CenterPoint Accounting Software for Agriculture

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A full ERP software and farm accounting system for agriculture, forestry, fishing, and mining companies.

Product Overview

CenterPoint Accounting Software for Agriculture is a full financial management and ERP software. Users can manage costs on a per-unit basis with features like detailed crop and livestock production analysis. The software supports customizable reporting and advanced financial analysis, including ratio analysis with benchmarking against industry standards.


  • Farm-specific accounting features
  • Customizable dashboard and reports
  • Advanced modules available for inventory management, sales, etc.


  • Pricing requires consultation call
  • Advanced inventory management module sold separately

Target Market

Medium to large-sized agricultural operations that require detailed financial management and analysis capabilities.

About CenterPoint Accounting Software for Agriculture

CenterPoint Accounting Software for Agriculture is a versatile financial management solution tailored for agricultural businesses. It offers comprehensive financial analysis tools, including standard reports, ratios analysis, and customizable reporting options.

With features like production analysis, budgeting, asset tracking, and integrated modules for accounts payable and receivable, it provides farmers and agricultural professionals with a powerful tool to manage their operations effectively.

Financial Reporting

Access standard reports such as Income Statements, Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Budgets

Ratios Module

  • Utilize the ratios module to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • No setup required, as it uses predefined categories within CenterPoint.
  • Analyze data with drill-down capabilities and graph trends for multiple years.

Report Management

  • View, print, export, or email reports with ease.
  • Customize reports by adding or removing columns and explore data in-depth with drill-down options.

Enhanced Financial Analysis

  • Uncover operational strengths and weaknesses with CenterPoint management reports.
  • View Balance Sheets in different valuation methods (book value, market value, modified cash value).
  • Analyze Income Statements and Cash Flows for trends and comparisons.

Time-Saving Features

  • Use the Transaction Search tool for quick reference to past transactions.
  • Personalize the Quick List menu with frequently used functions.
  • Centralize information management within CenterPoint.

Production Analysis

Obtain detailed crop and livestock information based on cost per unit.

Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Create “what if” scenarios for future sales, cash flow, income statements, and assets/liabilities.
  • Improve business strategy planning.

Accounts Payable

  • Write checks without vendor setup.
  • Select vendors and pay invoices due.

Accounts Receivable

  • Basic accounts receivable functionality included.
  • Enter invoices and monitor payment due dates for better cash management.

Asset & Liability Tracking

  • Track cost and market value of all assets.
  • Plan cash flow requirements using amortization schedules.

CenterPoint Depreciation

  • A powerful fixed asset management solution for tax reporting and management purposes.
  • Eliminate manual processes and maximize tax benefits.

Check Designer

  • Modify check stubs and incorporate logos.
  • Print MICR coding and up to two signatures on checks.

Advanced Inventory Management

  • The Inventory Module offers tools for improved profitability.
  • Maintain multiple prices, receive real-time inventory updates, and ensure GL account assignments match.

Sales Orders

  • Easily convert quotes into orders and print quotes, orders, and packing slips.
  • Modify quotes and orders using the Forms Designer.

Purchase Orders

  • Manage inventory effectively by monitoring stock and creating suggested orders.
  • Generate purchase orders directly from sales orders.

Management Accounting Module

  • Match costs to revenue for a more accurate profitability analysis.
  • Utilize Cost Center and Profit Center reports to make informed decisions.

Customer Care

  • Red Wing Software offers Customer Care Memberships with guaranteed response times and excellent service.
  • Participate in product enhancement through customer requests.
  • Access training options, including web sessions and on-site training.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of CenterPoint Accounting Software for Agriculture

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by Marcy Madson

I actually LOVE CenterPoint. I have been with Red Wing Software since the beginning of computers in farm offices. The program has far more detail than I use, but it is there to grow into. The virtual classroom training is a wonderful addition. We farm with three boys (and two grandsons) raising grain and lots of pork! The CenterPoint experts are so great to help me with whatever question I have. I could never do it without them!

Submitted on February 4th, 2019 by Anonymous

I bought my first computer in1989 and Agchek in 1990. Big change from manual booking with pencil and paper and a calculator. Agchek evolved and I learned to use it the best I could. I never have used Quick Books I think it has evolved too. I hear alot of people happy to use it, I do not know what they or I am missing. I am not an accountant who probably appreciates all Center Point can do. I do not understand a lot of the hierographic used to simplify the program. When things were converted from Agchek to Center Point some of how I got my reports was changed and I still do not know how to find some things. Agchek is not even on this spell check. Somethings were just lost in the conversion.

The Good…

Its colorful screen. Support staff is good I just can not remember all the tricks to make it all work.

The Bad…

Not sure. In Excel multiple lines can be added or deleted at a click, only one line at a time can be deleted if you have unused distribution set up for a check or deposit. Secure that way so you don’t delete to much I guess. It is way more Horse Power than I can use or need. I could probably go back and run Agchek better than I can center Point. Tired of typing that’s all for now.

Submitted on June 27th, 2018 by Leland

I find it very difficult to use Agchek was much easier to use

The Good…


The Bad…

Same as above

Submitted on July 17th, 2012 by Carol Peck

We upgraded from Red Wing Payroll and AgCHEK Accounting software to CenterPoint Accounting and integrated payroll in January 2012. At first, it seemed difficult to adapt to the different types of menus, and new terminology.

But now it is July, and I am so glad that we made the switch. It now takes only about 1 to 1.5 hours to process the payroll from start to finish, not counting downloading the hours from the time clocks. The post and print procedure in the payroll program works so smoothly in transitioning from employee paper checks to direct deposit pay advices. No longer do I have to process two complete pay runs like I did before purchasing the Direct Deposit module, and the pay run report has all the net pay amounts broken down by the amount and the bank account in which they are deposited. After a few glitches at first, it runs without any problems.