Halogen eAppraisal

A web-based multi-module management system designed by Halogen Software Inc.

About Halogen eAppraisal

Halogen eAppraisal automates, dramatically simplifies, and streamlines the entire employee performance evaluation process. It acts as a cloud based performance hub to ensure a thoughtfully integrated approach to talent management across your organization.

Use it standalone or in conjunction with any of the other modules in our suite to deliver a complete cloud-based, performance driven talent management solution.

Halogen eAppraisal lets you build, streamline, and deliver strategic initiatives across all your talent management programs: recruiting, onboarding, performance appraisals, competency assessments, 360 degree feedback, learning and development, succession planning, compensation management and more.

Performance Management Benefits for Everyone

HR professionals: get the most convenient and cost-effective way to conduct performance evaluations, align and track goals, track employee profiles, develop critical talent and more. Now, HR can play a strategic role in helping the organization build a world-class workforce that is aligned and delivering on the business strategy.

C-level executives: get a single system that keeps the organization aligned. They can see how employee goals are aligned with those of the organization, know where performance gaps exist and how they’re being addressed, and ensure the organization has the skills it needs to succeed.

Managers: get a convenient and powerful tool for aligning and tracking goals, managing employee performance, providing meaningful feedback and coaching, and supporting employee development.

Employees: get their own personalized page where they can access their appraisals, goals, development plans and more, in just a few clicks. Employees feel more connected and engaged because they know what’s expected of them and can see how they’re helping the organization succeed.

Activity Tracker

Halogen Software’s unique activity tracker lets Halogen users keep track of any activity taking place in the system related to their or their employees’ performance or development. Much like Facebook and LinkedIn’s status updates, it posts updates in a single view – plus it provides direct links to the updates made in the various talent management modules you own.

The first status update feature of its kind for a talent management solution, activity tracker has been designed in response to a real business requirement – the need to understand what performance and development related actions are taking place in the system.

Activity tracker provides three different views:

  • A personal view that lets you see activity related to your performance and development
  • A 1st Level view that lets managers see updates on their employees
  • A 2nd Level view that allows senior managers to see activity two levels down in the organization

You can group or filter each of these views, as well as set preferences for the data you want to see.

HR and managers can now more easily monitor when goals or development plans are being updated and performance journal notes are being entered, as well as gauge employees’ overall engagement with the system. Not only does the tool save users time, but like Halogen’s talent profiles, it’s been designed to drive application adoption, and entrench talent management processes more strongly in the organization

Competency Management

Halogen eAppraisal" provides you with effective tools to evaluate your employees’ demonstration of key competencies, and put development plans in place where needed. Our industry-leading competency management feature gives you the sophistication and flexibility you need to get truly meaningful assessments and ensure the success of your organization.

Choose the Core and Leadership Competencies That Suit You Best

Halogen eAppraisal gives you the flexibility to:

  • Use Halogen eAppraisal’s standard competency library – you can easily modify or extend it to suit your needs.
  • Use your own existing library.
  • Use one of the third-party libraries sold with our products, including the premium, researched and tested Lominger Leadership Architect® Competency Library.

Support a Lean Culture

Halogen eAppraisal also comes complete with an extensive library of Lean competencies, developed by Lean Institute faculty members, to help you cultivate a culture of continuous improvement.

Choose the Best Way to Rate Competencies

Halogen eAppraisal Competency Management gives you three ways to rate competencies:

1) Use a short rating scale and optional comment for simple competency assessments: “Needs Improvement” to “Exceeds Expectations”.

2) Rate detailed behavioral descriptions of the levels of competency demonstration and provide optional comments.

3) Use a sophisticated matrix to rate competencies using different dimensions and weights. For example, how well was the competency demonstrated, how frequently was it demonstrated, how important is it, etc.

Unlike other products on the market, Halogen eAppraisal even lets you use different types of ratings for different competencies on the same form, so you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Ultimately, your company’s core competencies help define and sustain your competitive advantage. Competency management is critical for assessing employee performance, identifying opportunities for training and development, and cultivating talent pools.

Configurable Workflow

One thing that we’ve learned from experience is – there’s no such thing as ‘one way fits all’. Every organization has a unique performance appraisal process, with its own review or workflow steps. Halogen eAppraisal’s configurable, automated appraisal workflow management tool makes it easy for you to automate your current process and adapt it tomorrow to meet your changing needs.

