Focus 8 ERP

A ERP software solution designed by Focus Softnet, LLC.

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About Focus 8 ERP

Enabling Scalability

The extensive nature of the solution allows Focus 8 to adapt to your organization’s size and depth and grow user roles and profiles to suit the organizational hierarchy and structure.

  • Modular structure lets you plan the ERP rollout strategy
  • Unlimited* masters, tags & workflows let you define & evolve your company’s SOPs
  • Powerful Application Programming Interface (API) lets you expand your operational unification across your organization

Enabling Mobility

The revolutionary new system architecture of Focus 8 brings the power of the ERP to your “pocket”. Focus 8 apps bring real-time dashboards, reports, business intelligence, and various functions of the ERP system to you, wherever you are.

  • Real-time system design gives you up-to-the-minute accurate information for effective and powerful decision making wherever you are
  • Role specific system access allows you to define the functionality extended to mobile devices be it for field resources, sales teams or decision makers

Enabling Decisions

Business Intelligence, now more than ever is the elixir of success. Real-time, accurate information, presented in an intuitive layout, is a determining factor to your success.

  • “Slice & Dice” your data in any way that you like
  • Advanced customizable & role-specific dashboards put you in charge of what you see, and how you see it
  • Cross-Modular Reports show you the complete picture arming you with holistic information to make informed decisions

Enabling Governance

You set responsibilities – and they should be followed! But who’s watching? Let Focus 8 govern your business for you, leaving you to do what you do best – grow it further.

  • Define unlimited* workflows for all business processes
  • Induct new users at optimum productivity instantly
  • Be assured that business standards and protocols are followed
  • Drive productivity through robust system governance

Enabling Controls

No matter how disciplined your organization or how robust the system, hierarchical approvals and crisis escalations are essential for effective business performance.

  • Define unlimited* approval trees and hierarchies
  • Proactively auto-escalate critical functions
  • Authorize on the go through Email, SMS or Mobile App
  • Delegate authorization permissions to individuals or groups based on varying criteria (e.g. all, any one, majority, percentage threshold, etc.)
  • Define authorization by line item

Enabling Reach

Now that you have all your locations and units using the same systems, it is particularly important that they all share data amongst themselves, allowing you to have access to critical information regardless of where you are.

  • Two way offline & online synchronization
  • Scheduled Synchronization
  • Multiple Server Architecture Capabilities
  • Sync conflict management utilities

Enabling Data Unification

It is thrilling to note that your scale and size of operations demands multiple companies or SBU’s to manage all the business traffic. Getting holding company reports and positions is now easier than ever.

  • Automated inter-company transaction posting
  • Inter-company field mapping
  • Inter-company in & out transaction mailboxes
  • Multiple company consolidated reports

Enabling Responses

Earlier generations of systems only listened to what you had to “say”, remember it, and display it back to you. Focus 8 now responds to instructions. Tell it* what to do via various media, and watch the magic unfold as Focus 8 obeys your commands.

  • Communicates using dashboards, alerts, SMS, Email and GTalk
  • Understands and acts on replies* received through the dashboard, alerts, Email and GTalk.
  • App enhances the portable communication capability of the system
  • Integrated document emailing capabilities

Enabling Proactivity

The more you grow, the more complex your business becomes. Suddenly there are too many deadlines that come up, deliverables that need to be timely executed, and commitments to be honored, creating organizational reputation. The Schedulers & Alerts of Focus 8 help you do just that.

  • Recurring journals
  • Receivables reminders
  • Pending task alerts (for authorizations, workflows, etc.)
  • Periodic reports
  • Expiry based alerts
  • User defined limit based alerts for currency and stocks

Enabling Efficiencies

Focus 8 ERP is an easy to use, intuitive system that is a breeze to operate. Focus 8 will make you feel at home within minutes.

  • Interactive home screen for ease of data entry
  • Consistent UI design across modules
  • Intuitive channeling of data through workflows
  • User specific multiple dashboards
  • User specific report libraries

Enabling SOPs

  • Generic core ERP system applicable for virtually any industry
  • Vertical specific expansions available for a variety of industries
  • Easy and efficient integration across modules and vertical specific systems
  • Fully comprehensive end-to-end system

Enabling Lean Infrastructure

Focus 8’s cloud friendly nature puts you in the driver’s seat. Choose the size and scale of your ERP deployment and enjoy its scalable ability to grow in unison with your organization.

