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Powered by Munis—a completely integrated ERP solution for government agencies and schools of all sizes

About Tyler's Enterprise ERP

Tyler’s Enterprise ERP software (powered by Munis) is designed to handle a wide range of public sector needs primarily in government and schools. The integrated ERP handles core functions such as financials, procurement, HR, payroll, and revenues. Enterprise ERP breaks down departmental data silos, streamlines processes, and eliminates duplicate data entry.

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Tyler’s Enterprise Financial Management Software

Enterprise ERP is fully customizable and allows add-ons that bring greater power to your ERP platform depending on your needs.

Designed for the public sector as a true multi-fund accounting system that can handle every aspect of accounting, budgeting, and project performance needs.

  • Accounts Payable: Manage vendor invoices and vouchers, track open payables, prepare precheck registers, automatically batch generate checks, and maintain vendor and expenditure history, all with one fully integrated application.
  • Accounts Receivable: From collections to record keeping and payment processing, create efficiencies and save critical time, and resources.
  • Capital Assets: Full integration to purchasing, accounts payable, and general ledger (GL), and new purchases of assets and any posting to the general ledger for activation and depreciation are automatically, executed.
  • Cash Management: Tools to provide your treasurer with the functionality needed to automate their most important processes.
  • General Billing: Create invoices for various departments and activities not covered by other Enterprise ERP revenue applications, such as utility and tax billing. Eliminate handwritten bills and manual calculations, and generate invoices containing itemized charges, accumulated totals, and payment history.
  • Inventory: Completes all major inventory tasks and manages all inventory accounting automatically, including on-hand balances, month-to-date and year-to-date values.
  • Budgeting: Plan, manage, and monitor your budget-related activities throughout the year, so your community operates from a strong foundation.
  • General Ledger: Quick, online access to account information, including the ability to easily view all transaction details. Meets Governmental Accounting Auditing and Financial Reporting (GAAFR) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) standards.
  • Project and Grant Accounting: Record project detail in the general fund as well as all other funds (special revenue, grants, etc.). Create separate grants and track the entire process, from application through conversion.
  • Work Orders and Asset Maintenance: No double entry of labor time, inventory usage, journal entries, or billings. Can also be deployed as a stand-alone product.

Tyler’s Enterprise Human Resources Management Software

Manage personnel and payroll data and processes, handle employee recruitment, development, and performance management. The Human Resources element of Tyler’s Enterprise ERP will simplify human resources and payroll processes, integrate enterprise employee data, improve worker efficiency, and eliminate data redundancy.

  • Recruiting: Automate the hiring process, Efficiently and effectively maintain data for job applicants, Use workflow to push requisitions through the approval process, Make applications available to both employees and non-employees via Munis Self-Service, and Allow applicants to enter personal information to ensure it is accurate and up to date
  • Human Resources: Streamline the process of managing employee information, such as personal information and certifications, to benefit elections, wages, promotions, and disciplinary history.
  • Employee Expense Reimbursement: Create expense reports with travel request and invoice reimbursement numbers along with general ledger account codes. Create expense code to meet needs, add instructions to claim forms, and determine which fields are shown or hidden.
  • Payroll: Support payroll for public sector organizations which includes state-specific reporting to ensure federal and state requirements are met.
  • Employee Access: Create an employee self-service portal that gives employees access to their data. This lets them maintain personal and employment information such as paid time off, accrual requests, pay history, benefits selections, job opening, performance evaluations, announcements, and more.

Tyler’s Enterprise ERP for Schools Software

Tyler’s Enterprise ERP for Schools is a completely integrated ERP solution for K-12 districts. The software manages financials, HR, procurement, and revenues, all while breaking down departmental daa silos, streamlining processes, and eliminating duplicate data entry.

Tyler’s Enterprise ERP for Schools has been implemented into districts of all sizes–from 200 to 200,000 students. This means the solution is capable of creating a budget for a small district or processing payroll as a large school district.

  • Facility Management: Manage your school service requests and work orders so your assets are tracked and maintained, and your operations are efficient. From maintenance to performance, get a complete view of your district’s assets to forecast future needs.
  • Financial Management: Streamline all of your school district’s essential business functions to reduce redundancy, increase efficiency, and improve data quality and integrity. The solutions integrate your financial, budget, and procurement data, as well as centralize tasks and processes districtwide.
  • Human Capital Management: Manage and analyze employee recruitment, compensation, retention, training, and development for informed decision making, alignment of employee and district goals, and to get the most value from your workforce.
  • Classroom Management: Quickly and easily manage attendance, grades, and homework assignments on a desktop or from your mobile device–helping to keep instruction interruptions to a minimum. With a flexible gradebook, assignments can be linked to state standards via traditional or standards-based grades, providing instructional insights to teachers.
  • District Administration: From scheduling and discipline events, to staff management and state reporting, the school administration software provides administrators with a complete view of a district or school. With data analytics, administrators can look for trends to maximize teacher effectiveness.
  • Parent Communication: Parents stay informed with a complete, integrated portal for both parents and students, including a native mobile app. Parents can review classroom data, pay fees or meal balances, and receive district announcements.
  • Student Data Management: Manage every aspect of student information including health and immunization records, transportation information, special needs, state assessments, and more. This data can be added to student records, reported on, and analyzed, resulting in the best insights for each student.

