An ERP system designed by BellHawk Systems for manufacturing companies.

About BellHawk

BellHawk is an integrated inventory & production tracking and materials traceability system for manufacturers and food processors. BellHawk cuts data collection labor costs and prevents expensive operational mistakes by using a mix of web-mobile and barcode technologies to replace the use of paper forms and manual keyboard data entry.

BellHawk runs stand alone on a Windows Server and can also exchange data with a wide range of ERP and accounting systems.

BellHawk systems are available from $4,995 for manufacturers and $7,495 for food processors.

Customer Order Shipping

Enables the entry of customer ship orders. Produces a barcoded picking sheet and tracks picking, packing and shipping of materials against customer orders. Enables users to easily find materials and pick oldest materials first. Also checks that users are picking correct materials for order.

Inventory Auditing

Enables taking inventory without shutting down operations. Enables recording inventory on a location by location basis. Produces inventory discrepancy report and tracks actions by materials manager to resolve discrepancies. Supports ýblindý inventory auditing. Automatically resolves discrepancies for inventory that has ýwalkedý.

Inventory Tracking

Base system which tracks materials by lot, serial number and expiration date and by nested container and location. Tracks entry, put away and withdrawal of materials in stock room and warehouses. Also tracks receiving and shipping of materials. Includes the ability to find the locations of materials and to do ýcycle-countingý checking and adjustment of inventory.

Job Knitting

Creates barcoded picking sheets and records kit picking transactions for jobs and the consumption of kits on jobs.

KanBan Replenishment

Creates barcoded picking sheets and records transactions for the replenishment of floor-stock KanBan bins. Eliminates the need for paper KanBan cards

Materials Requirement Planning

Creates jobs and purchase orders based on available inventory, material on order and to be made, customer orders and sales forecasts

Materials Traceability

Builds electronic materials traceability database. Enable rapid trace back to all materials, people and equipment used in production of finished products to facilitate the detection of the source of defects or contamination. Enables rapid tracing forward to find where defective materials have been used and to whom the resultant products were shipped. Enables compliance with materials traceability requirements of FDA, USDA, HACCP, FSMA, SQFI, ISO, API and many other standards and regulations.

Product Labeling

Automatically generates labels for incoming materials and for finished product packaging that has unique tracking barcode plus user specified information in human readable format. Enables automatic generation of labels for products and labels in customer specific formats. Eliminates mistakes from manual entry of data for generating labels.

Production Tracking

Enables entry and setup of jobs and work orders, including printing of barcoded job travelers. Includes ability to enter or import bills of materials and routes. Tracks use of materials on job steps, return of unused materials to stock, work-in-process, and production of finished or intermediate products. Tracks elapsed, labor and equipment times on job steps as well as lost/down time for machines. Tracks scrap and rework and job cost.

Purchasing and Receiving

Enables the entry of supplier purchase orders (POs) or advanced shipment notices (ASNs) for the receipt of customer owned materials. Produces a barcoded PO that can be sent to suppliers and also used as a receiving document. Tracks receipt of materials against PO/ASNs.

Quality Assurance

Tracks quality control status of inventory and work-in-process and prevents use or shipment of defective materials. Allows quality department to pass or fail materials with recording of reason codes. Handles lot-based and statistical inspection. Tracks movement of materials needing inspection and prevents movement to non-quarantine locations. Also tracks materials needing material review activities.

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