  • Ability to host the application on cloud
  • Scale number of users & modules based on your need
  • Enjoy latest updates

Business Intelligence


The advanced integrated dashboard of Focus 8 is state-of-the-art and revolutionizes targeted customized data presentation based on roles and users. The intuitive layout, controls and features make sure that you see what you need to see in the format that works best for you.

  • Define multiple user & role specific dashboards
  • Portable dashboards allow you to create them on the computer and view them on your smart device
  • Dashboards are essentially built up of multiple “dashlets” of varying sizes and capabilities that can be standardized or user-designed through a combination of text and graphs.
  • You can add specific notifications, alerts, RSS Feeds, and web pages as dashlets
  • Active dashlets let you maximize them to a large window, filter, or change the view between text and graphs

Analyze (Slice “N” Dice)

Data analysis is the key to making smarter decisions that defines direction to several aspects of your business. Data archival is simply the first step. The analytical capabilities of Business Intelligence allow to “slice ‘n’ dice” data empowering you with information.

  • Focus 8 analysis features run across all standard as well as user-designed modules and reports
  • Analytical features are very user friendly, equipped with drag and drop capabilities
  • No programming or database expertise is required. An average user can create powerful analytical reports using the tools provided in the system
  • Reuse analytical reports once designed by saving them as new BI Report Layouts

KPI Definition

An imperative tool to analyze data comes from KPI definitions. Visual cues bring your attention to triggered data items ensuring that you quickly identify areas of performance and those that need attention, significantly reducing the time it takes to do so.

  • KPI definitions are available across all standard as well as user-designed modules and reports
  • KPI definitions allow you to highlight data values through a report based on specific criteria
  • The reports can indicate relevant data items using icons, images or color to suit your preference
  • The flexibility allows you to define whether specific cells, columns or rows get highlighted in the report further tailoring the reports to suit your needs

Report Writer

The intelligent report writer provided with Focus 8 can be “taught” how to design your reports, and where to pick data from. The limitless capabilities put you in charge ensuring that you get reports with all relevant information. Moreover, the report writer can also pick data items from various integrated sources including other applications, databases and even excel sheets. You can also use all BI capabilities including filtering, conditions, grouping, KPI definitions, and analysis across these generated reports. Once defined, you can save these report “templates” or add them to your dashboards as well.

  • “Teach” the report writer how you want your reports designed
  • Pick data from virtually any integrated source including applications, databases and excel sheets
  • Use all Business Intelligence functionalities and capabilities including filters, grouping, KPI definition setting, analysis, and various other functions on these reports
  • Save these reports for reuse, or add them to your dashboards as dashlets


The BI capabilities offer you tremendous control over information that exists within and throughout your system. The data compiled and collated offers you an in-depth view of your organization, equipping you with the capabilities of making smart and effective decisions.

  • Focus 8 BI offers you easy and quick access to critical data for effective decision making
  • Organizational “pulse” is always at your fingertips
  • “Real time” data and smart reports provide you with up to the minute information
  • Role & user specific information allows you to eliminate “data noise” and focus on relevant information
  • Data presentation allows you to better understand customer behaviors, sales trends and cash flows
  • Improves overall organizational efficiency

Finance Management

General Ledger

Focus 8 has reinvented the General Ledger module completely in order to make the data experience easier and faster than ever. Role, user and region-specific layouts, views and controls enhance your productivity and user experience ensuring quick results every time. Focus 8 has automated as many functions as possible including recurring and reversal journals with varying definition parameters to ensure that you remain free to focus on more important activities.

  • Multiple “Accounts Masters” and Views facilitate various modules including Accounts Payables, Receivables and Final Reports
  • Multiple charts of accounts allow you to take final reports in country/region specific formats (e.g. US-GAAP, IFRS, etc.)
  • Automated Recurring & Reversal Journals with parameter definitions including effective date, values, frequency type, etc. ensures that Focus 8 remembers & executes repetitive tasks for you
  • Multi-currency capabilities are exhaustive and allow you to define global base currencies, department/branch currencies, reporting currencies, etc. Currency gains and losses are automatically computed and posted according to rules that you define
  • Department & Cost Center capabilities allow you to allocate overheads and appropriate them across various accounting heads
  • Administrative features are flexible in allowing you to define your period of closing, inter-company transactions, group company consolidations, etc.

Cash Management

Cash, the core essence of every organization, requires particularly detailed attention on its management, allocation and flow. The advanced cash management capabilities of focus 8 allow you to efficiently optimize your cash capabilities through intelligent and effective user interfaces.

