Deltek Maconomy

A multi-module management system designed by Deltek.

About Deltek Maconomy

Deltek’s fully-integrated enterprise solution Deltek Maconomy is designed to support the key processes of businesses that deliver project-based services to their end customers. Maconomy features broad and deep finance and project management capabilities developed specifically for professional services organizations that provide expert knowledge to their clients on a project basis. Deltek customers using Maconomy come from all segments of Professional Services, including Agencies, Audit & Tax, Consulting, Legal Services, and Scientific Research. With hundreds of thousands of users globally, Deltek powers the professional services world.

Our integrated enterprise solution delivers increased business control and maximized project profitability, and it supports a wide range of functions that powers key processes across professional services firms, including:

  • Project management
  • Time and expense registration
  • Resource planning
  • Financial management (general ledger, financial budgeting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets)
  • Client management
  • Human resources
  • Business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Deltek Maconomy Analytix provides users with the necessary information for strategic, tactical and operational decision-making. The intuitive interface of Maconomy Analytix empowers users with fast access to business data that can be easily formatted and analyzed in order to identify trends and root causes. Maconomy Analytix combines easy access to reporting, and ad hoc query and analysis in one integrated solution to turn insights and foresights into effective decisions.

Live Reporting

Deltek Maconomy Analytix offers a collection of standard reports designed to cover the core business needs of professional services organizations. You will be able to answer current business questions by using the standard reports or by adjusting them to meet their information needs. In addition, you can edit queries, personalize and format the standard reports, and then schedule them for automated distribution.

Ad Hoc Querying

Business users are provided with immediate information access and interactivity with the Maconomy Analytix ad hoc query tool. The flexible and intuitive interface has powerful query and reporting features allowing your business analysts and non-technical users to answer their ad hoc queries. You can also create queries and reports in offline mode, and synchronize data when you reconnect to the network to share the results of the analysis created.

Measuring and Analyzing

Users can easily access, format, explore, compare, analyze data, and identify trends in a single environment without needing to implement a separate tool for analysis. Maconomy Analytix offers a feature-rich, interactive interface with extensive formatting capabilities, Microsoft Office familiar toolbar, and right-click menus. You can change, format reports, and drill down into data for deeper insight for more effective decision making.

Multilingual Information Access

Global organizations can provide multilingual information access to their users. This allows your business users working in the same organization, but based in different countries, to access the same information but view it in their native language.

Collaborative Decision-Making

Collaborative decision-making is effectively supported via threaded discussions, which allows your users to discuss insights and share documents. This results in increased user confidence in the important business decisions that you make.

Microsoft Office, Portals and Mobile Devices Integration

You can use multiple information delivery options and integration points for Deltek Maconomy Analytix. Users can access and synchronize data from corporate and personal sources and deliver it using Microsoft Office applications, portals, and mobile devices.

Secure and Cost-Effective Platform

Maconomy Analytix is built on the Business Objects intelligence platform and delivers a single point of security and administration for all users, reducing overall implementation costs. This approach provides organizations with full control of the functionality available to each user according to their security profiles.

Deltek Maconomy Analytix Product Features:

  • Live reporting
  • Standard reports suite
  • Drill down and drill up functionality
  • On line and offline ad hoc query tool
  • Flexible and intuitive interface
  • Integrated analysis functionality
  • Extensive formatting capabilities
  • Familiar toolbar and right-click menus
  • Feature-rich and interactive interface
  • Drag-and-drop features
  • Multilingual software
  • Conversation threading


Deltek Maconomy CRM enables you to streamline marketing, sales, business development and customer relationship management inside professional services firms.

Streamlined Marketing

Deltek Maconomy integrates campaign and activity management with e-mail marketing systems to enable your Marketing function to perform efficient and targeted marketing.

Streamlined Sales

Deltek Maconomy delivers streamlined sales processes for professional services firms. The opportunity management features enable you to handle the complexity of project-focused sales, and you can create estimates and forecasts based on scopes and deliverables (phases, activities and milestones) by planning hours, procurement, subcontractors, etc. Successful opportunities can be converted to projects so that all information from the sales process can be re-used in the delivery phase.

