of materials to drive inventory management and job costing
  • Imports other information such as span, pitch, left and right overhang, top and bottom lumber
  • Print pictures of imported items on quotations, delivery tickets, and shop orders

Formula Management

Feature of the DEACOM Software System, by Deacom, Inc.

  • Completely integrated formula management module allows changes to formulas to instantly impact inventory and production requirements and planning
  • Infinitely configurable, user-definable calculations and user fields allow lab functions to be done in your own style
  • Set up formulas once, then scale to any batch or package size


Feature of the DEACOM Software System, by Deacom, Inc.

  • Track lots for all items automatically, see where parts came from and where they go
  • Maintain multiple warehouses and track inventory individually or grouped together
  • Maintain perpetual inventory costing for all items based on FIFO, LIFO, standard or average cost
  • Have an infinite number of locations for each part
  • Maintain and view a permanent part history for each item
  • Maintain item master file with 30 character alphanumeric part numbers
  • Maintain history on non-stock items
  • Roll back inventory to any date in time to view quantities and values
  • Create multi-level bills of material
  • Configure custom items using a visual feature tree
  • View WIP as of any date
  • Drill down to transactional detail from summary views


Feature of the DEACOM Software System, by Deacom, Inc.

  • Generate jobs individually or linked to sales orders
  • Easily calculate actual job costs with materials, labor, machine costs, purchases and overhead
  • View live data showing each workers current task
  • Determine bottlenecks based upon loading of work centers
  • Generate routing and consolidated pick lists for jobs
  • Track accumulated hours on each job and show remaining hours and estimated completion date
  • Visually schedule jobs using drag and drop calendar tools
  • Schedule by separate production facilities, different product categories and other user defined criteria


Feature of the DEACOM Software System, by Deacom, Inc.

  • Real-time transactional posting
  • Purchase the same item from multiple vendors with pre-defined pricing
  • Buy items with internal part number or vendor part number
  • Built in purchasing analysis and reporting tools
  • Convert vendor units and quantities to units and quantities automatically
  • Automatically generate 1099 forms
  • Purchase to multiple warehouses and view inventory on hand for each warehouse
  • Printouts can be grouped with like style items on a single line with multiple size descriptions
  • Automatically generate backorders when required
  • View open orders reports on screen

Regulatory Reporting

Features Include:

  • Calculate hazardous materials, gather data and comply with SARA reporting requirements easily
  • Automatically create Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) based on actual ingredients used in each formulation
  • Create MSDS template forms using shared data groups for ease of maintenance
  • Create QC test groups with test ranges and target values
  • Permanently store QC results for extensive reporting
  • Track revisions to formulas to know exactly how a product was made in each batch
  • Deliver latest regulatory data directly to online MSDS forms

Sales Orders

Feature of the DEACOM Software System, by Deacom, Inc.

  • Automatic real time transaction posting
  • Configurable order entry
  • Built in sales analysis, reporting and commission calculation tools
  • Calculate available to sell quantity automatically during order entry
  • Support an infinite number of ship-to locations for each billing account
  • Assign sales to brokers and sales reps and automatically calculate and print commission statements
  • Calculate, collect and pay sales tax for multiple tax regions
  • Print customizable packing lists, bills of lading, pick lists, invoices, customer statements, etc.
  • Set up deal pricing by customer, salesman, product, product group, cost plus, list minus, etc.
  • Sell from multiple warehouses and view inventory on hand for each warehouse
  • Configure custom items using a visual feature tree
  • Import information form external engineering systems
  • Customer order status and billing statement visibility through the DEACOM Web Portal
  • Manage contacts through the integrated DEACOM Customer Relationship management (CRM)


Feature of the DEACOM Software System, by Deacom, Inc.

  • Real-time transactional posting
  • Easy-to-use cash register application for rapid checkouts
  • Completely integrated with the central system for inventory and pricing control
  • Scanning of items automatically calculates selling price for customer-specific pricing

Time and Labor Data Collection

** Features:**

  • Use the Shop Floor Data Collection system to collect payroll and job costing data electronically from the shop floor
  • Real-time system allows you to monitor attendance and performance
  • Track hours for different work centers and operations
  • Track rework, downtime, maintenance, and other classifications
  • Uses inexpensive terminals with bar code readers
  • Palm Pilot version available for offsite workers
  • Simple to set up and use

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