  • Execute Bank reconciliations automatically through mapped bank transaction statements
  • Manage exceptions from the reconciliations (e.g. carry forward uncleared cheques, pass bank journals for bank charges, etc.)
  • Manage & define multiple currencies for cash and bank accounts
  • Integrate cash flow calendar with post-dated payments & receipts with reminder notifications including tenure based instruments for maturity. You can see both clear and unmatured balances through the system
  • Cash flow calendar also shows you your receivables and payables ensuring that you plan your cash flows efficiently and effectively

Accounts Receivable & Delinquency Management

  • Discount terms lets you decide the discounts applicable on a wide variety of parameters such as customer, invoice, master, item, group, value, time, settlement etc.
  • Manage Currency Gain/Loss settlement differences & postings automatically post receipt of collections
  • Settle bills through multiple options based on FIFO adjustments, bills of specified due dates or as advances
  • Delinquency management allows you to define follow up methods, intervals, and formats which can be triggered on various parameters such as customer, date, overdue by, finance terms and other scenarios
  • Execute customer specific statements and aging analysis based on parameters such as outstanding, adjustments, pending only, cut-off dates, predefined slabs, etc. and choose whether to include or exclude post-dated instruments

Accounts Payable

  • Custom-define payable bills adjustment based on their due dates
  • Automatically post currency exchange gain/loss transactions based on the billed and paid amounts & currencies
  • Automate Tax entries and posting of Direct VAT/GST and various other tax calculations from payments including taxes to be deducted
  • Execute vendor specific statements and aging analysis based on parameters such as outstanding, adjusted, pending only, cut-off dates, predefined slabs, etc. and choose whether to include or exclude post-dated instruments

Financial Planning & Budgeting

  • Automatically create budgets based on parameters based on previous year budgets, actuals, percentages or period based appropriations
  • Allow department or cost center based budgetary planning
  • Exercise strict control & monitor performance of actuals against the defined budgets and set restrictions, warnings and alerts for variations, escalations & approvals
  • View budgets within the cash flow calendar to compare actuals with budgeted flows
  • Flexibility in the budgets module allows you to create multiple budget revisions for multiple and variable periods of months and years


  • Integrates financials across departments
  • Monitors organizational health in real-time
  • Enables control & risk management
  • Improves management effectiveness

Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets & Depreciation

Focus 8 has a fully integrated Fixed Assets & Depreciation module that allows you to seamlessly create assets from purchases and perform statutory transactions and administrative functions efficiently and automatically.

  • Create assets from purchases instantly for single or multiple assets through quantity
  • Select from multiple depreciation methods (St. Line, cumulative, etc.) based on the selected asset
  • Create hierarchies and groups of various assets
  • Allocate assets to a location, employee or any other parameter
  • Define various periodic depreciation schedules for auto-posting to GL

Asset Maintenance

Focus 8 provides informaiton to effectively plan, schedule and execute efficient maintenance processes signifying the effect on the P & L.

  • Scheduling of maintenance jobs
  • Track effective job performance
  • Track consumables and charges towards maintenance
  • Track replacements
  • Job material requirement procurement
  • Asset usage and tracking
  • Job scheduling based on usage
  • Breakdown scheduling and equipment failure
  • Maintenance reports

Asset Revaluation & Repair

Focus 8 allows you to accurately reevaluate your assets, and asses their values based on their condition of repair.

  • Prolong your asset life by ensuring that it is in a good state of repair
  • Continually enhance asset value and capability by adding components as child attributes
  • Manage value deductions or accelerate depreciation as per the statutory compliances/as required
  • Automatically post entries into the financial module upon reevaluation
  • Add value to your assets upon repair completion

Asset Transfer, Disposal & Retirement

Focus 8 provides you with a seamless system that can manage your asset transfer, disposal and retirement. Automated integration with financials ensures that you always have an accurate picture of your organizational asset value and asset distribution.

  • Automatically post the gain/loss of value upon disposal of the asset
  • Deactivate/Retire fully depreciated assets automatically or manually
  • Park or pause the depreciation of inactive assets


Focus 8 Asset Management is fully integrated within the ecosystem ensuring that you always have complete information available to you throughout all modules. Effectively take decisions, use your assets to their fullest capacities and ensure maximum productivity.

