Aderant Expert

A full ERP system designed by Aderant for accounting/legal/professional and consulting (business, management) companies.

About Aderant Expert

Aderant Expert is a comprehensive suite of integrated legal software applications that helps law and professional services firms better serve their clients, manage their operations and maximize their profitability. Specifically designed to meet the needs of mid-sized to very large firms, Aderant Expert gives firms a flexible foundation for their future, enabling them to quickly adapt to changing business conditions, new business imperatives and evolving legal software technology. Its integrated, modular nature allows firms to easily add new functionality as their business needs grow.

Business Intelligence

Instant access to critical financial and operations data

Law firm leaders need timely access to accurate information. Through role-based, SharePoint dashboards, Aderant Expert legal software provides partners, attorneys, and finance professionals with instant access to the critical financial and operations data they need to better understand their business. Its powerful inquiry, reporting, and analysis functionality improves decision-making and increases profitability. The solution also analyzes firm-wide performance metrics in interactive dashboards, ensuring that firms have the information they need to meet their profitability goals.

Expert ClearView: Enhance overall firm performance with comprehensive business intelligence software


  • Provides a single location to view critical metrics, performance measures and client and matter data
  • Provides a real-time view of firm data and enables timely identification and resolution of critical business issues
  • Consolidates data from disparate information sources
  • Maximizes profitability by continuously improving operations
  • Increases access to timely, detailed and accurate performance information
  • Improves visibility into operating costs and other factors affecting profitability
  • Increases the understanding of key business drivers
  • Reduces the time and cost of analyzing and reporting on profitability
  • Increases responsiveness to changing market conditions
  • Delivers a fast, effective way to query and report on GL data
  • Drives performance management initiatives
  • Enables in-depth and ad hoc analysis


  • Pre-defined, role-based content pages for professionals and executives
  • Large numbers of pre-built web parts that can be easily deployed or configured to meet specific firm requirements
  • Integration with web-based applications, such as the Expert Browser applications
  • Full multi-currency support
  • Three distinct cubes: Performance (Time & Billing), Profitability and General Ledger (GL)
  • Single access point to client, matter, financial and other practice management data
  • Built on Microsoft SharePoint and business intelligence technologies
  • Easy-to-use presentation layer using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • In-depth ad hoc analysis through Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Report Builder or any OLAP viewer
  • Inherits the existing Aderant Expert security schemas to protect sensitive data
  • Configure how information is displayed to satisfy user preferences
  • Detailed financial and operational data for firm, office, practice group or professional
  • Automated allocation engine for direct and indirect costs
  • “Boardroom-ready” profitability reports and easy report customization

Expert Report Center: Improve information access


  • Improves information access and visibility
  • Increases timeliness and accuracy of information
  • Improves decision making
  • Minimizes installation and administrative costs
  • Reduces end-user training and support
  • Leverages existing reporting investments
  • Minimizes administrative burden of reporting
  • Increases speed of information distribution
  • Frees staff to analyze data and add value

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop report creation
  • Single source, enterprise-wide report delivery
  • Browser-based report generation, viewing, and distribution
  • Report scheduling and bursting
  • On demand reporting
  • Anywhere, anytime access – web, firm intranet, or email

Expert Activity Monitoring: Monitor, notify, schedule, and automate


  • Eliminates information overload
  • Focuses professionals on tasks requiring action
  • Automates common tasks, like report generation
  • Minimizes impact on IT resources

Key Features

  • Works with any MAPI-compliant email system
  • Easy alert creation with standard tools
  • Supports an unlimited number of rules and actions
  • Schedules resource-intensive operations in off-peak times

Financial Management

Gain control over firm operations

Tight financial management is critical to the success of any firm. Aderant Expert’s powerful accounting functionality helps firms gain visibility into – and control over – their financial operations. Designed for the needs of both mid-sized regional firms and large global operations, this legal software increases information visibility and improves cash flow. Aderant Expert streamlines and automates the budgeting and forecasting process, helping firms to develop – and achieve – their business plans.

