A web-based software system designed by AMTdirect.

About AMTdirect

AMTdirect is a web-based solution that is ready to use and requires no implementation services to set up. Companies with over 50 real estate portfolios use AMTdirect to save money and improve the life-cycle management of their real estate assets. This complete real estate solution provides software and consulting services to enable companies to actively manage their real estate assets intelligently and efficiently.

Organize Your Assets:

Real estate management is not an easy task. Creating an environment where all your properties, stores, contracts, maintenance items, tasks and daily projects are neatly and centrally organized seems like a daunting task. AMTdirect makes this easy; all available to anyone you choose and from anywhere in the world.

  • Centralized and Cloud Based, housing all of your real estate information
  • Track and manage all lease and contract information, contract dates, financial obligations, payments/receivables and other terms of your agreements
  • Categorize and group properties, contracts, spaces, departments, leases, work orders or projects with complete document management capabilities
  • Eliminate the time consuming task of compiling and reconciling reports
  • Quick way to track revenues, sales, assets and expenses in order to ensure growth and an optimized portfolio
  • Portfolio information at your fingertips to ensure proper management workflow
  • Ability to quickly forecast sales, contract obligations and profitability on a 5, 10, 15 year basis
  • Complete Facilities Management for work requests, work orders, preventive maintenance and equipment tracking
  • Standardize your Project Management activities for upfits, market research for proposed locations, roof repairs or new construction.


Formulate a cohesive management workflow with the Industry’s most powerful Report Builder in order to streamline the day to day interactions and ensure that all personnel and teams are always up to date and informed.

  • Ability to breakdown your portfolio information into Regions, Markets, and Concepts - any grouping structure you define
  • Report scheduling to automate report distribution to individuals and groups of contacts you define
  • Distribute information to an infinite number of users automatically on your defned schedules
  • Critical date notification via email and on customizable dashboards
  • 180+ standard reports with ability to create your own or copy and change existing reports

Ensure Compliance:

Employ a robust and integrated system real estate system that provides assurances that you are adhering to the contractual requirements of your agreements and also the rules and regulations with the scope of professional property management.

  • Assurance that you are adhering to FASB/IASB Regulations
  • Ability to provide SEC reporting
  • Ensure contract compliance by tracking all reconciliation activity
  • Eliminate the manual process of tax calculations and reporting
  • Know that the calculations and management procedures in your portfolio adhere to regulations and are accurately recorded

Define Your Analytics:

Manage your real estate assets through one central location so you can intelligently analyze and evaluate how efficiently they are operating.

  • User defined dashboards based on your preferences
  • Reporting that allows you the ability to forecast sales and growth
  • Historical trend analysis
  • Integrated report scheduling and distribution capabilities
  • User defined key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Industry’s most powerful Report Builder

Control Financial Risk:

Provide a proactive and transparent approach to making smart business decisions that will make you money and grow your business.

  • Management system that allows you to focus on top-level decisions
  • Eliminate human error
  • Understand your complete financial obligation
  • Control your Option and Date sensitive financial risk which can be hidden in contracts
  • Proactively track CPI and Rent Tax requirements
  • Monitor Operating Expenses and ensure compliance

Facility Management

After Your Building or Store Is Open, the Task of Ensuring a Smooth Operation Begins.

AMTdirect’s Facility Manager Module ensures that your building locations, assets, and personnel are working together to maximize productivity. Our FM module allows you to monitor, analyze and actively maintain your facilities by never leaving your computer. Automatically route work order requests to the right department, speed up response time, and improve customer satisfaction through the use of AMTdirect’s Facility Manager.

Key functionality found in Facilities Manager includes:

  • Configurable Dashboard at the property and portfolio levels
  • Automated Contact and User notification of work assignments and modifications
  • Hierarchical Approval Process for requests and orders
  • Create recurring work orders
  • Track property and lease level assets requiring maintenance schedules
  • Warranty Management and Equipment Aging
  • Invoice Tracking for Equipment, Parts and Labor

FASB Administration

New Lease Accounting Standards Change Real Estate Landscape. Are You Prepared?

In August 2010 the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) released an Exposure Draft outlining sweeping changes to how leases are accounted for and reported. The proposed changes were poised to significantly impact your company’s balance sheet and fundamentally change leasing strategies and practices.

