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About xTuple

xTuple is Inventory Management Solutions for Manufacturers who want to GROW their Manufacturing Business. xTuple is helping manufacturing and inventory-centric companies use management software and best practices to grow their business profitably.

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Save time and money–Automate and integrate all manufacturing and back-office processes into a single business system: If you take sales orders, schedule production, maintain inventory shipping/receiving records, and ensure all financial data is synced, then xTuple solutions can deliver huge improvements in the effectiveness of your organization.

xTuple is a forward-thinking IT innovator, a leader in easy-to-integrate business management software, delivering right-sized  not out-sized–industry solutions to growing manufacturing and distribution companies.

xTuple’s evolutionary approach to helping companies get to the next level of performance helps “bridge the enterprise gap.” xTuple is building a reputation with customers for three (3) things:

  1. Faster deployments
  2. Better-matched enterprise technology options
  3. Affordability

xTuple is turning the business software marketplace upside down, because the massive-footprint, stereotypical ERP / CRM solutions available today are not optimum for many small and mid-sized organizations.

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User Reviews of xTuple

Submitted on February 2nd, 2015 by Fred from Fred Blauer and Associates

xTuple ERP is a good ERP/accounting solution with a number of advantages over traditional legacy systems. The system is platform independent (windows/mac/linux) and commercial/open source. There is a free community version which is very good for evaluation, testing and learning and will be sufficient for many small and medium sized companies. There are also premium enterprise solutions which handle advanced manufacturing and distribution for larger companies. I have been involved in a number of implementations, and the system performs very well.

The Good…

The program has a lot of powerful features, and a strong community. The software is open and follows industry standards. Since the program is open source, it can be installed and tested against your particular needs. There is good documentation available, and community forums for exchanging information about best practices etc. It is well localized for north american use, but also supports many other countries, languages, currencies etc.

The Bad…

The company has spent a lot of time and resources on developing a new infrastructure and architecture for the future. However, the benefits have not really been apparent to the community. I think that the project would have been better off if they had spent those resources on developing more features on the current, mature platform which works well. To their credit, I believe they have recognized this and are taking steps to make the current application client a first class citizen, during the transition which will take many years.