A case, matter, investigation, and project management software for legal entities.

About Filevine

Filevine accelerates team and business success by powering everything from task automation and document management to client communication and analytics. Skilled professionals with collaborative, complex and high-stakes work love using Filevine to enable their teams’ best work.

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Filevine Features

  • Case management
  • Process management
  • Work management
  • Workflow management
  • Document management
  • Intake and lead tracking
  • Client management
  • Client communication
  • Billing & timekeeping
  • Reporting and business Insights

Filevine Target Market

Skilled professional teams with collaborative complex and high-stakes work such as:

  • Legal teams
  • Funeral directors
  • Local government agencies
  • Big law
  • Fertility clinics

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User Reviews of Filevine

Submitted on February 19th, 2021 by a Filevine user from Christensen & Hymas Personal Injury Attorneys

If you want to decrease the stress levels for you and your staff, Filevine is the way to it. If you want to get your time back, Filevine is the way to do it. Manage cases better? Keep track of deadlines? Increase staff satisfaction? Use Filevine.