A cost estimation software for building contractors.

Product Overview

WinEst is a versatile estimating software designed for building construction clients globally. It offers the ability to manage and integrate detailed project estimates, enhancing productivity and efficiency in the cost-estimating process.

WinEst’s user-friendly interface simplifies tasks like estimating, cost-information gathering, bidding, and buying, thereby minimizing errors and saving time. It features customizable work-breakdown structures, filters, and standardized estimate templates, extending to labor and equipment rates.


  • Uniformity and clarity in bids
  • Customizable database items
  • Supports simultaneous editing


  • Counterintuitive controls
  • Challenging data entry process
  • Overwhelming number of tools

Target Market

Building construction clients, including both large and small firms. It caters to regional single-office builders, global general contractors, specialty contractors, facility owners, and public/government agencies. Its adaptability makes it suitable for organizations looking to standardize estimating practices across various project types, with a focus on integrating detailed project estimates and enhancing productivity.

Not Recommended For

Businesses that require a simple, straightforward tool with a minimal learning curve. Due to its comprehensive features and the need for significant time investment to unlock its full potential, it may not be the best fit for small businesses or individuals seeking quick, easy-to-learn solutions.

About WinEst

Video Overview

Tiers of WinEst

  • WinEst eTEAM®:
    • Collaborative estimating solution.
    • Supports multiple estimators working simultaneously.
    • Accessible over LAN/WAN and the Internet.
  • WinEst Pro®:
    • Essential for day-to-day A/E/C project cost estimating.
    • Features a user-friendly ‘Cost Core Workspace’ interface.
  • WinEst Pro PLUS®:
    • Advanced version with detailed sophistication.
    • Rapidly generates and shares precise cost data.

WinEst Essentials

WinEst Essentials is designed for estimators involved in various phases of the estimation process, including initial conceptual budgeting, project management, and specialty contracting. This subscription-based service equips professionals with the necessary tools to build profitable estimates and facilitates collaboration throughout pre-construction workflows.

This version is tailored to enhance precision and efficiency in the estimation process, ensuring that users can approach bid day with confidence and a competitive edge. Key features of WinEst Essentials include the integration of historical cost data and best practices for improved accuracy, the capability to share estimate data and collaborate in real time with stakeholders via Trimble Connect, and an easy-to-use interface resembling Excel.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of WinEst

Submitted on November 30th, 2023 by Doug

For a user that has used the software for over a decade, I am particular to this software. I am a power user and used almost every tool and ability. I do not have any problems with it, but that also may because I designed a company specific database. I know what is in the database and therefore I understand the tools better.

The Good…

If you are a Microsoft Excel user, this software is easy to learn and use.

The Bad…

Database creation and installation can be a pain. Does not come with a database. It has to be created and installed.