All-in-one member management system for small and medium-sized organizations.

About YourMembership

YourMembership offers a full suite of membership management solutions for small to medium-sized organizations. It provides a range of easy-to-use features for both members and back offices.

Members can now apply for, renew, update, and cancel their memberships online, on their own. And members can communicate, share, and network with each other, leading to higher engagement. And organizations can more easily store contact information, marketing leads, and budget information. It also helps plan and manage events.

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  • e-Commerce and Donation Tools
  • Online Forums
  • Accounting and Payment Processing
  • Automate Workflows
  • Event Management
  • Website Design and/or Website Hosting
  • Automatic and Online Renewals


YourMembership starts at $292/month. And YourMembership does offer a free trial.

Starting Price
$292 /month
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User Reviews of YourMembership

Submitted on May 9th, 2020 by Christine Shupe

The biggest area for our members to connect is through our online community. There are 10-50 posts a day on a regular basis. Runs even on holidays and weekends. It doesn’t stop, which is great. They are active and share best practices through their experiences and share their sample documents.