Expert General Ledger: The foundation for financial management


  • Increases visibility of critical financial information
  • Improves decision-making
  • Increases firm efficiency
  • Enables proactive fiscal management
  • Improves vendor management
  • Improves operational efficiencies

Key Features

  • Firm-defined chart of accounts
  • Robust chart of account and sub-ledger mappings
  • Dual ledger accounting
  • Post-closing adjustment capabilities
  • Electronic bank statement reconciliation

Expert Accounts Payable: Monitor and Control Cash Outlays


  • Improves firm cash flow
  • Improves financial visibility
  • Increases cost recovery
  • Increases firm revenues and profits
  • Reduces burden of managing client-related costs
  • Streamlines payment issuance

Key Features

  • Edits or cancels posted invoices
  • Prints checks, including custom check formats and creating checks from blank stock
  • Releases and posts groups of checks
  • Electronic check reconciliation
  • Supports electronic payment and invoicing
  • Automates vendor payment processes
  • Prevents duplicate data entry with automatic vendor name search

Expert Accounts Receivable: Improve Cash Flow


  • Reduces bill write-offs and bad debts
  • Shortens collections cycles
  • Improves cash flow
  • Reduces A/R days
  • Improves collector productivity
  • Increases visibility of past due balances

Key Features

  • Cancels or reverses a posted receipt
  • Transfers credit funds between clients, projects, and matters
  • Transfers credit funds from one category to another
  • Writes off bills
  • Reverses a bill write-off (completely or partially)
  • Adjusts timekeeper amounts for bill write-offs
  • Requests credit funds from clients with or without producing a bill
  • Allocates cash receipts to payor, client, matter, and bill levels
  • Maintains credit limits on client, matter, or project levels

Expert Collections: Streamline and manage the collections process


  • Complete capabilities for debt collection, reduction and management

  • Increase cash flow, reduce bad debts and write-offs and improve profitability

  • Collectors are more effective with automated, system generated tasks

  • Leverage best practices to resolve issues quickly

  • Improve the WIP to cash cycle

  • Fully integrated with Aderant Expert

  • Key Features

  • Displays all activities/transactions assigned to collector by date

  • Assigns bills into collections grouped by bill, payor, client, matter or bill group

  • Produces all collection documents

  • Tracks and manages collection activities

  • View collection items of others

  • Supports unlimited reminder statement formats

  • Interim write-offs

  • Tracks credit limits

  • Produces powerful reports

Expert Cash Management: Manage Bank-Related Activities


  • Decreases administrative costs
  • Reduces firm risk
  • Eliminates regulatory mistakes
  • Improves visibility

Key Features

  • Manage all bank-related transactions
  • Supports automatic reconciliation
  • Manage client funds and trust transactions
  • Reserve funds for bill payment from client trust during the billing cycle
  • Allocate payments directly to trust in cash receipts
  • Maintain multiple trust types, including interest bearing

Expert Global Accounting: Effectively manage worldwide operations


  • Improves financial control of global operations
  • Improves visibility
  • Minimizes exposure to currency or tax risk
  • Reduces administrative burden
  • Increases reporting flexibility

Key Features

  • Maintains multiple books for statutory and financial reporting
  • Tracks multiple currencies
  • Accommodates tax requirements for multiple jurisdictions
  • Supports management of complex business structures
  • Complies with specific regional reporting requirements

Expert Financial Reporting: Comprehensive Financial Reporting


  • Improves speed and accuracy of financial reporting
  • Automates the generation of financial statements
  • Presents one version of the truth
  • Increases information visibility
  • Improves decision making
  • Allows financial staff to spend more time analyzing and improving business
  • Decreases administrative burden of reporting

Key Features

  • Comprehensive financial statements and reports
  • Full multi-currency and multi-language support
  • Report wizards and web-based report creation
  • Ad hoc analysis via a Microsoft Excel plug-in
  • Flexible access: reports, spreadsheets, dashboards, and more
  • Full security and auditing

Expert Imaging: Manage Financial Documents with Electronic Imaging


  • Decreases administrative costs
  • Reduces physical storage space
  • Expedites document retrieval
  • Improves use of network resources
  • Increases information access
  • Eliminates integration issues
  • Supports existing document retention policies

Key Features

  • Provides instant, firm-wide access to financial source documents
  • Enables images to be integrated with workflow applications
  • Converts documents to PDFs for easy sharing
  • Automatically includes disbursement backup in client invoices
  • Makes documents available to employees, clients, and third-party systems
  • Supports bar-coding and batch scanning

Practice Management

Manage client & matter-related activities

Outstanding service is the key to happy clients and a healthy bottom line. The Aderant Expert legal software solution gives partners and attorneys powerful tools to manage client- and matter-related activities and information. By reducing risk and increasing professional productivity, Aderant helps firms improve client satisfaction and maximize profitability.

