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A software system designed by Aegis Software.

About FactoryLogix

FactoryLogix is an integrated suite of manufacturing software modules and devices that adapt to and improve every aspect of your manufacturing operations.

Redefining the Very Concept of MES

Built from the ground up, FactoryLogix merges state-of-the-art technology with the knowledge and experience from 17 years of development and 1700 global installations, to deliver a solution that redefines the very concept of Manufacturing ERP Software.

  • Save Time, Simplify your NPI Process and Eliminate Chaos: Simple, fast, guided and monitored NPI process from CAD and BOM through a complete work package.
  • Increase Your Efficiency and Competitiveness: Guided and monitored NPI process across large multi-user groups for ensuring launch to production is on schedule, and to keep customers informed of progress..
  • Save Money: User-customizable shop-floor interfaces, user-designed dashboards and reports, and user-defined process and verification modeling reduces or eliminates the need for costly customization and speeds time-to-value through quick deployments.
  • Support Any Form of Discrete Manufacturing Without Expensive Customization: Supports any type of discrete manufacturing, PCB, mechanical, box build, fast moving goods, as well as large assembly such as aerospace and satellite.
  • Industry-Specific Capabilities: Scheduling, warehouse, MSD, LED Binning, PLC control and data acquisition, equipment wear prediction and service, and aerospace assembly validation, FDA Part 11 compliance and built to conform to GMP5.

FactoryLogix Modules

  • NPI: Fast, simple, controlled production preparation even for large groups of engineers working in tandem.

  • Logistics: Optimize and assure material flow and monitoring from the warehouse to the lines and back.

  • Production: Paperless process execution, WIP tracking, routing control, quality and test data collection/analysis.

  • Analytics: User-configured reports, real time dashboards, operations dashboards, and mobile analytics.

  • Integration: Service oriented architecture for third party user interfaces and bridges to other software systems.

  • Devices: Line terminals, and handheld / fixed-mount scanners for fail-safe process interlocking and alarming.

Product Overview

User Reviews of FactoryLogix

Submitted on August 3rd, 2020 by Stefan Flower

Factory Logix makes an attempt to help EMS providers streamline their shop floor processes and create and host documents through one easy to use interface, but it typically does not work well in our factory. As a process engineer that has had to deal with implementation of the system as well as authoring the processes inside the system. I am well versed in the shortcomings of the Factory Logix system. The interface for writing work instructions is terrible and revision control to that level of the instruction is almost no existent. Through the two year that we have had the system in place. I have seen a myriad of bugs in the system. for the first year it was one work-around after another. We have been so busy trying to get the processes under control here we haven’t even turned on other functionality. I am fearful to do this as well since Factory Logix approach is that of a walled garden. In the future when my company changes direction in their instructions and accompanying software there will be no way to get the data out of this system and we will have no choice to start from scratch.

The Good…

IF…IF your customer gives you the ECAD model for the board and IF…IF. the CAD is perfect it can help you realize your instructions easier. If you are stuck with Gerber files the process is not as easy.

The Bad…

The system has a lot of bugs in it. Its unfair to say that here since its not really a feature of the system. the fact that we are locked into this system for ever with all of our processes is probably my least favorite thing about the Factory Logix Suite