A marketing intelligence platform.

About Datorama

Until now, it’s been impossible to capitalize on all your data at the point of decision, in real time.

Marketing data moves too fast and it’s too varied. There’s so much of it, you can’t be sure it’s accurate or relevant.

Our Marketing Integration Engine meets these challenges head on. You get clean, unified marketing data regardless of origin, format, volume or speed of creation. And, because you can visualize and analyze all of it in one place, you get the real-time insight you need.

Imagine: The end of silos and the end of laboriously connecting different data sets.

There’s no need to imagine any longer. Make all your data relevant, today.

Datorama TotalConnect

Connect to ANY data in minutes – wherever it lives, whatever it looks like and however much it changes.

Datorama Mix

Manual data modeling requiring deep technical expertise and lengthy projects is so last year. It’s also not our definition of “self-service.” We leverage machine learning algorithms trained on vast sets of complex marketing data to automatically make sense of your data for you.

Datorama Analytics Center

Leverage a comprehensive analytics suite – from standard KPI reporting to advanced, predictive analytics – to analyze your total marketing impact.

Real-Time Visualization

Get real-time insight and understand marketing’s impact. From standard KPI reporting to complex visuals – whatever you need to tell the story.

Datorama Action Center

Power true, closed-loop marketing analytics that go beyond reporting to collaboration and automated actions.

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