  • Capitalize your assets from the inventory module
  • Use a variety of posting methods for financials to suit your specific situation (e.g. by month, group, etc.)
  • Integrate with Human Capital Management for assets that you have allotted to specific employees (e.g. laptops, cellphones, cars, etc.)
  • Seamlessly integrate with purchasing and post entries based on various parameters
  • Financial integration automatically posts transactions on transfer, disposal, repair, etc. to ensure that you always have an accurate financial picture


  • Accurately track & safeguard your assets
  • Reduce repetition and increase efficiencies of your administrative team through seamless integration
  • Maximize asset utilization to boost your efficiencies and ROI

Human Capital Management

Recruitment Management

A core essential for growth and sustainability is recruitment. Focus 8 packs a highly capable recruitment management module which enables you to manage your recruitment process through its lifecycle.

  • Plan manpower requirements
  • Define your recruitment requirements globally or by department
  • Create an organization-wide CV Bank
  • Integrate your website’s careers page with the application or online CV submission
  • Import bulk CVs from excel
  • Powerful scanning facility lets you find suitable candidates from the CV Bank based on specific departmental requirements
  • Manage CV screening, shortlisting, interviews and offer letter issuance through the system
  • Take online tests from aspiring candidates in multiple languages

Performance & Appraisal Management

Create and define appraisal questionnaires and their recurrence patterns

  • Create and define KPIs and goal sheets to track your employee performances
  • Create multiple level appraisal structures
  • Provide employees with a facility to login online and evaluate themselves through self-appraisal
  • Use the Performance Management Dashboard to quickly ascertain the performance levels of your human capital

Personnel Training & Career Planning

With the Personnel Training & Career Planning module, you can develop your human resources to fit your organization’s requirements, and ensure that you are a responsible employer by developing your resources’ careers effectively.

  • Define course masters and schedules
  • Allow departments to raise training requests for select employees
  • Ensure effectiveness of training through attendance reports
  • Ascertain training retention through course based examinations and result evaluations
  • Training bonds with employees as required

Timesheet & Payroll

Monitor the discipline of your organization through effective timesheet and payroll management.

  • Integrate with various attendance machines at all of your locations
  • Define and design multiple timesheet input options
  • Monitor attendance by shift, site, job, etc.
  • Define parameters for and automatically calculate normal, overtime and holiday overtime pay
  • Define payroll periods and employee categories
  • Manage employee sites and shifts
  • Automatically monitor & execute shift rotation
  • Generate periodic automated password protected payslips
  • Manage governance using salary ledgers, comparison reports, salary analysis reports, etc.

Vacation, Leaves & End of Service

Effectively manage your employee vacation, leaves and end of service benefits through the fully integrated Focus 8 human capital management module.

  • Various general ledger posting methods (by month, group, etc.)
  • Manage virtually any type of leave (e.g. sick, casual, vacation, maternity, etc.)
  • Define gender based leaves
  • Define leave encashment policies
  • Define various rules of enjoying leaves as per your company policies

Loans Management

Focus 8 allows you to effectively manage loans issued to your resources. Define loan policies and have them executed through the authorization matrix capabilities of Focus 8.

  • Manage the full loan management system from loan application to loan approval, payment, deferment and settlement
  • Manage and document surety for loans issued

Employee Self Service

Focus 8 enhances the inclusive nature of the system to provide resources to service themselves through the ESS module of the Focus 8 Human Capital Management Module.

  • Employee Dashboard
  • Employees can generate requests for leave, advance and training
  • Training calendars can be displayed
  • Employees can appraise themselves through the Employee Self-Appraisal Module
  • Employees can download payslips
  • Year-to-date reports can be provided

HR Utilities

The HR utilities section of the Focus 8 Human Capital Module provide unparalleled capabilities to the HR department.

  • Generate notices, warning letters and take disciplinary actions
  • Allocate assets to employees
  • Employee expenses claim form with integrated financials
  • MS-Outlook integration for expiry based alerts
  • User configurable notifications and approvals by email


  • Improve talent acquisition and retention throughout your organization
  • Empower HR Department with effective tools to enhance their role and position
  • Increase employee productivity & optimize training cost

Production Management

Production Masters

Production Masters offer you incredible flexibility and control over defining various parameters of the production cycle ensuring that each of your products, deliverables, and outputs can be efficiently reached through optimal use of the available infrastructure.

