A multi-national trade solutions system

About QuestaWeb

QuestaWeb is a leading provider of integrated solutions for global trade management. This specialize software is for importers and exporters; foreign trade zones; and brokers and import/export freight forwarders. Use the latest technology to assure trade compliance with the greatest degree of automation.

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QuestaWeb Features

  • Global Model: Time-relational business model supports global trade, foreign trade zone, logistics, compliance, clearance, content and financial processes
  • Trade and Compliance Data Warehouse: Centralized multi-national data model coordinates the complexities of international applications
  • Intelligent Engines: Proprietary engines integrate global trade content, security requirements, compliance, documentation and other key components into supply chain transactions
  • Flexible Workflow: Adaptive workflow methodology and trading partner network creates an intelligent infrastructure that accommodates the unique requirements of each individual customer
  • Connectivity Tools: Extensive APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) and IPIs (Integration Point Interfaces) enable rapid, reliable and secure integration among participants
  • Adoption and Support: Field-proven adoption approach leads to reduced implementation and maintenance costs

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User Reviews of QuestaWeb

Submitted on May 20th, 2020 by Edward Wood

Our clients are impressed with track and trace and find it to be very helpful. Employee access is outstanding.

Submitted on May 20th, 2020 by Vimal Thomas

Thank you and your staff for working so hard on this project with Yamaha. We look forward to a continued mutually beneficial business partnership in the future.

Submitted on May 20th, 2020 by Kevin Hannon

Due to the high level of automation throughout the software and the self-service nature of the client-facing components, we were able to handle a rapid increase in volume that would have posed a greater challenge with our old system. QuestaWeb’s ability to integrate our internal operations has been equally valuable.