Streamlined Customer Relations

Since the CRM module is part of a fully integrated business solution, account managers and other employees can access a full 360 degree overview of their customers ý from opportunities to projects, contracts, Accounts Receivable as well as past and future activities. Powerful tools for segmentation, customer data analysis and customer profitability help you prioritize, develop and terminate your customer relationships.


The Maconomy CRM solution is not confined to customers and prospects. The solution supports all types of relationship management. You can use Deltek Maconomy to manage suppliers, collaboration partners, subcontractors and other external stakeholders and parties.

Deltek Maconomy Features

  • Support for streamlined project-focused sales processes
  • Full 360 degree overview of your customer relations
  • Powerful tools for decision-making
  • Campaign management and workflow for driving activities
  • Document archive integrated to contact company, contact persons, activities and opportunities
  • Support for follow-up on customer profitability

Finance Management

Deltek Maconomy’s financial management capabilities deliver improved efficiency and greater and control of your back-office processes. They improve working capital by providing an end-to-end financial engine that underpins all project, time and expense, resource planning, HR, and CRM activities across your organization.

Fully Integrated Ledgers

A full set of integrated ledgers handles the flow of real/time data across your entire organization. Reliability is ensured, and access to data is instantaneous � with the structures and tools in place for you to highlight and get to the root cause of any problems.

Deltek Maconomy has been engineered to specifically support the full range of ad/hoc, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities of your finance teams from journal postings, and processing payment runs, to registering fixed assets and closing the financial year.

Deltek Maconomy Product Features:

General Ledger

  • Finance period and journal creation and posting control
  • ýMulti-everythingý: Charts of accounts, Companies, Currencies, Tax rates and levels
  • Full Finance Business Intelligence integration to support all financial reporting requirements
  • Financial Budgeting

Accounts Receivable

  • Maintaining client/debtor data
  • Reconciling open entries
  • Printing financial reports (a/c statement, aging, etc)

Accounts Payable

  • Maintaining vendor/creditor data
  • Reconciling open entries
  • Full purchase process
  • Vendor invoice scanning
  • Printing financial reports (a/c statement, aging, etc)

Fixed Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Purchase
  • Depreciation
  • Adjustment
  • Sales


  • Manual payment handling
  • Automatic payment files
  • Multiple payment formats
  • Bank reconciliation (auto)

Human Resources

Deltek Maconomy Human Resources (HR) provides the basis for your HR department to attract and develop employees to get the most out of your key assets. The solution also ensures that you retain high performers by providing them with the right mix of compensation, benefits and career opportunities that maximizes their continued contribution to the financial success of your business.

Deltek Maconomy Product Features:

  • ‘self-service’ features for employees
  • skills management connected to resource allocation in Deltek People Planner
  • performance management and processing of reimbursement, bonuses and incentive programs
  • administration of employee equipment (company cars, laptops, mobile phones, etc.)
  • recruitment process and Personal Assessment interview support
  • internal and external course management tools
  • flexible HR, time capture and resource utilization reports

Project Management

Deltek Maconomy is a fully integrated project management solution that enables you to manage and improve your project profitability. The solution focuses on project control and project insight so that you can always act on facts. Our Project Management solution allows you to:

  • Create new projects (jobs or engagements)
  • Estimate, budget, plan and staff projects
  • Register project activity
  • Conduct project follow-up (progress and reporting)
  • Automate project billing (invoicing)
  • Close and analyze projects

Supporting People Across Your Organization

Deltek Maconomy Project Management aids all roles inside your organization that are involved in winning new business, executing projects, and satisfying your customers: Sales and Account Executives are provided with the ability to properly estimate, budget and forecast new business opportunities; Project Managers have effective tools to plan, execute and follow-up on project performance; Employees have dedicated and innovative solutions to ensure that their activity in the business is tracked accurately and effortlessly; and Finance Executives are provided with the control, overview and confidence they require.