Easily Define Who Does What, When

  • Configure your performance management process workflow with point and click simplicity – no need for IT or vendor involvement.
  • Choose from a menu of 27 different process steps and define their order to create your customized assessment workflow.
  • Setup different types of reviews: interim, anniversary, probationary, 30/60/90 day cumulative, disciplinary, project, engagement, goal setting, annual performance, etc.
  • Use your own terminology and language.
  • Build in multiple approval steps – up to four managerial levels of approval in addition to HR – to suit your needs.

Automatically Notify Everyone Who Has a Task to Complete

As part of your workflow, you can configure Halogen eAppraisal’s automated email reminders to send notifications to stakeholders when they have a task to perform or when their task is overdue.

With Halogen eAppraisal", you can truly have it your way! When it comes to performance management workflow, you know what works best for your organization.


The Halogen eAppraisal" dashboard makes it easy for managers and executives to track key performance indicators for employee performance. Check that progress, ratings, and goal setting are in line with expectations, and quickly get the “big picture” on the status of your overall employee performance appraisal process.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse With Four Dashboard Reports

Process status: see the exact status of all appraisals and where people are at in the review process – all the time and in any level of detail – to support appraisal workflow management.

Goal status: start from the highest-level organizational objectives and drill down to the lowest level projects and initiatives that are linked to employee goals – determine whether progress is being made by individuals, groups, departments or the organization as a whole.

Competency scores: quickly see whether you are building strength in specific core or leadership competencies, determine your organization’s top competencies, see what the trend is across the organization – or by department or group, and more.

Score distribution: spot and track trends in performance appraisal scores by comparing the current scores to previous years’.

Get the Information You Need

  • Dashboard reports require no configuration – data is automatically presented based on your reporting structure.
  • Click through to underlying or supporting reports for more detailed information.
  • Filter views to see the data you want and need.
  • Toggle between different graphical representations (bar charts, pie charts, dot charts, etc.) and save your preferences for next time.

Track key performance indicators for organization goals, identify important trends and act more quickly on performance metrics.

Development Planning

Halogen eAppraisal" lets you establish relevant employee development activities that are tied to competencies or that support career development plans and/or goals.

Create Employee Development Plans

You can create career and professional development plans as part of the employee performance appraisal process or independently. Halogen eAppraisal career and development planning makes it easy for you to:

  • Identify areas for professional or career development based on: performance on goals, multi-rater feedback, core and leadership competency ratings, talent assessments, an overall appraisal score, and/or career planning.
  • Define clear objectives to help employees improve performance or prepare for their career goals.
  • Choose from training courses and other learning and development activities that are imported from your LMS or other learning database. Or you can create your own. All without leaving Halogen eAppraisal!

Just as you can align employee and organizational goals, Halogen eAppraisal lets you link development activities to specific competencies.

This gives employees a larger context for both individual and group development activities, and helps to drive organizational alignment.

Track Progress

Now you no longer have to guess! Managers, leaders, HR and even your training and development personnel can see what career and/or employee development activities have been identified for employees, and easily track progress and completion using real-time reports.

This makes it easier for managers at all levels of the organization, and especially for your learning and development staff to plan, budget and manage professional and career development activities.

Ongoing employee development and training are key to developing and maintaining a high-performance workforce, but also to increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

Email Reminder

Halogen eAppraisal’s configurable, automated email reminders notify managers and employees about upcoming tasks and remind those who are late, with no need for manual intervention. It offers tremendous flexibility in terms of the type and tone of message to be sent, the events that trigger emails, the frequency, the recipients, etc. We sometimes call it our HR “auto-nag” feature!

Dramatically Improve the Completion Time of Employee Evaluations

  • Create email reminders based on your workflow.
  • Notify employees and managers about upcoming tasks that require their attention and their due date, or about tasks that are past due.
  • Decide when email notifications or reminders will be sent, and who needs to be notified when appraisal steps are not completed on time.
  • Automatically consolidate multiple reminders into a single, optimized email – avoiding HR SPAM.
  • Write the content of the notifications yourself, using your organization’s language and terminology. Notifications are automatically personalized with the recipient’s name and gender appropriate pronouns.
  • Email reminders appear to come from a person – not a product.
  • Free up HR to focus on strategic activities.

Free yourself from nagging – and the time and hassle it takes. Halogen eAppraisal’s automated email reminders help keep your performance appraisal process on everyone’s radar, dramatically increasing participation and on-time completion.