Calendar/Docket: Track appointments, activities, tasks, and more


  • Reduce malpractice risk
  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Track appointments, activities, tasks, and more
  • Maximize attorney availability
  • Improve schedule visibility
  • Increase communication and collaboration

Key Features

  • Comprehensive, customizable calendar views
  • Intuitive scheduling rules
  • Automatic notification
  • Tracks sub-projects and sub-matters
  • Automates tasks, activities, reminders, and more
  • Progress tracking
  • Inquiries

Expert Assistant: Context Sensitive Access to Applications, Information, and Tasks


  • Improves information visibility and access
  • Increases productivity
  • Streamlines business processes
  • Minimizes missed deadlines and process delays
  • Reduces application training
  • Minimizes IT administration

Key Features

  • Contextual launch point for Aderant Expert applications and data
  • Intelligent workflow task inbox
  • Workflow process management
  • Comprehensive system-wide search
  • Unified information access, including most recently accessed and pinned items
  • Fast search capabilities
  • Actionable search results and menu system

Expert Conflicts: Quick and Comprehensive Conflicts Checking


  • Reduces the risk of taking on new business
  • Improves decision-making about which clients and engagements to accept
  • Identifies and resolves potential conflicts of interest
  • Minimizes non-billable investments
  • Reduces malpractice insurance premiums
  • Streamlines new business intake
  • Improves firm-wide visibility

Key Features

  • Searches multiple data sources simultaneously
  • Automatically checks for duplicate names
  • Configurable search criteria and parameters
  • Summary “hit list” views of search results
  • Customizable, drill-down views of search results
  • Independent indexing and search services
  • Standard or customized reports

Expert File Opening: Standardize, Streamline, and Automate File Opening


  • Creates consistency
  • Improves file opening efficiency
  • Reduces firm risk and exposure
  • Eliminates errors associated with manual data entry
  • Increases visibility and auditability of the file opening process
  • Enables malpractice prevention controls

Key Features

  • Automates the capture and approval of new business intake
  • Enables front office personnel to initiate, coordinate, and monitor processes
  • Ability to monitor, audit, and analyze business processes
  • Includes a starter workflow template for file opening
  • Allows customization of the starter template to satisfy firm/department requirements

Time & Billing

Time is literally money for law and professional services firms. Aderant Expert legal software streamlines the billing process, helping firms quickly convert billable time into revenues and profits. The solution quickly captures both time and expenses and enables firms to easily create customized bills, including eBills, which meet the unique needs of their clients.

Expert Time Management: Quickly capture and prepare time entries for billing


  • Maximizes captured time
  • Shortens WIP lifecycles
  • Improves cash flow
  • Increases revenues
  • Improves utilization
  • Reduces data entry
  • Includes stopwatch-based timers

Key Features

  • Functions through client/server, browser and mobile devices
  • Mass review, editing, releasing and posting of time
  • Comprehensive daily and monthly reports
  • Expansion codes to reduce data entry
  • “One step” WIP value recalculation for rate changes
  • View, access and update information in the system, even when offline or disconnected
  • Give permission to one or more people within your firm to perform actions on your behalf using proxy settings
  • Enter and edit time through Microsoft Outlook
  • Record and modify time using Expert Timer, a component of the Expert Time application
  • Expert Timer enables you to start, stop and pause timers associated with a specific matter
  • Stackable or floating presentation for timers
  • Display numerous timers in a compact view using mini Timer

Expert Timer: Quickly capture time from your desktop with effective legal software

Expert Timer legal software is a component of the Expert Time application that enables you to start, stop, and pause timers associated with a specific matter.


