Sage 500 ERP

A full ERP system designed by Sage for large enterprises. Formerly Sage ERP MAS 500.

About Sage 500 ERP

Maximize your operations, insight and competitive advantage to stay ahead of the pack. Sage 500 ERP solutions (formerly Sage ERP MAS 500) provides customizable enterprise resource planning software designed to run every business function at peak efficiency and deliver the insights needed to realize the goals of a progressive business. Flexible, customizable, and scalable to grow and change with your business needs, Sage 500 ERP solutions run your business the way you want to, with a low cost of ownership and high return on investment.

Sage 500 is no longer sold to new customers. Existing users will continue to receive support for the foreseeable future.


Accounting and Finance

Boost productivity and profitability with sophisticated workflow features and flexible personalization.

The basis of any strong ERP system is its integration to financial management software. Asset and money management lie at the core of any business. The basic measure of success is profit and loss. An integrated Accounting and Finance suite is the cornerstone of a progressive business.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Get instant visibility across your business, analyze and respond to market trends, and make better decisions.

Sage 500 ERP includes a full suite of integrated business intelligence tools that create a comprehensive information management solution. Customizable report generation, inquiry, analysis, and dashboard applications work seamlessly with your Sage 500 ERP solution to enhance functionality and productivity.

Purchasing Management

Streamline your entire purchasing process from order to delivery.

Supply Chain Management is crucial to the success of both wholesale distributors and manufacturers. Having the right inventory at the right time means the difference between successfully completing a contract, delivering a finished good, and satisfying a customer or ultimate failure. Sage 500 ERP includes a fully integrated, well designed purchasing management system to enable you to achieve success and profitable growth.

Sales Management

Optimize your sales and distribution workflow with sales management.

No matter the type of business, at some point the goods or services you provide are consumed. Planning and tracking that consumption is all part of a successful enterprise. Sage 500 ERP provides you with accurate information on your sales records, but also helps you anticipate and trend, price and discount, and even predict your sales.

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Take charge of your inventory to reduce carrying costs and fulfill order on-time, every time.

Get full control over your warehouse inventory, record assets accurately and improve customer satisfaction with robust inventory management software for distributors and manufacturers. Inventory management provides real-time, accurate information on your assets, including receipt, location and disposition of goods, as well as their precise value and status.

Manufacturing Management

Improve lead time calculations, more accurate materials plans and better resource allocation.

Manufacturing takes all forms–from simple assembly of parts to complex transformative processes. Nonetheless, some things are constant. Costs must be calculated. Efficiencies must be measured. Materials must be issued and finished goods must be received. Sage 500 ERP includes an integrated manufacturing suite that provides the necessary flexibility and expanded capabilities to meet the diverse business management requirements of varied industries, including industrial, automotive, high tech, electronics, consumer packaged goods, and other discrete manufacturers.

Customer Relationship Management

Build customer loyalty, improve satisfaction, and achieve a better ROI.

Set new standards for customer service, improve loyalty and retention, and boost sales. With seamless integration to customer relationship management (CRM), you can profile, track and target customers for a better bottom line. Get immediate visibility to critical customer data and increase productivity throughout your business with real-time access.

Human Resources and Payroll

Create a more productive and satisfied workforce and reduce administrative time and expenses.

Count on Sage 500 ERP integration with powerful human resources management and payroll to automate your HR and compliance activities, easily process and track payroll and attendance, and build stronger employee relationships.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable offers several options to streamline your approval process, automate vendor-related tasks, and simplify voucher entry. This module also accommodates multiple vendor addresses, multi-year history retention, automatic payment selection, check printing, and more.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable improves your cash flow and customer satisfaction by effectively automating and managing your collections process. Gain complete control of your receivables and invoicing processes, and add automatic calculations to your procedures to avoid errors and duplicate entry. Extensive drill-down capabilities allow you to quickly communicate with customers.

Advanced Allocations

Advanced Allocations eliminates the guesswork in distributing company expenses. You can reduce administrative time and cost while accurately measuring resource consumption by utilizing the Sage Enterprise Suite Advanced Allocations module. Built-in process controls help you eliminate errors by creating allocation dependencies while providing the flexibility to distribute and re-distribute allocations, to create accrual transactions, and to create new types of allocation transactions.

Advanced Consolidations

Advanced Consolidation gathers and groups financial data from every entity in your organization. This data can then be quickly formatted into periodic, quarterly and annual reports, or can present multiple companies as one legal entity. It’s flexibility in working with other accounting systems and multiple chart of accounts and ledgers makes this a valuable tool for your financials.