Evaluation Forms

The beauty of Halogen eAppraisal" flexible employee evaluation forms is that they adapt to your performance appraisal system rather than imposing a narrow template or a fixed number of options. With this unique feature, it’s a breeze to configure different employee evaluation forms and competency layout styles to meet your specific performance management process and needs.

Configure Your Performance Appraisal Forms With Point and Click Simplicity

  • No need for IT support or intervention.
  • Use one of our employee evaluation form templates, modify it, or start from scratch to create your own.
  • Match your current look and feel, including corporate branding.
  • Create forms using the language and terminology of your workplace.
  • Provide a variety of competency evaluation formats on the same form.
  • Easily make global changes to all forms or to a group of forms in just one step.
  • Make changes any time, then decide when to start using the updated form – helping ensure fairness for anniversary or other staggered start processes.
  • Present review information using visual or graphical highlights to illustrate ratings or scores.
  • Ensure a common user experience throughout the organization, even if you’re using multiple employee evaluation forms.

Get Up-and-Running Quickly With Our Employee Lifecycle Pack

Our Employee Lifecycle Pack is a complete set of ready to use forms that support proven best-practices in talent management – from hire to retire. We’ve done the research for you, and solicited feedback from hundreds of companies just like yours. The Employee Lifecycle Pack is included free with Halogen eAppraisal, and gives you a head start by providing you with a comprehensive library of form templates that address every stage of the employment lifecycle, so you can be sure you:

  • Gather the right data
  • Follow a logical sequence/flow for data collection
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Get all the right approvals
  • Set employees and managers up for success
  • Drive employee performance, engagement and accountability

The pack also includes guidelines that give you guidance, tips and tricks for creating your own highly effective forms. They provide invaluable help whether you’re modifying one of our form templates, or starting from scratch to create your own.

Hire Us to Do the Work for You

Creating your own performance appraisal forms is really quick and easy. But if you don’t have the time or resources, Halogen Software can create your performance review forms for you as a turnkey project. Just give us a call.

Professional looking performance evaluation forms that are easy to create and maintain are just a click away!

Feedback Management

Let Halogen eAppraisal’s Feedback Central feedback management feature help boost employee engagement. Engaged employees are proven to be more productive and passionate, leading to higher returns.

Accurately Record Employee Performance Feedback Year Round

We all know how hard it is to remember what we did 3 months ago, let alone a year ago. Because of this, performance appraisals are often skewed, focusing primarily on recent performance. Feedback Central captures in-the-moment coaching tips, feedback and recognition from managers, peers, HR teams and external constituents, providing fuller, richer details come review time. Give employees what they want – accurate, meaningful feedback!

  • Easily record key accomplishments, awards, or recognition about yourself or others while the event and details are still top of mind.
  • With a single click in your inbox, convert emails into Feedback entries using the Microsoft® Office Outlook® Plug-in for Halogen Feedback Central.
  • Share feedback anytime, anywhere using Feedback Central on Halogen Mobile.
  • Keep track of challenges and desired opportunities for coaching or development.
  • Choose from the feedback types and icons provided, or configure your own. The standard set includes: journal note, manager note, award, coaching tip, observation, and recognition.
  • Get automated reminders to record and manage employee performance feedback all year round.

Simplify Feedback Management and Write More Detailed Employee Performance Appraisals

Don’t rely on your memory and potentially lose track of your employees’ performance details. By reviewing feedback received throughout the year, managers can provide a more meaningful performance appraisal and be less subjective.

  • Effortlessly jot down performance highlights about the employee when they occur.
  • Log performance gaps and critical incident reports, as well as accomplishments.
  • Choose whether or not to share your notes with your employees.
  • Review your employees’ shared entries and sort by type to understand their perspective on performance.
  • Pull feedback directly into employee performance appraisals to provide direct support for ratings and comments.
  • Don’t wait for the annual appraisal to foster growth. Use Feedback Central to provide ongoing coaching and feedback outside of formal appraisals.

Goal Management

Halogen’s organization-centric goal management is one of the most distinctive features of Halogen eAppraisal", and highly valued by HR professionals, managers, and C-level leaders. It’s a strategic workforce alignment tool that links organizational objectives with departmental and employee goals – and brings extreme accountability to the entire organization.

