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FAQ: The Sage Pro ERP & Sage PFW ERP Product Retirements

Experts weigh in on what users need to know

Published on by Adam Bluemner


Retired. Discontinued. Expired. However you put it, Sage PFW ERP and Sage Pro ERP have reached the end of the road as officially supported Sage products.

Since nothing raises questions like a product retirement when it comes to ERP software, we thought a comprehensive FAQ might be in order. To source the most authoritative info and best insights, I connected with 10 top experts from qualified Sage vendors. If you’re a current PFW or Pro ERP user, look no further for answers to the following questions:

What’s the reason for the product retirements?


What product functionality will be lost due to the end of product updates?


Are there any security risks associated with continuing with the either program?


Are there support options if issues arise with continuing on the programs?


What software options are the best choices to replace Sage PFW ERP?


What software options are the best choices to replace Sage Pro ERP?


Are there any financial incentives for companies to transition sooner rather than later to new software?


How do I know that I know Sage replacement programs will continue to be supported?


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