Advanced Kitting

Advanced Kitting is the perfect product to help you manage production and kit assembly without complicated labor transactions or material issues. The streamlined system includes one-step production entry backflushing all material, labor, and overhead costs at standard.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing includes all of the functionality of the Light Manufacturing module, as well as enhanced work orders, and labor and production reporting, which are essential requirements for assembly, electronics, metal fabrication and machine/equipment manufacturing. The system provides shop floor visibility to your entire enterprise, including which employees are currently on the clock in any production facility.

With a few mouse-clicks, customer service can quickly view the status of a customer order without having to interrupt the shop supervisor. The GAAP-compliant job costing system helps you identify which manufactured items are generating the most profit and which are costing you money. You will be able to spot production bottlenecks and respond in real-time to last-minute engineering changes and high-priority orders.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Sage Enterprise Suite includes one of the most powerful and easy-to-use Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems available today. The industry-standard scheduling rules automatically schedule production based on advanced algorithms and mathematical calculations. Sage Enterprise Suite includes a drag-and-drop schedule board that takes into consideration real-world concerns. The schedule board displays all system-generated operation schedules, but it allows supervisors or production scheduling personnel to tweak the schedule to fit in high-priority orders or to move scheduled operations to a different machine when another breaks down.


Sage Enterprise Alerts is an impressive add-on module that sends e-mail notifications to you and your specified personnel when something significant happens in your business. Solving problems before they start can satisfy your customers far more consistently. Integrated into critical modules, Alerts shifts your focus using early warning signals that announce critical events in your Sage Enterprise system, including credit holds, inventory thresholds, priority client transactions, urgency levels and more.

Application Framework

Application Framework is available to those who wish to customize applications and lets you finish your development tasks faster and at a lower cost. It provides Visual Basic controls, wizards and utilities to solve housekeeping issues, including concurrency, user interface, security controls, data handling and more. With these issues handled by the Application Framework, your developers are free to build the application, saving you development time and money.

Cash Management

Cash Management allows you to quickly and accurately reconcile all of your bank accounts, as well as perform bank transactions with pinpoint accuracy. This module integrates with the other Best Enterprise financial modules for automatic cash transactions and secure record keeping that flows through your entire system.


The Customizer module enables you to easily modify standard screens and forms to match your specific business process and to improve staff productivity. Changes can be made to specific users or groups, including departments, companies, executives, or other groups that you define. Many controls are modifiable without extensive programming knowledge.


eCustomer empowers customers with the ability to maintain their own accounts, including an order entry interface that is easy and cost-effective to use. Customers also have access to information they commonly request, including credit, order, shipment, invoicing, payment, and payment application details.


eExecutive provides online views of how your business is performing, from the latest sales analysis to the most recent balance sheet. Moreover, it leverages Microsoft Web Parts, so that you can pull in information from Sage Enterprise Suite, the Web, or even other desk top applications into one easy to use interface - eExecutive.

Engineering Change Management

Sage Enterprise Suite integrates Engineering Change Management (ECM) with e-mail notifications providing instant visibility and standardized approval methods for routing and bill of material changes. Any change made to an ECM-controlled routing and bill of material is cycled via e-mail to members of an approval group. Engineering Change Management is crucial to quality control and is a requirement for ISO and QS certification. ECM can be used with either Light or Advanced Manufacturing.


eSalesforce leverages the power of the Internet to provide all the information and activities that a salesperson needs to manage customer accounts effectively. It provides summary information of recent orders, shipments, sales, and commissions, as well as showing upcoming activities, commitments, and forecasted sales. From here a salesperson can launch common tasks, such as checking customers orders, shipments, or credit information. The salesperson can submit a credit application for a new customer, or submit orders for existing customers.


Sage Enterprise Suite provides detailed estimating capabilities to help you increase business while improving your bottom line. Estimates provide more than an educated guess regarding total cost of production because they include materials, outside processing and labor, as well as overhead rates, and one-time charges for tooling and engineering. Estimates can be converted to a customer quote or directly into a sales order with a simple mouse-click. Estimating can be used with either Light Manufacturing or Advanced Manufacturing.

Fixed Asset Accounting

Manage and depreciate your fixed assets more effectively with an accounting solution customized to your specific business needs. The Fixed Asset Accounting application seamlessly integrates with Sage 500 ERP to provide fast, accurate fixed asset management performance, acknowledged depreciation expertise, and reliable data and system security.

  • Maintain up to seven books per asset
  • Choose from 50 depreciation methods
  • Manage partial and whole transfers and disposals
  • Add, merge and extract companies

General Ledger

General Ledger puts you in firm control of your business, giving you quick access to mission-critical data. You can process inter-company transactions, establish flexible accounting periods and an unlimited number of budgets, perform future posting, and more. The General Ledger module’s financial report writer allows you to easily set up and maintain a variety of sophisticated reports for more informed decision making.