Organizational Goal Management Made Easy

  • Uses the best-practice organization-centric model (versus people-centric) to align employee goals to the overall organizational strategy.
  • Managers can easily assign individual goals to one or several employees and link them to corporate goals.
  • Employees can also easily link individual goals to appropriate corporate goals and track their status year-round.
  • HR can import goals, targets and results that are tracked in 3rd-party systems into an employee’s performance appraisal form, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Track and update goals in real time using Halogen Mobile.
  • Employees clearly understand how their productivity contributes directly to the success of their team, business unit and the organization.
  • HR leaders, managers, and senior leaders – up to the CEO – also have a continuous “line-of-sight”, up or down the reporting chain, of how each individual is supporting and working towards divisional and organizational goals.
  • Leaders are equipped with a powerful goal management tool for ensuring each employee is working on the “right things” to move the organization forward.

Set “SMART” Goals

  • Create and track specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented and time-sensitive goals.

Support Cascading Goals

  • Provide a straight-forward, line-of-sight view of cascaded organizational goals for both managers and employees.
  • Enable leaders to quickly see how each individual is contributing to the organizational strategy.
  • Promote better buy-in and understanding of corporate objectives.

Determine if Goals Are On-Target

  • Intuitive management tools help you see how well employees are tracking against their individual goals.
  • Easy-to-set milestone dates specifically support your performance review process throughout the year.
  • Automatic reminders and graphical status indicators help keep goals on target.
  • Establish sophisticated scoring and weighting measures based on what performance indicators you value for each employee or position.
  • Get straight-forward, line-of-sight views of cascaded corporate goals for both managers and employees: quickly see how many are working toward high level goals and drill down to see exceptions to the goal plan.

Real-Time Views and Informative Dashboard Reports

  • Monitor key performance indicators and track progress on goals with Halogen eAppraisal’s dashboard.
  • See what progress is being made on goals and schedules, and identify any areas needing attention using our real-time reports.

Reap the Rewards

  • Organizations that align employee goals with organizational strategy have a much higher probability of successfully executing their business plans.
  • Workforce alignment empowers employees and creates ownership in the organization’s success, resulting in more satisfied employees and increased retention.
  • Organizational goal management enables organizations to move quickly from strategy planning to strategy execution.

Workforce alignment empowers employees by creating ownership in the organization’s success. The result: more satisfied employees, increased retention, and business success!

Talent Profiles

Finally, a Talent Profile Solution That’s Truly Useful!

Traditional employee profile applications have promised much, but delivered very little business value to the organization.

According to Bersin & Associates: “While profile management may seem like just another “bell or whistle” feature set promoted by marketing teams, we believe it is a critical aspect of this juggernaut called integrated talent management… Profile management is a key system feature to support integrated talent planning and management.” They state “Halogen customers will not have to worry” about the current problems with existing employee profiles; Halogen “does a great job!”

Transform your employee profiles into a truly useful business tool with:

  • Flexible, configurable profiles that capture any data that’s important to your business – not just standard, preconfigured fields.
  • An unlimited number of secure views of your employee profiles. Highly robust security provides customizable views so you can let the right people see (or edit) information important to them.
  • Workflows and reminders to ensure user adoption and profile upkeep.
  • A superior and intuitive profile search capability that lets you easily find and compare suitable internal candidates.

Uncover Your Employees’ “Hidden” Talents

Unlike other employee profile offerings on the market today, Halogen’s next generation Talent Profile categories are completely configurable, so you can gather any and all data that is important to your organization, including things like:

  • Work history
  • Past appraisals, talent assessments, training and compensation history (content from Halogen modules is auto-filled)
  • Formal education, professional certifications and language skills
  • Community involvement, hobbies and interests
  • Relocation preferences
  • Career goals
  • Photos
  • And anything else that’s relevant to your business

Use Halogen Talent Profile as Your Employee Profile of Record

Your one trusted and secure source for complete employee information. You can use our free, industry-standard Talent Profile API to augment your Halogen employee profiles with data from external systems like Microsoft® Sharepoint®, Yammer, third-party talent management solutions, license and certification systems, or your HRIS. You can also use the API to send updates from your Halogen employee profiles to these same third-party systems, ensuring accurate, up-to-date employee data across the organization.

Engage Employees and Keep Their Profiles Up-to-Date

Employee profiles should be more than just another static collection of data that is incomplete or quickly out of date, and doesn’t give you the information you need.

