SYNDi Loan Manager

A software system designed by Indus Systems.

About SYNDi Loan Manager

SYNDi Loan Manager manages loans in cases where you are the sole lender for the loans. In a typical scenario, the company sets up the loan, advances the loan amount to the borrower, receives the payment on monthly basis until the loan reaches maturity. The system automates this loan lifecycle and maintains relevant records until the loan is paid off.

SYNDi handles all loans including mortgages that are payable in monthly installments (interest only or amortized over a period with a balloon payment).

SYNDi cuts down paperwork and saves time so that you concentrate on marketing while SYNDi takes care of managing the loan cycle.

SYNDi Loan Manager

  • Sage 300 Integration
  • Amortized and Interest only loans
  • Amortization tables
  • Fixed and Variable interest rates
  • Multiple interest calculation methods
  • Compounded interest
  • Loans given in cash or kind
  • Itemized loan amount for loan advance
  • Multiple loan advances
  • User defined Miscellaneous charges
  • User defined fields
  • Document filing under borrower or loan records
  • Multi-users
  • Assign user permissions
  • Audit Trail
  • Data-entry validation
  • Many useful excel based report
  • Custom Reports
  • Email Automation
  • Outlook integration
  • Office 365 Email integration

SYNDi Loan Manager Pricing

The cost of SYNDi Loan Manager starts at $13,350 upfront. Software Assurance is calculated at 18% of the total cost of software and additional user licenses charged per annum, and is mandatory (included in upfront cost) for the first year and optional thereafter.

Optional Monthly Tech Support:

  • Plan 1 (maximum of 5 incidents per month): $750/month Optional Monthly Tech Support
  • Plan 2 (unlimited incidents per month): $1,800.00/month Optional Monthly Tech Support
  • Plan 3 (unlimited incidents per month): $2,900.00/month

Product Overview

Industry Focus

SYNDi Loan Manager is designed primarily for use in the finance and insurance industry.

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