An automated customer service agent that learns to serve your customers

About ccRobot

ccRobot is a cloud-based help desk solution. It automates customer service conversations via live web-chat, SMS, instant message (MS Lync, Skype, WeChat, etc.) or in native apps. With ccRobot, you can provide 24/7 access to your services for your customers with zero wait time, and you can mitigate spikes in inquiry volumes and scale your service capacity easily.

ccRobot is trained on-the-job like an employee, instead of programmed as traditional chat-bots are. Like an apprentice learning from his or her master, ccRobot works side-by-side with a live agent and grows smarter naturally everyday like a human and without programmers’ involvement.

What Are ccRobot’s Features?

  • Support Tickets and Knowledgebase Access: Easily integrate with popular ticketing systems such as ServiceNow and SugarCRM and use ccRobot alongside your existing CRM, knowledgebase, or other back office system.
  • Assignment and Scheduling: ccRobot can escalate calls to a live agent when it needs help with a customer. Using ccRobot you can easily assign the right support person to handle certain inquiries and schedule your agents to manage coverage and staffing.
  • Alerts: ccRobot has a built-in call escalation process, allowing live agents to react promptly to serve your customers.
  • Automated follow-up: Get feedback from your customers by using ccRobot to follow-up with your customers by carrying out customer surveys, assessments, and sending other personalized follow-up messages.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports on key customer service performance indicators and perform time tracking on live agents for billing purposes.

What Are ccRobot’s Advantages?

Speed to Impact

ccRobot uses the most cutting edge machine learning in the industry, which means it learns very fast. Your organization can start using it right away, and see the impact almost immediately – both in terms of reducing cost and improving customer experience.

Omni-Language Support

Unlike traditional artificial intelligence-based chat-bots, ccRobot supports all known written languages, as well as mixed-language dialogues (e.g. sentences that combine 2 or more languages).

Real World Language Skills

ccRobot is trained on-the-job (like an apprentice by his master), rather than by programmers and technicians in isolation. The result is far more natural, seamless and intuitive style of conversation that customers love.

Low Risk

Unlike traditional chat-bot deployments, ccRobot can be deployed gradually and without the risk of poor customer experience in early phases. The system includes self-assessment capability, escalation processes, and operator consoles to maximize impact without the traditional pitfalls.

ccRobot Performance

ccRobot outperforms competitors across industry benchmarks, including:

  • Speed to implementation,
  • Service metrics (e.g. average handle time, call abandonment, call resolution, etc.),
  • Experience reviews (e.g. customer satisfaction surveys, NPS, etc.),
  • & and many other metrics

Where should ccRobot be used? ccRobot is suitable for both large and small organizations. Popular industry applications include:

  • Telecommunications,
  • Finance & Banking,
  • Transportation & Travel,
  • Health & Pharmaceutical,
  • and Retail.

Product Overview

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