A multi-module management system designed by FarmERP.

About FarmERP

FarmERP is a multi-user, multi-location, multi-cropping software for all types of agribusinesses. The solution provides tools to assist in your administration, planning, purchasing, inventory management, production, post production, contract farming, human resources, quality control, and more.

Video Overview

FarmERP ver 2.1 is the latest and most advanced version of FarmERP, a complete resource-planning multi-user software suite for managing multiple farms. It is helps in input management, HR management, production, financial and marketing management of any farm. It is most advanced and comprehensive farm management software solution suiting to small, medium to large sized farms.

FarmERP Software is targeted for various users working in the agriculture field.

  • GlobalGAP / Organic certification growers
  • Agribusiness companies like producing seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals etc.
  • Quality certification consultants
  • Grower associations, PMOs
  • Quality certification consultants
  • Institutional farms, Research and Development Farms
  • Individual farmer grower/s
  • Contract farming agencies and consultants
  • Government Agencies
  • Pack-houses, exporters

Why FarmERP?

  • FarmERP ver2.1 is a tried and tested product.
  • It is an output of rigorous efforts put in by agriculture and IT experts.
  • User friendly interfaces.
  • Modular approach helps in systematically managing farm related data.
  • Can be tailored as per your requirements.
  • 12x 5 technical support
  • Can be tailored as per your business requirements
  • Successful management of agribusiness, demonstration or research plots.
  • Crop planning for next season and year, gives planning of assets, requirement of inputs and human resources.
  • Useful for poly house as well as open house cultivation.
  • Reports of production history or management practices.
  • Powerful scheduler helps to prepare schedules and plan out human resources and farm related activities.
  • Better control over stock and inventory.

Features of FarmERP

  • FarmERP is an easy-to-use, user-friendly GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) compliant computer software system, which helps to manage and plan entire processes of farm production, post production and sales, marketing and accounting.
  • It also helps to improve farm producer’s operational efficiency and profits.
  • FarmERP also helps you to optimize your resources, allowing you to maintain quality and improve staff performance levels.
  • FarmERP is best suited for small, medium and large farms with facility to manage multiple farms at multiple locations.

Salient Features of FarmERP

  • Annual crop planning, daily schedule management
  • Maintain and manage the stock & inventory
  • Irrigation, fertilizer, chemicals application management
  • Soil, water, plant, pesticide residue analysis reports can be stored
  • Water requirement, fertilizer, pesticide dose, spray mix, calculators
  • Auditor friendly reports (Reports as required by Certification agencies)
  • Can be used to keep track of planting - cultivation - harvesting – Production - marketing history of multiple farmers and their farm produce.
  • Good Agricultural Practices related messages, alerts and hints
  • Maintains a farmer database to aid the Manager / supervisor for various decisions to be taken on the basis of available data in terms of irrigation, crop cultivation practices, pest and nutrient management, marketing of crops harvested, etc.
  • Land information with scanned photographs and documents can be stored.
  • A scheduler for the agricultural operations which directly gets converted to work done list.
  • Financial transactions, assets, liabilities, income, expenses details can be stored to get various financial reports.

Advantages of FarmERP

  • Multi user, multi farm software solution. Keeps track of farmer info with unique id.
  • Useful in macro level crop planning, scheduling, procurement and supply.
  • Improves operational efficiency & staff performance levels.
  • Easy annual planning for business & finances. Complete production to marketing cycle management.
  • Efficient management of your farm & business.
  • Maintains history of practices adopted and daily operations.
  • Strong reports module which simplifies Quality certification related documentation.
  • Saves on fertilizer, pesticide, equipments inventory costs using stock management module.
  • Simple scheduling of your daily activities to optimize the resources.
  • Strong reports module which helps in decision making based on analysis of real time data .


  • Auditor friendly reports required by GlobalGAP/Quality Certification Agencies are generated by using FarmERP Ver 2.1 software. Reports generated through FarmERP Ver 2.1
  • Land ownership and crops grown report
  • Fertilizer usage report FarmERP Fertilizer stock record report
  • Fertilizer stock history report
  • Agrochemical usage report vAgrochemical stock record
  • Agrochemical stock history report
  • Irrigation application report
  • Soil and water analysis report
  • Pesticide residue analysis report

Agriculture Inputs Management

Stocks all inputs like Seeds, Nursery, Fertilizer, Agrochemical, item & machinery can be recorded.

Cultivation & Inventory

Best cultivation practices can be recorded & analyse for future planning.

Financial Management

Profit-loss balance sheet can be generated harvesting.

Human Resources Management

Attendance & allocation of work to individual labour or operator.

Planning & Scheduling

One can plan the work day, week or season for any crop.

Product Overview

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