Cost estimating software.

About aPriori

With aPriori, professionals in design, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and cost engineering can analyze cost quickly and accurately in real-time for components and complete product assemblies, based on:

  • What’s being manufactured – Using intelligent cost modeling, aPriori can create highly detailed part and product cost assessments. It can also import complex engineering Bills of Materials from ERP, PLM, MRP and other enterprise applications.
  • How it’s being manufactured – aPriori has deep domain expertise in the manufacturing processes, operation sequences and the cost drivers that most impact product cost.
  • Where it’s being manufactured – aPriori Virtual Production Environments allow users to estimate the cost of manufacturing products at specific facilities or estimate the cost of buying product from a regional supplier.

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Next-Generation Capabilities for Automated Product Costing

With several hundred man years of product development invested, aPriori has introduced several highly innovative technologies as part of its Product Cost Management platform that enable the benefits described above, including:

  • Geometric Cost Drivers – a capability within the software that automatically extracts manufacturing process specific information directly from any 3D CAD model and creates the inputs for cost models that reside in Virtual Production Environments.
  • Intelligent Routing Engine – aPriori embeds intelligence within its cost models and manufacturing feasibility rules that help automate the process of selecting the most appropriate manufacturing route within the selected factory. For example, if a user increases the thickness of a part, aPriori may look at the change, and would instantly understand that a new laser with a higher wattage would be required to efficiently cut out the form of the part.
  • Virtual Production Environments – a digital copy of a physical manufacturing plant that includes all of the data and logic about how that facility operates, including raw material data, machine data, labor costs, overhead costs, manufacturing process logic, etc.

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User Reviews of aPriori

Submitted on July 24th, 2017 by Marc-Andre' Patry

With aPriori we make better use of our resources by often shortening our time to market and reducing the time in which we can provide our customers an RFQ answer. In real numbers, with the application of aPriori, we went from eight in-house hours per quote to one hour, freeing up seven hours of our time per quote. That means aPriori can save Soucy up to 3150 hours this year alone.

Submitted on June 14th, 2017 by Tim O'Regan

We are a small team and one of our biggest challenges was trying to control and reduce costs, so we adopted aPriori, a product costing software. We were actually a beta test for them, as they typically work with much higher volume companies. Adopting a powerful piece of software like aPriori can be a big change for any company, especially for a small team. Admittedly, it took some time to set the software up properly and learn how to use it to its maximum potential. We’ve been using aPriori for about four years and the platform has overhauled my position as a cost engineer.