  • Define single & multi-level Bills of Material including alternative raw materials
  • Define, manage and schedule Factory Calendars for single and multiple shifts for single or multiple factories
  • Define capacities, overheads and other parameters for individual machines and linked machine lines and create work centers
  • Plan production routing to bring BOM and Work Centers together. Plan multiple routes to ensure maximum efficiencies are obtained through the available infrastructure
  • Track all resources and consumables required and issued during the manufacturing process and ensure that the consumptions are within stipulated parameters

Production Scheduling

Efficient schedule management of the production infrastructure ensures that you deploy production resources based on orders, priority and materials available in stock thereby ensuring maximum productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction through timely delivery.

  • Schedule single orders, combined multiple orders, and forecasted sales orders
  • Accurately plan material requirements in order to fulfil planned schedule of production
  • Automatically raise indents and purchase orders for shortfalls or missing raw materials and consumables based on the production schedule
  • Schedule reports provide you with an in-depth view of the actual production timelines

Vertical Based Production

Focus 8 comes fully equipped with a versatile vertical-based production planning module. Depending upon the type of production style, Focus 8 allows you to define virtually unlimited combinations of production processes ranging from Formula based BOMs, to assembly, back flushing and job production.

  • Process Production: Define fixed formulae for various BOMs to produce finished goods (e.g Chemicals, Paints, Dyes, etc.)
  • Back Flushing: Work backwards to identify raw material consumption based on finished good selection. (e.g. ingredients for finished dishes consumed from stock, etc.)
  • Assembly Production: Manage multiple routes for sub-assemblies and finished assemblies
  • Job Production: Create user-defined BOMs for specific or generic jobs, and ensure that issued stocks are specific to the job output

Production Material Handling

Focus 8 ensures that you have a complete and comprehensive grip on the handling of materials through the production cycle.

  • Transfer stock to and from stores and the production floor
  • Monitor, collate and ensure that the quantities of issued stock from stores, items return to stores and finished goods from shop floor production add up accurately
  • Control wastage, variances, and threshold management of raw material issues and obtain real-time production status
  • Monitor final product cost based on the costing module of production and variances as defined in the Work Center


  • Maintain optimum utilization of manufacturing resources and deliver maximum output
  • Improve overall productivity and efficiency, and as a consequence, reduce production cost
  • Streamline production process and improve final product quality
  • Ensure timely delivery to customers and improve customer satisfaction

Sales Management

Credit Sales

Managing sales on credit requires closer governance to ensure that the defined parameters of performance are adhered to. Focus 8’s enhanced credit sales management module puts you in control to ensure that the definitions for Credit Sales are accurately followed.

  • Define multiple sales flows to automate the push and pull of data through the sales cycle from inquiry to invoice
  • Define effective credit control management parameters and manage the credit limits of customers and handle defaults of payments effectively
  • Manage inventory reservations through on confirmed sales orders and ensure enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Get quick updates through advanced info panels in the order/invoice entry views of customer sales history and last quoted price to expedite accurate processing of data
  • Define quote/order approvals based on various parameters such as product line, department, customer, discount offered, credit limits, etc. to ensure that the organizational policies are adhered to
  • The intuitive and easy to use analytical tools allow you to perform sales analysis on various sales related data through multiple parameters giving you a complete and accurate picture through one report

Cash / Retail Sales

Manage retail or cash sales through easy-to-use, efficient systems that make retail processing efficient. Focus 8 fully integrates all modules with the retail functionality to provide you with a comprehensive unified solution.

  • Design and define the touchscreen interface for the sales retail till machine
  • Manage multiple tills within one location, or multiple locations and configure seamless data synchronizations among the tills, locations and other administrative locations
  • Effect stock transfers and manage inventory between outlets and warehouses. The automated synchronization transmits the transfer instructions to the issuing outlet automatically
  • Manage Start-Of-Day and End-of-Day cash management with the option for cash settlement in multiple currencies
  • Deploy a comprehensive Loyalty Management Solution to easily enhance customer experience and satisfaction through point-based systems

Vertical Specific Sales Processes

  • Restaurant Management: Manage the complete end-to-end restaurant experience for your patrons digitally from table reservations, to a tablet menu, order processing, kitchen integration, recipe management, and billing settlement and also provide home delivery and takeaway functionality
  • Projects & Contracting: Manage sales for projects and contacts through progressive percentage completion based invoicing
  • Installment & Hire purchase Billing: Manage installment based through effective management of post-dated instruments collection and rights transfer on full payment
  • Service Industry Billing: Generate invoices based on industry standards for a variety of industries including Financial services, advertising, professional services and many more
  • Mobile Sales: Manage field based sales activities including Van-Sales and other aspects through effective and integrated devices
  • Other Industries: Manage sales for a variety of industries including Pharma & Food Items (tracked by batches), Electronics and Mobiles (tracked by RMA), Fashion (defined by attributes such as color & size) and many more
  • Intelligent Application Programming Interface (API) can further configure and personalize the sales process to suit your industry and specific business