Inventory Management

The Acuity Inventory Management module helps you control every aspect of your inventory process, from shipping and receiving to backorders and transaction tracking. Inventory Management is a key component of Acuity Applications, a business software suite that provides superior power, flexibility and integration with your existing line of business applications. You can configure each company with unlimited warehouses and bins, associating items with multiple bins per warehouse. You can also track quantities by bin and warehouse, according to your configuration.

Inventory Replenishment

Significantly improve your ability to meet demand and reduce inventory-carrying costs with the Inventory Replenishment module. This can be done by incorporating such factors as seasonal cycles, sales history and lead times to determine the appropriate order point for inventory. You can also specify order points and override unusual demand when creating inventory forecasts. This sophisticated replenishment system helps you maximize return on your investment by accelerating inventory turnaround, while still keeping an adequate stocking level of the products your customers demand.

Light Manufacturing

Light Manufacturing is the perfect product to help you manage production and kit assembly without complicated labor transactions or material issues. The streamlined manufacturing system integrates with other optional Sage Enterprise manufacturing modules and allows distributors, assemble-to-order industries, and other light manufacturers to concentrate on other critical business issues without getting tied up in complex manufacturing processes. Traditional manufacturers may need the Advanced Manufacturing module.

Material Requirements Planning

Sage Enterprise Suite uses historical data and advanced replenishment formulas to help you more easily understand current and future material and distribution requirements, and how they will affect your business. Sage Enterprise Suite provides single-screen planning that provides up-to-date item statistics, including on-hand quantities, current purchase orders, work orders, transfer orders and other elements that affect planning decisions. The planning activity provides insightful information to help you make purchasing and production scheduling decisions based on industry-standard practices and flexible, real-life circumstances.

Multicurrency Management

Multicurrency Management provides rich multicurrency and analysis capabilities to optimize your international opportunities. You can maintain an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rate schedules, leveraging the ability to update exchange rates daily, and post realized and unrealized gains or losses due to currency fluctuations.on with your existing line of business applications.

Product Configurator

The Product Configurator module was designed for use in either distribution or manufacturing environments. The rules-based Product Configurator configures sales orders and routings/bills of material for a finished part based on a variety of features or functions. Customer service personnel benefit from an easy-to-use interface for quick feature/option selection of configured parts, and integration with Sales Order entry. New items can be created on the fly using customized item masks, new long and short item descriptions, and other options. The Product Configurator also builds the item cost and suggested price. The advanced Product Configurator is easy to setup and maintain. Popular configurations are saved and reused as standard parts.

Project Accounting

The project accounting modules enable professional services firms to monitor all projects for potential cost overruns and track all employees by productivity and number of chargeable hours. Project Accounting also accelerates the billing process, so that completed work can be turned into cash more quickly. Also available is a time and expense entry application to facilitate rapid and up-to-date tracking of employee expenditures. A link to Microsoft Project provides integration to the specifics of a project plan.

Purchase Order

The Sage Enterprise Suite Purchase Order module gives you the capabilities you need to save time,ensure ordering accuracy and minimize errors in receipt of goods. This application helps you manage all aspects of your purchasing process effectively. Purchase Order is a key component of Acuity, a business software suite that provides superior power, flexibility and integration with your existing line of business applications.

Sales Management

Sales Management is powered by sister Sage product SalesLogix, and provides tools to effectively market to prospects, manage accounts, and profit from customer relationships. It features full sales process management, marketing management, and other features to sell more effectively.

Sales Order

The Sages Enterprise distribution suite of software is comprised of the Sales Order, Inventory Management, Inventory Replenishment and Purchase Order modules. This suite addresses the specialized requirements of businesses,like yours, which stock, sell and ship products. Sales Order, with its numerous features, can help you maximize your efficiency and enhance the capabilities of your existing line of business applications. Among other critical data, the Sales Order module tracks inventory item availability, pricing, lots, serial numbers, quantity pricing, specific customer pricing,costs and customer credit limits.

Shop Floor Control

The Shop Floor Control system from Best provides real-time labor and production reporting for online production visibility throughout the enterprise. The module was designed for use with bar code and touch-screen technology, and can run on a terminal or from a remote handheld Windows CE device. Shop Floor Control provides access to all of the activities that generally take place in the shop. Users can log into or out of operations manually or they can use the built-in bar coding functionality to scan work order numbers and work order steps for automatic logins. The shop floor menu is easily customized to include virtually any activity, maintenance function, report or inquiry you need to run your shop floor.

Support Management

Sales and Marketing deliver customers to your business - but your Customer Support department keeps them with you for the long haul. With the costs of acquiring customers 5–10 times higher than retaining them, support solutions designed to build lasting relationships with your customers have a tremendous impact on the bottom line.

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