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About MESTEC by Eyelit

MESTEC’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) helps you improve all aspects of factory performance including: Labor Productivity, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Quality, and Compliance.

MESTEC’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling tools removes dependency on spreadsheets, streamlines planning processes, optimizes resource utilization, maximizes capacity and improves On-Time Delivery.

MESTEC provides the foundation for a journey to Industry 4.0 even in environments with low levels of automation. Easy to deploy IIoT technology can capture data from legacy equipment; touch screens and barcode scanners will complete the drive to a paperless factory.

MESTEC is a cloud-based solution that can be rapidly deployed with no up-front costs, providing tangible improvements to performance and fast ROI.


MESTEC offers:

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

  • Comprehensive finite capacity planning
  • What-if scenario analysis
  • Live schedule adherence Gantt chart
  • Real-time progress feedback from the factory floor

Asset Performance Management

  • Down time recording
  • Automatic data-acquisition
  • Tool tracking & management
  • Real-time OEE monitoring
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Connectivity to modern and legacy equipment.
  • Power consumption monitoring

Paperless Factory

  • Electronic work-to lists
  • Electronic work instructions and drawings
  • Bar code scanning
  • Touchscreen-based SFDC

Quality and Compliance Management

  • Quality checks
  • Electronic device history records (eDHR)
  • Non-conformance and issue management
  • Detailed manufacturing workflow definition and enforcement
  • Document links
  • Rework routings
  • Rework recording
  • Monitoring of process parameters

Inventory Management

  • Materials management
  • Label printing
  • Material, sub-assembly and ingredients traceability
  • Electronic install-base
  • Receipt and dispatch management

Labor Management

  • Time and attendance
  • Skills management
  • Electronic timesheets/time cards
  • Live activity views

Manufacturing KPIs

  • Mestec has > 130 standard dashboards and KPIs including:
  • Labor utilization, performance and productivity
  • On-time delivery performance
  • Right-first-time
  • Current schedule adherence
  • WIP status and tracking
  • Asset performance including OEE
  • Actual vs standard cost analysis
  • Scrap and rejects
  • Rework and scrap cost
  • Downtime analysis
  • Bottleneck identification
  • Production output


  • ERP integration
  • Cloud based or on-premise
  • Live dashboards and problem alerts
  • Web-based system
  • Broad array of integration tools including RESTful APIs and MQTT

Product Overview

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User Reviews of MESTEC by Eyelit

Submitted on September 20th, 2022 by Steve Robinson

Prior to installing the MESTEC factory management system, we reckoned that unrecovered labour costs amounted to £10-15,000 per month and was a problem that had been growing progressively as the business grew. Today GTK is entirely free of the unrecovered labour burden and, as we continue to gain efficiencies using the data MESTEC provides, we’re targeting a third year of real term cost reductions to drive our competitiveness in the market.

Each month, we get back twenty times the cost of our monthly MESTEC subscription in tangible financial value—which is impressive, and significantly exceeded our expectations.

Submitted on September 20th, 2022 by Brian Abernathy

MESTEC gave us the ability to link people to work centres. Which not only gave us the ability to ensure that the people performing tasks were appropriately qualified and ‘current’, but also gave us log-on and log-off times, from which we could capture manufacturing cost and efficiency metrics.

Without doubt, we can demonstrate very real savings. From capturing and reporting ‘as-built’ data, to faster cycle times and improved material flow, we’re a business today that runs far more efficiently, thanks to MESTEC.