  • Integrate the CRM on every sales quote to build a databank for effective schemes and activities
  • Integrate the MRP module on order booking
  • Integrate warehouses/bins for distribution
  • Integrate the Service module for maintenance support and billing
  • Integrate back-to-back purchases in the workflow
  • Integrate with financials to reduce entries and have up to the minute reports

Sales Promotions & Schemes

  • Define volume based rates and discounts
  • Execute “free” item promotions based on a variety of parameters including quantity, item purchased, etc.
  • Establish volume purchase based offers (e.g Buy 2 get 1 Free)
  • Create Loyalty schemes based on purchase parameters
  • Generate discount & promo coupons and integrate them into your campaign


  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty
  • Improve your sales force efficiency and define/adhere to industry standard processes
  • Lower bad debts and improve receivables through accurate and timely action
  • Deploy across multiple industry domains over a single application ensuring streamlined group consolidation
  • Seamlessly integrate over multiple locations
  • Gain a competitive edge with critical information on the dashboard for quick decisions

Supply Chain Management

Purchase Management

The purchase management module of Focus 8 is a powerful way to ensure that accurate purchasing is effected through approved vendors and predefined rates, terms and conditions, ensuring that you protect your organization’s interests.

  • Complete Workflow Modules allow you to create multiple flows for recurring, one-time, local, import and various other types of purchase from requisition to supplier invoice
  • Authorization & Escalation Management allows you to control approvals for purchase quotes and orders through hierarchical and multiple level authorizations
  • Use the Price Book feature for easy and quick entries and updates of purchase prices across various parameters such as supplier, location, unit, etc.
  • Analyze quotes across various parameters such as price, credit limit, delivery schedule, etc. to ensure efficient and effective purchasing
  • Define, manage and execute orders through “Supplier Contracts” to ensure error-free order placement on pre-agreed terms and conditions

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory across varying parameters, requirements, types of inventory, use cases, scenarios, etc. can be a daunting task. Focus 8 Inventory Management makes Inventory Management a liberating experience with its fully flexible capabilities.

  • Manage inventory across a wide variety of parameters including units, reorder levels, batches, locations, RMA, supplies, bins, brands, attributes, quality control, Reserve/Release, etc.
  • Establish a variety of costing methods including FIFO, LIFO, Standard Costing, Moving Weighted Average, etc.
  • Execute queries on a wide variety of scenarios such as actual stock, virtual stock including pending purchase orders, stock reserved, etc. across various warehouses
  • Manage inventory by Bins, attributes and capacities with user define Pick & Put strategies

Standard Vertical Specific Processes

Focus 8 is a highly flexible and customizable System that can adapt itself to a wide variety of varying business industries and verticals. This ensures that you run your business the way it needs to be run, and adapt the system to suit your needs rather than the other way around. This system is already configured for, but not restricted to the following verticals:

  • Pharma/Perishable Goods Industries: Manage receipt and issuance of inventory based on batch, manufacturing date, date of expiry and related functions
  • Electronics/Warranty-Based Products: RMA module management allows you to track each item with its serial number and claim replacements or service for faults and defects
  • Fashion & Related Industries: Manage inventory attributes such as color, style, size, design, etc. and track stocks based on industry needs
  • Machinery Purchasing for Manufacturing Industries: Manage capital goods purchasing through the integrated fixed asset purchase and management module
  • Distribution Industries: Manage packing slips and lot integration for distribution within and outside of Free Zones and restricted trade zones
  • Project/Job Industries: Define & manage complete workflows from Purchasing to stocking and issuing of materials and merchandize based on project plans

Inventory Utilities

The inventory utilities allow you to effectively control and manage your inventory through capable features that reduce time and increase accuracy and efficiency.

  • Manage physical stock checks through integrated hand-held devices for period-end or spot stock taking and reconciliations
  • Generate and print bar codes through the comprehensive barcode generation utility
  • Integrated dashboard reorder alerts ensures that the purchase department is made aware of stocks going below defined reorder levels
  • Plan purchases based on sales orders, forecasting and other parameters
  • Use the step-by-step Purchase Planning wizard culminating in Purchase Orders


  • Integrates financials across departments
  • Monitors organizational health in real-time
  • Enables control & risk management
  • Improves management effectiveness

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