A hospital and clinic management software developed by Practo Technologies

Product Overview

Insta by Practo is a comprehensive hospital and medical practice management software designed to optimize productivity, control inventory, and enhance brand visibility for healthcare providers. This HMS is particularly effective in automating clinical, financial, operational, and management processes, including Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and process flows, to ensure an efficient patient experience.

Based out of India, Insta primarily serves small to medium healthcare facilities. Its capabilities are particularly beneficial for those healthcare providers requiring advanced management of clinical, financial, and operational processes, including HIPAA-compliant insurance management.


  • Developer regularly improves software performance
  • Includes mobile app for remote access


  • Integrations with additional software is difficult to manage
  • Functionality is spread across many modules, creating extra steps to workflow

Target Market

Small to medium-sized healthcare providers in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and similar regions. Most suited for hospitals and clinics seeking efficient patient and inventory management.

Not Recommended For

Small practices requiring simple solutions and any healthcare facility requiring in-depth compliance tracking functionality.

About Insta

Video Overview


Outpatient Management

  • Scheduling & Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Registration
  • Billing & Collection
  • Outpatient reports

Lab & Radiology Management

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Inventory Control for X-ray Films, Lab Reagents, or Other Consumables
  • Alert Patients when Results are Ready
  • Results Trend Reporting

Inpatient Management

  • Surgery Scheduling
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Bed Allocation
  • Diet Plans & Vitals Capturing
  • Nurse Activity Monitoring
  • Discharge Management

Inventory Management

  • Notifications for Low Stock
  • Generation of Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Pending Prescriptions
  • Estimates for Pharmacy Bills

Insurance Management

  • Insurance Bill Estimation
  • Preauthorization Form Generation
  • Insurance Card Image Capture at Registration
  • Coding of Services Provided
  • Claim Processing

Maintenance Management

  • Maintenance Scheduling for Fixed Assets and Medical Equipment
  • Manage Issues with Equipment

Patient Surveys

  • Create Templates for Patient Survey Forms
  • Online Entry of Patient Surveys
  • Upload Patient Survey Results
  • Create Reports Based on Patient Responses

Linen & Laundry Management

  • Assign Linens to Specific Wards, Beds, or Patients
  • Monitor Sterilization, Return, or Discard of Linens
  • Schedule Linen Cleaning

Notifications, Alerts, & Messaging

  • Alerts when Lab Reports are Ready
  • Patient Admission Alerts
  • Automated Messaging to Patients for Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Discharge Alerts
  • Marketing Messaging

Ambulance & Transport Management

  • Emergency Call Register
  • Recording Emergency Phone calls
  • Monitoring Ambulance Services
Starting Price
$20 /user/month
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Product Overview

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