A smart factory analytics software to make better decisions.

About Worximity

Worximity is a role-based real-time factory analytics software that helps make decisions across your factory ecosystem. The solution allows you to become a smart factory through automatic data collection, monitoring software, and manufacturing analytics.

Worximity includes:

  • TileConnect: Technology that can be connected to any type of production equipment for wireless automatic data collection–allowing you to monitor events or production counts in real-time.
  • TileBoard: A real-time dashboard with multi-device access and continuous improvement.
  • Smart Factory Analytics: Provides trends on the main causes of downtime, reports on the least profitable products, and reports on the most effective shifts.

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Worximity Features

  • Data collection made easy: Connect your equipment on your own in a few hours
  • Unlimited multiplatform login: Use TileBoard software
  • Quick performance report: Access your equipment’s past performance
  • Line or equipment timeline of events: View your production status and alerts on a timeline
  • Real-time email notifications: React quickly to production gap
  • Shift performance comparison: Compare your teams’ productivity between shifts
  • Downtime monitoring: Measure your equipment status on a real-time dashboard
  • Downtime justification: Use the smart form to discover the reasons for downtime
  • Pareto chart reasons: Categorize your gap causes in order of importance
  • Centralized continuous improvement plan: Share a smart corrective action plan for increased productivity
  • Shop floor dashboard: Display your factory lines’ performance compared to their objectives
  • Throughput monitoring: Monitor the output on your production lines in real time
  • Performance by product/job: Visualize the productivity of your production lines by product type
  • Throughput gap justification: Use the smart form to discover the causes of speed gaps
  • Quality monitoring: Measure the number of rejected items on your production lines
  • OEE monitoring: Monitor your production lines’ overall performance
  • Non-quality justification: Add causes to explain non-quality
  • Yield monitoring: Monitor your production lines’ yield to reduce waste
  • Giveaway monitoring: Monitor your production lines’ giveaway to reduce overproduction

Worximity Packages Available

  • Downtime: Easily and rapidly connect equipment to monitor in real time your downtimes and identify their main cuases.
  • Downtime and Throughput: Monitor your throughput to target and understand the causes of unplanned variances, take corrective actions and rapidly increase profits.
  • Downtime, Throughput, and OEE: Keep an attentive eye on non-quality products, production line downtime, and throughput to ensure greater overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Downtime, Throughput, OEE, and Yield: Improve raw materials yield by connecting scales or ERP systems via an API that allows real time responses.

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User Reviews of Worximity

Submitted on September 26th, 2021 by Dave Lamothe

The overall picture of our production obtained through TileBoard® allowed us to understand where our main downtimes were and to understand what might be beneficial to us. That is why we want to invest more energy and resources in this technology in order to use the tool to its full potential.

Submitted on September 26th, 2021 by Steve Prokos

The use of sensors and TileBoard has a real impact on our production speed. These technologies allow us to know what is going on in the factory at any time and from anywhere in the world. With the email alerts, our response time is better and the corrective actions are quickly taken. We can do more in the same period of time.

Submitted on September 26th, 2021 by Jahziel Ugalde Angeles

Because employees are made aware of their impact on production, downtime has been reduced without having to implement additional improvement measures. Employees were diligent in reducing setup times and in reacting more quickly when problems occurred on the line. The more I will use the application over time the more I will be able to identify new opportunities for improvement and reap the benefits from using TileBoard