Mattec Software

  • Acquired
  • Discontinued

Mattec was a software system acquired by Epicor in 2012 and is no longer sold and supported. Epicor suggests Epicor Advanced MES as a replacement. We recommend looking at our best manufacturing execution systems roundup for more alternatives.

Product Overview

Mattec was a manufacturing execution system acquired in 2012. It was a configurable, out-of-the-box platform. Mattec tracked real-time manufacturing data for firms in the automotive, packaging, and plastics industries. The software provided insights into machine status, production rates, and process variables. This helped manufacturers optimize machine utilization and productivity.


  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Deployment options for offline and online users
  • Strong data analysis and reporting tools


  • Steep learning curve
  • Lack of graphical sequencing tool
  • Discontinued in 2012

Target Market

Medium to large manufacturers, distributors, and wholesale trade companies. Best for firms in the automotive, plastics, rubber, and metal fabrication industries.

About Mattec

Mattec was an MES that provided accurate 24/7 real-time manufacturing information of all plant operations. The platform helped users:

  • Reduce scrap, waste, and machine downtime
  • Improve cycle times, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), plant productivity, and automatic part qualification
  • Assisted in production and job scheduling
  • Customize reports and data analysis tools

Mattec Alternatives

Popular alternatives to Mattec include:

1 Epicor Advanced MES

Epicor Advanced MES is an adaptable system that provides real-time insights into machine performance and product quality. It delivers automatic data capture, real-time machine efficiency monitoring, and statistical process and quality control.

Epicor Advanced MES: Part Maintenance
Epicor Advanced MES: Job Entry
Epicor Advanced MES: Engineering Workbench
What We Like
Automatic part qualification and rejection
Flexible deployment options
Over 1,000 out-of-the-box analysis choices
What We Don’t Like
Limited mobile usability
Integration process can be complex
Pricing details not provided by the developer
Client OS: Windows
Deployment: Cloud or On-Premises

2 ShiftWorx MES

ShiftWorx MES offers a user-friendly interface for improving manufacturing efficiency and productivity. It provides a patented machine monitoring system, universal machine connectivity, and real-time data outputs.

ShiftWorx MES: Machine Call-Outs
ShiftWorx MES: Status Codes by Machine (Tablet View)
ShiftWorx MES: Key Performance Indicators
What We Like
Competitive pricing with a “pay as you go” model
Predictive modeling through AI integration
Real-time machine monitoring
Price Range: $$
Starting Price: $125/machine/month
Client OS: Web
Deployment: Cloud Hosted

3 Hydra MES

Hydra MES is designed for comprehensive shop floor management, offering tools for detailed production planning and control. It integrates with various hardware and software systems and offers process monitoring and documentation.

Hydra X: Quality Chart
Hydra X: Planning Start End
Hydra X: OEE KPI
Hydra X: Manufacturing Software
Hydra X: Terminal Line Status
Hydra X: AIP SWA
What We Like
Adaptable to different industries
Gathers real-time shop floor data
Great customer support
What We Don’t Like
High initial cost
Limited one-piece flow support
Confusing UI for some users
Price Range: $$$$$
Client OS: Windows
Deployment: Cloud or On-Premises

Video Overview

Key Benefits/Features:

  • Real-time production monitoring including scrap rate, down machines, and process alerts
  • Statistical Process Control provided analysis of part weights and dimensions as well as critical machine process parameters
  • Dynamic job scheduling delivered views of production floor operations
  • Preventive maintenance management in real-time

Product Overview

Related Products

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