Project Management Product Features:

  • Integration with the CRM module and workflow allowing for conversion of won sales opportunities to projects
  • Automated project and budget creation that reduces administrative overhead and at the same time minimizes the likelihood of errors and client dissatisfaction
  • Complete flexibility of project and budget work breakdown structures along with pricing â¬ý allowing you to manage complexity at all levels while ensuring efficient and effective support from your business solution
  • Dedicated and highly graphical interface that brings together and simplifies project planning and resource planning
  • Full toolset allowing for the capture of all project time and expense and purchases
  • Fully integrated project follow-up and reporting that allows for full oversight and proactive alerting of issues and variances to plan , giving you the ability to act quickly to solve problems
  • Full Project Business Intelligence integration to support ad-hoc project queries, general reporting forecasting, progress, and project staff load and utilization

Resource Planning

Deltek People Planner, fully integrated to Deltek Maconomy, bridges the common gap between project planning and resourcing planning within Professional Services Organizations. People Planner delivers accurate, achievable plans that consider and balance project budgets, internal and external resource needs, time frames, and available capacity.

Business Process Description

People Planner enables Resource Managers to optimize resource planning and resource scheduling using a real-time overview of availability when creating plans. This ensures that you will increase profitability and utilization and get full insight into what people are working on at all times.

Project Managers can plan, manage and follow up on projects with simple or complex structures and assign people to tasks based on their availability and skills to ensure improved planning accuracy, billing and profitability.

Easy to use, comprehensive scheduling functionality allows both Resource Managers and Employees to make appointments for themselves and others in a web-based interface. Integration to Microsoft Outlook avoids the need for having two planning systems, and resource plans are directly available to your employees in the calendars that they already use each day.

Product Features:

  • Simple, easy to use graphical interface
  • Drag and drop configuration and flexible setup
  • Live data and resource plans in a single view
  • Automatic synchronization of planned tasks appearing in timesheets
  • Straightforward project progress tracking based on actual data and future plans
  • Fully integrated business intelligence to support project forecasting, project progress, revenue forecast, resource load and utilization

Time and Expense Registration

Deltek Maconomy Time and Expense Registration simplifies time and expense capture for Professional Services Organizations to allow your employees to concentrate on what they do best â¬ý leveraging their skills and expertise to better service your clients. The solution ensures accurate and timely time collection which is key to optimizing project and resource management, managing costs and driving profitable behavior throughout your organization.

Supporting People Across Your Organization

Our Time and Expense Registration solution offers a host of innovative tools that offer your employees instant access to an interface that is intuitive, easy to use, and accessible from anywhere. In this way, entry into the system is not postponed until the last minute where it is more likely to result in time and expense errors and potential queries to the dissatisfaction of your customers. The system allows for precise and prompt Project Manager and Resource Manager approval requirements that can easily be setup and enforced to deliver the control your business requires.

Hours and expenses entered in the Project Costing module are available immediately for invoicing in the Finance module to accelerate your invoice process and ultimately improve your working capital. With our integrated system, these registrations are visible across the entire Deltek Maconomy solution. This fully integrated capability greatly enhances the foundation for project progress with Project Managers having online access to real-time Reports and Business Intelligence, which they can slice and dice the way they need.

Deltek Maconomy Product Features:

  • Individual time sheet status from a single calendar view
  • Full Line manager/resource owner overview and approval hierarchy
  • E-mail and system alerts prompting Employees to complete action on time
  • Innovative SpeedSheet for almost instant registration of project activity and ability to handle incomplete registrations
  • Project Favorites (automatically updated from project planning) to aid registrations and minimize manual errors
  • Cutting edge mobile solution for time registration and submission
  • Expense registrations in multiple currencies
  • Strong but flexible approval hierarchies configurable to meet your business requirements
  • Fully functioning mileage sheet with unlimited mileage rules and vehicle types
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