On May 16, 2013, as a result of numerous comment letters and industry pressure, FASB issued a revised Exposure Draft (“ED”), which, if it becomes effective, will still significantly change the accounting treatment for many leases.

Leases would be required to be classified as either Type “A” or Type “B.”

  • Type “A” leases generally apply to something other than real property, such as tangible personal property like vehicles, machinery, aircrafts, and other equipment.
  • Type “B” leases are generally for real property or a portion thereof.
  • Short-term leases for a period of 12 months or less are not affected by the new proposed rules.


Type A Leases (Financing Approach):

  • Right of Use (ROU) asset and Lease Liability recorded on the Balance Sheet measured at present value of lease payments
  • Amortization and Interest Expense on the Income Statement

Type B Leases (Straight Line Approach):

  • Right of Use (ROU) asset and Lease Liability recorded on the Balance Sheet measured at present value of lease payments
  • Lease Expense recorded on a straight line basis in the Income Statement


Type A Leases (Receivable and Residual Approach):

  • Derecognize part of underlying asset and record a Lease Receivable and a Residual Asset on the Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement will reflect profit on the derecognized asset and interest income on the Lease Receivable

Type B Leases (Straight Line Approach):

  • Underlying asset will remain on the Balance Sheet
  • Lease Income recorded on a straight line basis in the Income Statement


  • Renewal options included as part of ROU and Lease Liability when lessee has “significant economic incentive” to exercise
  • Fixed, CPI and index-based increases in rents are included
  • Usage or performance-based obligations (i.e., percent of sales or machine hours) are not included

Market Analysis (MAPS)

Fully Integrated Market Intelligence Offers Unprecedented Visibility and Analysis

With MAPS, real estate managers analyze their portfolios by combining existing building and lease data in AMTdirect with rich demographic data, market statistics, drive times, real-time weather, even custom data sources such as site performance data and financials.

Built using Microsoft’s Bing© Maps technology, MAPS creates a dynamic, visual environment available to decision makers anywhere, anytime via their web browser. With MAPS, real estate managers have the power to layer and combine multiple sources of portfolio data and the flexibility to add more when and if the need arises.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Market and trade area analysis, including demographics, drive times, store performance metrics, even competitor locations
  • Unlimited custom data imports allow visualization and analysis of any relevant location information (store performance, energy management, traffic counts, preferred customer data, etc)
  • Ready to use with virtually no implementation services required

Project Management

AMTdirect’s Project Management Module Was Designed as a Day-to-Day Management Tool for the Tracking of Projects and Activities.

Within the Project Management module, timelines are created with milestones, resources, dependency on prior activities, and other management functions. From this module, a user can have upcoming reminders on the critical dates driven from the timelines created.

Key Functionality Found in Project Manager Include:

  • Create unlimited Projects associated with Properties and Leases
  • Proactive Email Notifications for Project’s and associated Activities
  • Assign Project Managers, Assistant Managers and Team Members
  • Unlimited Project note tracking
  • Store Documents at the Project and Activities levels
  • Track Budget, P/L and other requirements by Project

Real Estate Accounting

Find the Management Tool to Get the Job Done Right.

Integrate your portfolio with active management that lets you focus on the top-level decisions that help your organization grow.

Accounts Payable Manager

  • Create monthly rental invoices by region, portfolio, or individual location
  • Manual invoice creation capabilities
  • Specify different vendors for individual charge items of base rental, CAM, taxes, etc., for same location
  • Integration with accounting system’s accounts payable and billing applications
  • Detailed historical payment reporting by batch, vendor, facility and lease

Accounts Receivable Manager

  • Quickly track and bill recoverable operating expenses
  • Perform manual billing adjustments for NSF checks, billings and credits
  • Enter and post all cash receipts against tenant balances
  • Maintain accurate transactional history for all billings
  • Full reporting for Aged Delinquencies, Tenant history, Cash Receipts, Invoices and Statements
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Completely integrated with all other modules of the AMTdirect system

Percent Rent Manager

  • Calculate Overage Rent
  • Calculate Percent in Lieu
  • Sales Exclusions by Amount and Percent
  • Recapture Lease Charges
  • Multiple Breakpoints and Rates