Tyler’s Enterprise Procurement Software

Tyler’s Procurement streamlines the entire procurement life cycle with e-purchasing for managing requests, reviews, contracts, and purchases from vendors.

  • Accounts Payable: Do all your processing in one place. Manage vendor invoices, track open payables, prepare precheck registers, automatically generate batch checks, and maintain vendor and expenditure history.
  • Bid Management: Designed to simplify the bid management process. Proactively notify your vendor community of bid opportunities, accept electronic bid submissions, and automate creation of award contracts, purchase orders, or requisitions.
  • Capital Assets: With full integration to purchasing, accounts payable, and the general ledger, Capital Assets helps to automate creation of new assets or improvements to existing assets including any posting to the GL for activation and depreciation.
  • Contract Management: For more complex agreements, Contract Management helps you create, approve, and maintain vendor contracts, retainage withholdings, change orders, and contingency tracking. From A to Z, this is the one-stop-answer to your contract needs.
  • Vendor Access: Make it easy to electronically manage the procurement life cycle. Vendor self-service streamlines registration and onboarding with real-time view of transactions.
  • Inventory: Have better inventory insight for strategic decision making. Manage your inventory accounting, including on-hand balances, tracking usage, automation of replenishing orders, and reporting of month-to-month and year-to-date values.
  • Purchase Orders: Significantly reduce order costs and timelines while automating workflow approvals and real-time budget checking. Manage fully audited change orders and automate PO printing or electronic distribution.
  • Requisitions: Allows individual departments to electronically enter requests, decentralizing the purchasing process while still maintaining control of procurement rules.

Tyler’s Enterprise Revenue Management

Tyler’s Enterprise Revenue Management solutions for local governments are designed to make it easy for the public to pay taxes, fees, licenses, motor vehicle registration, fines, and much more, online or in person. The integrated software streamlines your workflows for billing, tracking, collections, and payment processing.

  • Accounts Receivable: Integrated with all Enterprise ERP receivables, Accounts Receivable manages collection of miscellaneous cash and billed receivables. This multi-functional application handles collections, payment processing, and collections, while creating efficiencies and saving your organization time and resources.
  • Animal Licenses: Processes and maintains licensing information easily and efficiently. This software creates and maintains licenses, processes payments, and performs historical reporting. Animal Licenses is fully integrated with other Enterprise ERP applications, including General Ledger and Payment Entry.
  • Business Licenses: Creates and maintains business and occupational licenses and manages charges and fees for a variety of different procedures. This software provides flexibility for fee cycles, flat or varying rates, and more. Integrates with other Enterprise ERP applications including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Real Estate Tax, and Personal Property Tax.
  • Central Property: Improves the storage and management of data related to properties, providing a primary area for non-parcel information such as the location of fixed assets. This software tracks property data such as use and zoning, setbacks and lot dimensions, legal use, septic and well, and building and construction data.
  • General Billing: Creates invoices for departments and activities not covered by other Enterprise ERP revenue applications. Enterprise ERP General Billing eliminates handwritten bills and manual calculations, and generates invoices containing itemized charges at calculated rates, accumulated totals, and aggregates (or ‘tracks’) payment history.
  • Permits and Code Enforcement: Manages building department permits as well as planning and zoning, tank removal, fire departments, signs, and miscellaneous user-defined permit types. This software integrates with multiple Tyler applications, such as Utility Billing, Business Licenses, and Accounts receivable, and can assign fees for inspections and calculate fees for permits.

Tyler’s Tax Billing & Collections Software

Tyler’s Tax Billing & Collection solutions streamline your tax billing and collection departments while providing consistent and effective services to your citizens. It also offers state-specific applications to handle the unique processes and requirements associated with individual state needs.

  • Property Tax Billing: A comprehensive application that accommodates the complete billing cycle, from calculating taxes to printing bills and generating accounts receivable.
  • Delinquency: Tax lien, tax sale, and tax title applications manage delinquent accounts with features for applying fees, delivering notices, and eventual foreclosure.
  • Boat Excise: Citizens can define each new tax year, revalue boats based on a user-defined time schedule, generate and review a commitment list, create invoices, and print bills.

Tyler’s Enterprise Utilities Software

Tyler’s Enterprise Utilities provides billing and customer information management for municipal and independent utility authorities for electricity, gas, sewer, and water operations.

  • Collections and Billings: Manage multiple active billing cycles across your utility and email statements, support electric billing functionality (such as demand, KVAR, and KWH), accommodate all charges and services with flexible rate setup for consumption or flat rates, send delinquent notices automatically, apply late fees, and run the shut off list at the time of your choosing
  • Account Setup: Define account numbering structure, create codes, and determine field labels, Perform account-related actions including setting up multiple pending individuals, revert responsibility to an owner, add new individuals and service deposits, and customize the system to meet your unique needs with unlimited user-defined fields
  • Dashboards: Display account location, customer, billing address, recently activity, and phone numbers. View deposits, current and delinquent bills, interest or penalties charged, and more.
  • Assessment Billing: Invoice entire principal amount on a future-dated bill and generate installment bills, generate installment billing schedule based on a fixed bill amount and total number of payments.
  • Work Orders: Track routine account maintenance, define daily limits on individual or groups of work order types, generate cut-off lists, and post a reading after completing an order.

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