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An ERP software for Food & Beverage distributors and processors.

About SI Foodware NAV

SI Foodware NAV combined with Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a complete end-to-end business software solution for Food & Beverage distributors and processors. This food specific solution is the result of our experience with over 300 ERP-deployments worldwide.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV, combined with SI Foodware contains all necessary financial and administrative functionalities for a typical food company. From CRM to credit & debit management, everything is integrated in a single ERP solution. The software solution contains the following functionality:


  • General Ledger: Optimize your accounting processes and increase control over your finances.
  • Creditors: Maximize your available cash and simplify payment processes with flexible, integrated payment transactions.
  • CRM: Support your customer and vendor relationships with the integrated CRM-module.
  • Debtors: Optimize your cash flow by accelerating claims and tracing customer payments. Internet Banking


  • Projects: Manage each phase of your tasks and projects using flexible possibilities in the areas of planning, tracking, budgeting and administration.
  • Sales and Marketing: Encourage actions using familiar, innovative tools. With the Sales and Marketing functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, your employees have the ability to efficiently manage contacts (CRM), opportunities and campaigns by accessing relevant information and processes and the strong integration with the software of Microsoft ® Office.

Business Intelligence

Most Food & Beverage companies produce and store large amounts of information. There is an ever increasing administrative load, mostly in conjunction with food safety regulations. How can you get the exact information you need from all that data quickly, and how can you actually use this information? SI Foodware, the leading Microsoft Dynamics ERP add-on for the global Food & Beverage Industry is connected to a Business Intelligence application called Food Management Dashboard. This application is based on BI4Dynamics and makes it possible to access your Food Management Dashboard on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


The Food Management Dashboard has the ability to extract data in a structured manner from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX. The application has been fully realized within Microsoft SQL. It provides a tool for configuring a data warehouse, which customers are enabled to analyze data in a consistent way, consolidate and report.


A BI application without relevant KPIs and reports is useless. Schouw Informatisering has used her knowledge of ERP implementations with 135 food companies, the develop the relevant KPIs for the Food Management Dashboard. The application is therefore fully focused on business of food companies, both trade and production.

By using the Food Management Dashboard, food producing companies for examples get an easier understanding of relevant KPIs, such as efficiency and effectiveness of their production. The actual production output and raw material consumption is then compared with the planning and set standards. The efficiency of the production department can, with the help of the Food Management Dashboard, be split in machine and production capacity. There are many examples of the synergy between food-specific knowledge of Schouw Informatisering and the practical possibilities of the Food Management Dashboard.

Consignment Management

In daily business you are not only dealing with regular purchasing transactions, but you also work with other consignment contract methods such as commission, joint accounts or minimum guarantee. Furthermore, you want to follow the logistic and financial transactions of items at consignment level.

SI Foodware - Consignment Management will provide logistics and financial insight into batches of goods. You will save time during the monthly closing, as there is already a direct link with the financial administration. This applies to the situation where there is no regular purchasing transaction, but where purchasing is based on commission, joint account or minimum guarantee. The Consignment Management module enables you to register and monitor all logistic and financial transactions on the level of supplier, consignment contract, consignment, lot, item attribute or customer.


Internal and external logistics are critical factors for food oriented companies. To gain control and insight in your flow of goods, you need to have an ERP system that supports and keeps track of all processes. Microsoft Dynamics NAV combined with SI Foodware provides a solution for all your needs and requirements, starting from the receipt of raw materials to transportation planning of the final product.


SI Foodware is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX add-on that overcomes many food-specific issues.

  • Integrated returnable packaging registration provides a clear overview of available and yet to receive containers.
  • Container Management provides insight into which carriers are present in the warehouse, which items and lot numbers are present on it and the exact location of these carriers.
  • EDI allows you to maintain direct electronic communication with your customers on sales orders, receipts, deliveries, invoices and credit notes.
  • Scale connections help to avoid typos and increases the speed of your logistics.
  • SI Foodware connections with SSCC labels, RF scanners and voice picking systems ensure you always have an overview of the locations of materials, semi-finished and finished products.


Streamline your production processes and immediately react when conditions change. In this way, you can serve your customers in the best possible way. Production changeover times and moments should be minimized. In order to produce effectively and maximize profits, you need a solid ERP system to support your production- support and planning.

Microsoft Dynamics combined with SI Foodware automates your processes and gives you insight into all operational aspects, from processing orders to production, warehousing and delivery. You can manage the current order status, pick lists, warehouse and inventory lists, as well as sales and profit margins, among many other KPIs. This allows you to increase the reliability of promised orders and respond to customer inquiries about order status and expected delivery date.


  • More complex production environments need a powerful planning tool, such as SI Foodware - Advanced Production Planning. This module really allows you to leverage production capabilities.
  • Perform changes, using drag and drop functionality by using Advanced Scheduler.
  • Post output and consumption on the production floor via touch screens with SI Foodware - Operations Control.


As a food company, you have to deal with tight schedules and deadlines, because you are working with fresh ingredients and strict legal requirements (e.g. General Food Law and HACCP) which you must obey. In order to work fast, accurate and efficient, all quality-related matters need to be integrated in a solid ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics combined with SI Foodware tackles all these issues. SI Foodware is a Microsoft-certified food specific add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX.


The ERP system features the most advanced Product Specification registration available. Specifications of the raw materials only need to be entered once and SI Foodware will automatically calculate the product specifications. This prevents errors to happen and saves a lot of work. Associated labels, including allergens and ingredient declarations are automatically generated for your packaging.


By using the SI Foodware - Non Conformances module, all messages are directly passed to the right person, so necessary actions can be taken immediately. In the event of a recall, all remaining batches of the product are automatically blocked and the Track & Trace procedure is initiated. SI Foodware allows you to trace both forwards and backwards, so you can alert customers and suppliers. In this way issues can be explained and resolved fast.


Full control over you inventory is crucial in the food industry, in particular control over the quality of your items. SI Foodware - Inspection Status enables you to assign specific, quality-related, statuses to your inventory. By doing so, you will know for sure that only the items with the required Inspections Status are shipped to your customers.


In addition to tools to manage your inventory from a quality point of view, SI Foodware also has the possibility to register Quality Checks through its module SI Foodware - Quality Control. This module enables you to enforce quality checks throughout your business processes and provides you with the information to substantiate the quality of incoming and outgoing products.

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