Consumer Price Index Manager

  • Never have to look at another report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Automatically setup your CPI Charges
  • Auto calculates current CPI charges and future CPI increases
  • Complete integration with Date Tracker so you never miss another CPI increase

Operating Expense Manager - (OPEX) Manager

  • Track all reconciliation activity by facility/ lease, by year, over entire lifecycle of each location
  • Determine percentages instantly for comparison of year over year charges
  • Enter detailed landlord expense invoices by facility/ lease
  • Track expenses by unlimited user defined billing types (CAM, tax, insurance, landscaping, janitorial, etc.)
  • Enter annual landlord statements by facility/ lease, billing type and year
  • User defined expense inclusion pools
  • AMTdirect calculates the reconciliation charge and compares that to the landlord statement and notifies user of any discrepancies by individual expense inclusion

Rent Tax

  • Unlimited Tax Codes
  • Unlimited Tax Groups
  • Tiered Tax Hierarchies
  • Track Changes to tax percentages over time
  • Automated Calculations and Reporting
  • Apply to any payment/receivable type
  • Fully integrated into AP and AR modules

13 Period Accounting

  • Auto calculates on actual posted transactions
  • Date and Period processing
  • Batch processing to ensure accounting controls
  • Apply to any Payment/Receivable type
  • Automated Calculations and Reporting
  • Fully integrated into AP and AR modules

Real Estate Administration

Turn on the Power of Portfolio Insight With Real-Time Data Gathering to Ensure the Success and Growth of Your Real Estate Portfolio.

AMTdirect’s primary belief is that you are only as good as the people you employ and the technology that you deploy. In order to effectively maintain your real estate portfolio and grow your company, it is essential to implement a software solution centered on good departmental structure and information flow. With our many years of working with clients to implement effective solutions, the following are essential to creating a successful information management environment:

  • Integrate the right technology platform that allows for and facilitates data driven decisions based on smart and organized management
  • Formulate a cohesive information workflow that is distributed and accessible to all necessary departments and related parties
  • Deploy a full service solution that has a proven process for effective location management and lease administration
  • Organize all of your real estate assets in one centralized location for quick access to all location and lease information
  • Define workflows in order to intelligently manage and analyze your real estate operation from intial market search to disposition

Our software provides anytime access to your full inventory of property, location and lease information, contracts, associated expenses and revenues, and all related documents. Effective Contract Management with document integration eliminates the cumbersome day to day tasks by organizing all of your information in a fully automated and workable management system.

Let AMTdirect Do the Work for You:

  • Complete inventory tracking of ALL real estate related assets
  • Robust Document Management with unlimited folders and subfolders
  • Associate documents and images at the property, space, department, lease or project level
  • Manage expirations, renewals, rental changes, insurance certificates, terminations and all critical dates
  • Provide advanced analytics, workflow and reporting capabilities out the box
  • Track and manage critical notifications at user login and with proactive emails based on user-defined events
  • User calendar highlighting key lease events over entire lease term
  • Mapping feature that survey’s each locations area including local highways, key points of interest, competitor locations and other attractions that may affect your lease’s performance
  • Ensure confidence with SOX compliance and FASB regulations
  • Full contact management with automatic e-mail notifications to outside parties

Product Overview

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User Reviews of AMTdirect

Submitted on July 17th, 2012 by Janet Morehouse

Since implementing AMTdirect we now pay all of our rents through a link to our Oracle system. We have a number of different lease administration individuals that can all access the program and obtain information from the scanned document at the same time. It’s extremely beneficial to us and has saved us a great deal of time.

Submitted on July 17th, 2012 by Ingrid Kushinsky

What impressed me with AMTdirect was the fact that they could speak retailer’s language. When we went through the process of interviewing certain competitors of theirs, as well as them, they were able to come back to us with very specific examples of how they could help our business. They knew exactly what we were looking for and what we were talking about. We also felt that culturally they would be a good fit and a good partner for Clark’s. Their mission statement was very similar to ours.

Submitted on July 17th, 2012 by Tanya Cooksey

From the very beginning, the process at first I thought would be overwhelming, but it really wasn’t that overwhelming. They have such great processes in place to implement the software for our company. They either train you how to do it or have services where they do it for you. We utilized both services. We took some of our leases and they abstracted them for us and then they trained us how to do additional one. Now I’m able to abstract my own leases.