  • Maximizes captured time
  • Reduces data entry
  • Boosts firm revenues
  • Stopwatch-based component launched from your system tray

Key Features

  • Record and submit time from an active timer
  • Simple one-click start and stop
  • Use Timer even when not connected to your firm’s central system
  • Create reminders for the Timer component
  • Stackable or floating presentation
  • Display numerous timers in a compact view using mini Timers
  • Resizable displays

Expert Found Time: Automatically reconstruct missed time entries to increase billable hours and boost firm revenue


  • Identifies potential time entries from day-to-day activities such as phone calls, emails, and more
  • Gives timekeepers one-click access to a list of potential time entries
  • Enhances firm revenue by maximizing billable hours and minimizing lost time
  • Improves the accuracy of time capture
  • Speeds time entry creation with automatic association of clients and matters to activities
  • Provides immediate statistics, improved analytic visibility, and direct access to daily time totals, details, and targets
  • Seamlessly creates time entries in Aderant Expert

Key Features

  • Access to key connectors such as Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry, Microsoft Office, and more
  • Extract vital information to pre-populate time card details
  • Merge multiple activities into one time entry or merge an activity into an existing time entry
  • Remove and block irrelevant activities
  • Ignore irrelevant activities
  • Smart filters categorize activities with easy to review, searchable classifications
  • Connect a client and matter to activity data
  • Convert found time into time entries on a one-to-one or many-to-one basis
  • Reconcile existing time entries to found time activities.

On The Go Time: Enter and manage time anywhere, anytime


  • Maximize billable time capture with convenient entry available anywhere, whether online or offline
  • Can be accessed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone running a compatible operating system and browser
  • Greatly simplify the time capture process
  • Improve accuracy with real-time capture
  • Reduce missing or lost time with immediate time capture
  • Minimize errors and reduce duplicate data entry of manual time capture
  • Minimal installation and deployment to timekeepers
  • On The Go Time is accessible even when offline

Key Features

  • Quick time capture
  • Review/edit of existing time entries
  • Access to key time statistics
  • Navigate entries by week
  • Display of actual vs. minimum targets
  • Provide offline access for entry and editing
  • Use a recent matter list for rapid entry
  • Access to firm and user expansion codes for quick narrative entry
  • Configurable/customizable time card for firm-specific entry requirements

Expert Expense Management: Fast, accurate expense capture


  • Fast, accurate and consistent expense tracking
  • Automated process and approvals
  • Guaranteed compliance with firm policies and client guidelines
  • Accelerated WIP to cash cycle
  • Fully integrated with Aderant Expert

Key Features

  • Provides a similar look and feel for all entry methods
  • Allows supervisors to review, modify and approve expense reports
  • Schedules and prints checks on approval via Expert Accounts Payable
  • Supports multi-currency conversion for reimbursement, source and system currencies
  • Supports international formats for dates and currencies
  • Configurable to industry- or firm-specific terminology
  • Integrated with Expert Time Management

Expert Billing: Quickly translate time into cash


  • Increases firm revenues and profitability
  • Shortens WIP lifecycle and increases cash flow
  • Reduces write-offs and bad debt
  • Improves visibility into WIP
  • Minimizes administrative overhead
  • Reduces collections cycle

Key Features

  • Time entry and disbursement split
  • Anticipated disbursement entry
  • Non-financial edits on posted bills
  • Paragraph and progress billing
  • Cosmetic time merge
  • Trust reserves
  • E-billing

Expert Paperless Billing: Streamline, improve and automate pre-bill management with paperless billing


  • Improves visibility
  • Speeds processing
  • Lowers costs
  • Reduces errors
  • Audits and tracks pre-bill markups
  • Improves billing cycles

Key Features

  • Pre-bill statuses to track the pre-bill through its life cycle
  • Pre-bill markup workflow for automated processes
  • Easy online editing
  • Expert Billing’s activity panel provides simplified review

Expert Disbursement Management: Capture and bill client costs


  • Increases cost recovery
  • Accelerates billing cycles
  • Improves access to disbursement data
  • Minimizes administrative overhead

Key Features

  • Captures both hard and soft costs
  • Integrated with popular cost recovery systems
  • Supports multiple billing arrangements
  • Supports anticipated disbursements

Expert Rates: Streamline fee rate management

The Expert Rates legal software solution provides your firm with a comprehensive, central, intuitive interface for the entry and maintenance of fee rates.


  • Provides a centralized location for the entry and maintenance of fee rates
  • Maintain an extensive and specialized structure of fee rates that are applied in a logical order according to a fee rate hierarchy
  • An alternative to using multiple areas of the system to set up fee rates

Key Features

  • Includes date banding of rates with both start and end dates
  • Supports multiple rate types
  • Action Rates, Matter Rates, Client Rates, Rate Set Fee Rates, and Level Rates in one location
  • Integrated Time Rate Calculator to determine rates for specific time entries

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