A web-based software system designed by Workday, Inc. to combine financial and human capital management solutions.

Product Overview

Workday is a web-based enterprise software that offers financial and human capital management solutions for various industries. The platform boasts unified finance and HR functionalities, bringing real-time insights and auditable process management via a modern SaaS model.

Workday stands out for its integrations with over 600 third-party tools, in-depth people analytics, and AI-driven employee engagement and skills management. It features the Workday Peakon Employee Voice, an AI-based tool for employee engagement, and the Workday Skills Cloud for AI-based hiring and employee development. Its mobile apps are highly rated for user-friendliness and accessibility, though the Android version has received complaints about bugs.


  • Brainstorms from community suggestions
  • Configuration flexibility
  • Powerful frameworks


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  • No live chat or knowledge base
  • No free version or trial available

Target Market

Large companies with over 2,000 employees and complex operations across multiple regions or entities. The system can be used by a wide range of industries including: financial services, healthcare and life sciences, higher education, manufacturing, retail and hospitality, service businesses, state and local government, and technology firms.

About Workday

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Workday Features

  • Financial Management: Offers a unified finance solution for global businesses, combining extensive financial capabilities, real-time insights, and auditable process management.
  • Human Capital Management: Integrates HR and Talent Management in a single system, enhanced with embedded analytics and self-service options, offering an unmatched user experience for managing a diverse workforce.
  • User Experience: Intuitive and designed for collaborative, on-the-go, real-time work, catering to all organization members.
  • Real Cloud: Maintains a single, always-updated version of Workday for all customers, embodying true cloud computing.
  • Innovative Technology: Utilizes an object-oriented architecture prioritizing speed, usability, and flexibility, representing data as real-world entities for modern business needs.
  • Global: Provides a comprehensive view and single source of truth for managing talent, revenue, costs, and growth globally.
Starting Price
$45 /employee/month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Workday

Submitted on March 15th, 2023 by Anonymous

Back office can not send back invoices

The Good…

The system is Glitchy.

The Bad…

To many screens to click to find supplier payments

Submitted on July 12th, 2019 by Dietmar Knoess

We took Workday as an opportunity to optimize our processes. We needed a modern solution like Workday. Our young staff likes that they can clock in and out with a mobile device. There was no training and it was quite intuitive. We like the real-time data that is accessible wherever we are. Managers have all the information they need to do a better job.

Submitted on June 28th, 2019 by Ganesh Kumar

We’re mainly doing business in Puerto Rico. The reason for going into Workday as an integrated platform is because we had gone through a similar exercise a few years ago on the bank side. It let us acquire banks 3 times larger than our size and easily integrate the customer base. At other points in time we had fragmented systems on the back end which posed a problem. We looked at Workday as part of this biggest puzzle.

Workday has made the internal process more streamlined. It also puts the information on the fingertips of the rest of the organization. Now information is so available to us, and we see Workday as part of a larger ecosystem that supports the growth of the bank.

Submitted on May 7th, 2019 by Kerry Smith

We employ 4,500 staff and 2,200 volunteers. We have 750 shops and stores. A challenge we were facing was having so many systems throughout our organization. These 6 systems did not talk to each other and were not connected.

We did not know who was in what team as you couldn’t see people across the organization. Each shop would need to submit a time-sheet into the HR center. These were sent via post or email, and then recalculated or reentered.

The reporting in Workday lets us drill down our data and makes a big difference in how we run our business. We like the integrity of Workday as well, as they will answer any question we have. Any of our stores can get answers from Workday directly which frees up our HR staff and lets them analyze data more and answer questions less.