Edible Software

An accounting software system designed by Solid Software Solutions for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining and distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Edible Software

Edible Software is a comprehensive, Windows-based inventory and accounting package geared to the Wholesale Food Distribution industry. The core package includes all essential accounting areas, with a special focus on inventory modules, has been coded from inception to meet the needs of the industry.

Specific Accounting modules include: Purchase Orders (P.O.), Inventory Control, Inventory Re-Packing, Inventory Pricing, Order Entry, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Truck Routing, Invoicing, and General Ledger.

The flexibility and security of the package make it a key tool for the company’s Wholesale Food Distribution customers.

General Ledger


  • Multiple company and/or multiple location capability.
  • General ledger interface capability with detailed distribution audit-trail reports.
  • The ability to ‘Drill-down’ from any transaction in the ledger and be able to view the detailed transaction/s behind that entry.
  • The ability to view all of the debit and credit transactions making up a complete, balanced entry, just by ‘Drilling-down’ from that entry.
  • The ability to print departmental and consolidated financial statements.
  • The ability to print trial balances, ledgers and financial statements on demand.
  • The ability to enter sundry transactions directly into a working trial balance, similar to a spread-sheet, and to then have these entries create a journal entry, once balanced and approved.
  • The ability to restrict entries to closed periods.
  • The ability to permanently close a fiscal year once it has been finalized by the CPA’s.
  • System-wide entry date validation to ensure that entries are not accidentally made for previous or future years.
  • A strict and comprehensive security routine that ensures that only authorized personnel have access to this, or to any other module, or that they only have access to specific areas within the module.


Features Include:

  • The ability to track inventory either in bulk or by individual lot, and the ability to optionally track it by weight as well as by quantity
  • Unlimited units-of-measures for sales and receipts, for each inventory item
  • Immediate detailed on-hand, on-order and committed information available by item
  • The ability to have multiple add-on costs allocated to the purchase of an item
  • The ability to have the system automatically allocate the above add-on costs over more than one inventory item, over more than one purchase order, either by the unit of measure, by the weight or by the cube
  • Multiple inventory location capability
  • A comprehensive physical inventory control system
  • The ability to re-pack inventory items into larger or smaller pack sizes, or to create a new item from one or more inventory items
  • Historical purchase and sales information by item, from-and-to any date, by customer or by vendor, showing total sales by day, week or month
  • Immediate inventory item alpha-search capability, either by item description, item number or vendor item number


Features Include:

  • Pick-tickets can be printed either individually by sales invoice or consolidated by route.
  • Pick-tickets can be printed with catch-weight information, if applicable.
  • Pick-tickets can be printed either with or without lot numbers, and either with or without prices.
  • If lots are used but are not assigned at the time of order-entry, the inventory items can be pulled by the warehouse personnel and then the lot numbers recorded on the relevant orders.
  • Orders need not be re-keyed in order to create or reprint invoices.
  • The ability to send invoices to addresses other than the stored delivery address.
  • The ability to reassign routes if, as and when required.
  • The ability to review each and every change made to a customer’s order from the time of the original data entry, to the posting of the final invoice to their account.
  • Under strict security conditions, the ability to modify a customer’s invoice after the goods have been delivered, in order to account for any damaged or shorted items, thereby reducing the number of credit memo’s that need to be issued.
  • Inventory, receivables and general ledger files are automatically updated by the system.


Features Include:

  • Automatic general ledger account number default capability when entering vendor invoices
  • An automatic display and review of purchase order information, so that data from the vendor invoice can be validated and also not have to be reentered into the system
  • Full, automatic comparative purchase order versus vendor invoice price and quantity review and correction capability
  • Vendor historical item purchase information
  • The ability to track and not enter or pay duplicate vendor invoices
  • Automatic due date calculation and easy date change capability prior to payment
  • The ability to make partial payments to a vendor
  • The ability to make manual payments to a vendor
  • The ability to pay sundry, non-inventory vendors
  • The ability to print a cash requirements report
  • The ability to print vendor checks
  • The ability to enter manual checks
  • The ability to reprint checks in the event of a printing problem
  • A bank reconciliation routine


Rapid and accurate inventory control is vital to the survival of distribution companies, since too much inventory on hand will deplete cash resources, and may spoil if unsold and either have to be dumped or sold below cost. Insufficient inventory on the other hand, could cause frustrated customers to purchase from competitors. EDIBLE SOFTWARE’s purchase order (PO) and receiving modules are designed to prevent the above by providing information necessary to allow inventory purchases to be planned, based upon a knowledge of historical and existing orders and sales.


Features Include:

  • Immediate up-to-date outstanding aged balance and credit limit information, by customer, by group and by location.
  • Variable customer aging options available on demand. For example, 7, 14, 21, 28 days aging can quickly and easily be changed to 30, 60, 90, 120 days aging, and then back again.
  • Easy and rapid cash receipt processing by customer or by group, with detailed cash receipt history information.
  • Detailed inquiry capabilities by customer, including full item purchase history.
  • The ability to mail or fax invoices/statements to the delivery address or to the main (head) office address.
  • The ability to e-mail messages directly from the system to a customer.
  • Customer returned check reversal capabilities.
  • Extensive and flexible aging, statistical and management reports.
  • Automatic general ledger interfacing.
  • Detailed customer sales information, by item if needed, and for any from-and-to period. The data can be viewed by day, by week or by month.


Features Include:

  • Immediate customer alpha-search capability with detailed, on-line credit information.
  • Immediate inventory item alpha-search capability with detailed, on-line product availability.
  • Optional automatic display of all items usually purchased by that customer, in the sequence called in by the customer.
  • Optional display of the last date, quantity and price of each item sold.
  • Optional display of the history of each item sold to that customer.
  • The ability to display inventory names specific to that customer.
  • Optional automatic display of each inventory item’s selling price specific to that customer. Note that there are unlimited price levels within the system, and that selling prices can be based on Market Costs, Actual Costs or on Last Costs.
  • Automatic display of each customer’s last inventory item purchase price and date, with the date highlighted if it has not been purchased within a specified period.

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