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A web-based accounting software system designed by Edible Software for accommodations & food services and distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Edible Software

Edible Software is a distribution software system for your foodserivce distribution business. This product will handle your organizations accounting and inventory management. This product will eliminate the consuming day-end, month-end, or year-end routines, by providing you with accurate, reliable, real-time information. Edible Software can easily manage rapid-turnover inventories, perform multi-level costing of inventory, an assist in the overall increase of profit margins. Additionally, this product will give you the following features:

  • Buy or sell any inventory item with unlimited different units of measure
  • Control inventory by lots and/or by catch weight, if required
  • Automatically allocate multiple costs, e.g. freight, across all items being purchased.
  • Process or re-pack raw-material inventory.
  • Manage your truck routing, including optional interfacing to 3rd party programs such as ROADNet.
  • Have unlimited price-levels in the system.
  • Have all transactions automatically post to inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable and the general ledger, with detailed audit trails throughout.

General Ledger

This general ledger module will give you many features to help you better run your food distribution business. This product features secured access, detailed internal controls, and it completely eliminates the need to perform day or month-end processes. This module includes the following features:

  • Journal entry transaction entry, including recurring standard entries
  • Automatic reversal of accrued/prepaid journal entries
  • Ability to drill down from any transaction to view underlying detailed transactions
  • Print trial balances, ledgers and multiple-format financial statements on demand
  • Ability to restrict entries to closed periods
  • Permanent fiscal year closing after finalization by CPA’s
  • Multiple company financial statement consolidation capability


The Inventory module gives your employees comprehensive up-to-date information on each on hand inventory item (quantity available for sale, quantity on order, payment due dates, quantity on it’s way to delivery, quantity committed to future transactions). Furthermore, the immediate drill-down window gives you the ability to view the details of each purchase, such as: vendor, due date, cost, ordering customer, quantity ordered, required delivery date, selling price, and quantity available for sale. Other features of this module are:

  • Unlimited receiving and selling units-of-measure per item
  • Optional Lot-tracking capability
  • Optional Catch-weight and Net-weight inventory tracking capability
  • Inventory re-packaging capability
  • Physical inventory control system
  • Instant Profit Reporting both by item and by item by customer
  • Date-sensitive reporting: e.g. print inventory on-hand for any date in the past
  • Complies with FDA Bio-Terrorism Act tracking requirements


The Invoicing module provides you with a completely integrated solution to managing invoices and invoicing activities. This product allows your personnel to pull inventory items that are not assigned a lot, and record the numbers on relevant orders. Furthermore, the system will automatically update inventory, receivables, and general ledger files. Additional features of this product are:

  • Pick tickets printed by sales invoice or consolidated by route
  • Pick tickets printed with catch-weight information if applicable
  • Pick tickets printed with or without lot numbers or prices
  • Reassigns routes if required
  • Reprints of invoices available without orders being re-keyed
  • Reviews all changes to customer order from original entry to posting of final invoice
  • Sends invoices to addresses other than the stored delivery address


The Payables module will optimize many processes in validating vendor invoices, vendor payments, and tracking advance vendor payments. All products received in the warehouse automatically result in the transfer of the data to the payables module. This system can also automatically adjust the cost on the product based on payables costs. Additional features of this product are:

  • The ability to quickly and easily match vendor invoices to received purchase orders
  • Validation of vendor invoices so that no invoice can be entered or paid twice
  • Invoice payment approval - full, partial and/or by vendor type
  • Check printing - single, batch, manual or payment via wire-transfer
  • Full bank reconciliation capability
  • Date-sensitive reporting: e.g. print aged payables listing for any date in the past


The purchasing module of Edible Software will prevent resource depletion due to excessive inventory and prevent lost revenue due to product shortage. This module provides you with timely information to make inventory purchases based on historical knowledge and existing orders/sales. This product enables you to perform Just-in-Time purchasing and greatly decrease the costs associated with managing large inventories. All inventory received, but not billed for by the vendor, is automatically recorded in an accrued payables account. This allows you to print accurate financial statements at any point in time. Finally, all outstanding PO’s can be viewed at any time for audit-trail purposes. Some additional features of this module are:

  • Default standard inventory item display by vendor, at time of P.O. entry
  • Automatic allocation of costs (e.g. freight) over multiple items in a load
  • Receiving with or without a PO
  • Non-inventory item purchase capability
  • Up-to-date recommended inventory item purchase reporting
  • No re-keying of data at time of inventory receiving or vendor invoice receipt


The Receivables module of Edible Software will give you all the tools you need to plan for a positive cash flow. The credit control features allow you to carefully monitor all customer accounts and provide your managers with the information they need to make collection or sales cut off decisions per customer. Additional features of this module are:

  • Rapid drill-down into each from customer’s balances to view invoice details
  • Multiple ship-to addresses per customer
  • Rapid cash receipts entry by customer or by customer group
  • Automatic reversal of all paid invoices if customer check is returned
  • Detailed inquiry capabilities by customer, including full item purchase history
  • Customer or group statement printing capability
  • E-mail capabilities directly from the system to customers
  • Date-sensitive reporting: e.g. print aged receivables listing for any date in the past
  • Automatic general ledger interfacing


The Sales module of Edible Software allows you to process an order live on the phone or previously faxed or called in. Furthermore, this product allows you to store a database of customers and search through it. You can price items by customer, item or unit of measure; and display, by customer, the last date, quantity and price of each item sold. Additional features this module provides you are:

  • Display of each item’s quantity on hand, on order and optionally, cost
  • Optional lot allocation capability
  • Item substitution capability
  • Future order processing capability
  • Optional receipt of customer orders via the Internet
  • View each customer who should have placed an order but did not
  • Print pick-tickets by order, by location or consolidated by
  • Track each warehouse person’s productivity
  • Enter any applicable catch-weight information
  • Quickly and easily re-allocate short inventory over all or over specific customer’s invoices
  • Route and ship orders and produce driver manifests
  • Track any and all customer order changes from the time of original order entry to final invoice posting

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