  • Include a step in your appraisal or talent assessment process, or create a separate process, inviting or requiring employees to update their Talent Profiles
  • Send automated email reminders to those who haven’t yet completed the task
  • Easily track completion levels of updates

Employees get an easy-to-use, self-service interface where they can communicate their capabilities, career goals, preferences and more. HR, managers, team leaders and decision-makers get centralized access to useful, up-to-date information to support key decisions.

Share Information While Maintaining Confidentiality and Security

Security limitations with traditional employee profile systems mean they can only provide two profile views: a “public view” that is very limited but searchable by all employees, and an administrator/manager view that shows detailed talent information that is too sensitive to be used by other members of the organization.

Halogen eAppraisal’s highly robust security model allows you to:

  • Create any number of customizable views
  • Define exactly which data fields each role or individual can search, view or update
  • Extend the value of your talent profiles to project leaders, succession managers, mentors, hiring managers, etc.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of employee data

Easily Identify and Compare Qualified Internal Candidates

Launching a new project that requires special knowledge or skills? Dealing with language or culture issues with an important customer? Trying to identify the best internal candidate for an open position? Putting together a volleyball team for a charitable fundraiser? Trying to achieve overall talent mobility objectives?

Halogen’s superior, highly intuitive, role-based profile search capability lets you easily search Talent Profiles for a match. Searchers can:

  • Use simple keyword search criteria
  • Set up advanced, but very simple-to-use queries based on particular fields or categories to narrow results
  • Do a side-by-side comparison of profiles, or groups of profiles
  • Save the results, print them, or export them to another application for further analysis

Give internal recruiters, hiring managers, project leaders and others the tools they need to easily uncover hidden talent, foster collaboration and identify suitable internal candidates, every time.

Make Better Informed Talent Decisions

Managers can easily couple Talent Profile information with data from your talent management processes, to get the information they need to make informed decisions – all from one central location. And because our suite is tightly integrated, they can access Talent Profiles from any module, wherever they support the talent process at hand.

Build organizational bench-strength with a broader understanding of individual and organizational competencies, skills and gaps so you can address them with targeted development plans.

Get a deeper understanding of your employees’ engagement in your organization and in their careers, as well as the background, experience and interests of your top performers.

Compare, Connect, Collaborate&

Make it easier for your staff to connect and collaborate. When a project team member, hiring manager, succession planner or anyone else searches for candidates matching specific criteria, they can compare profiles, find the best match, then click a button to communicate with their ideal candidate by email – all within the Halogen Talent Management Suite".

Tools and Authoring Aids

Even seasoned managers struggle to describe the behaviors that are associated with a competency that has been scored or rated. The task can absorb precious hours of manager and HR time, fussing with the right words. Yet descriptions are what employees crave and need to better understand their performance appraisals. That’s where Halogen eAppraisal" authoring tools can really help:

  • Quick fingertip access to all the information managers need to provide accurate and meaningful feedback on each employee – from journal notes, self-evaluations, multirater assessments, past appraisals and talent profiles, to employee goals and development plans and more…
  • Ensure greater detail and consistency in providing feedback on employee ratings by providing a common library of comments and coaching tips that are used by all managers across the organization.
  • Use the nearly 5000 preconfigured descriptions provided, modify them, or create your own.
  • Save up to 75% of the time managers spend “crafting” behavior descriptions.
  • Avoid legally questionable language.
  • Remove spelling mistakes.

Enrich Your Employee Appraisals With Our Comment Helper!

Pack reviews with more meaningful, detailed and useful information that really helps employees understand the evaluation.

  • Choose from a number of predefined behavior portrayals, appropriate to your rating, to describe an employee’s demonstration of a competency. Halogen eAppraisal automatically inserts the gender appropriate pronouns.
  • Adjust the nuance of the selected text to be more or less favorable in order to better match performance.
  • Edit the predefined descriptions as required, to add specific details or get the wording “just right”.
  • Use the development tips to provide comments that encourage and coach your employees.

Eliminate Questionable Comments and Spelling Mistakes

Halogen eAppraisal comes complete with a pre-populated and customizable spell checker and a language sensitivity checker, to ensure managers do not include misspelled or inappropriate words in their employee performance appraisals.

Check for questionable words or comments that can lead to legal headaches. Rid employee performance appraisals of embarrassing spelling mistakes. Reduce the time HR spends pouring over performance appraisals to ensure appropriate language and avoid potentially litigious comments.

Help each employee get specific feedback that is relevant to their performance.

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