A materials resource planning system designed by Katana MRP.

About Katana MRP

Smart and visual manufacturing software tailored for scaling manufacturers using Xero or QuickBooks and selling on eCommerce (Shopify, WooCommerce). It makes production management & raw material inventory control easier than ever. Suitable for businesses looking to scale and on better organize their workflows.

Video Overview

Features of Katana MRP

  • Real-time inventory management
  • Production planning
  • Sales & purchase ordering
  • Integrations with e-commerce
  • Stock level optimization

Who Is The Target Market Of Katana MRP?

  • Small and medium-sized manufacturers or makers.
  • Garment manufacturing to brewing
  • Companies with 2-20 employees

Katana MRP Pricing

  • Starts at $99/month
  • Additional users $29/user/month
  • Subscription-based pricing only
  • Free 14-day trial available

Katana MRP System Requirements

  • Hosted by the developer
  • Web-based program

Product Overview

User Reviews of Katana MRP

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Kelly Costello from Puppy Cake

Katana keeps accurate stock of our assemblies and ingredients so that I can plan out manufacturing and get instant feedback on whether or not I have enough resources in stock to complete an order.

This software has saved me nearly $20,000 in annual payroll because I was able to almost completely replace an employee with this software. THAT is how much time it has saved us, 20 hours a week of counting, spreadsheeting, ordering and fixing mistakes. Now that I have Katana, I can’t live without it.

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Rafael Matos from Maksense

Katana’s automatic raw material management and simple entries system makes for a super easy solution. It’s a tool that tackles all our struggles in identifying material needs for both our MTO and our MTS products. We just wish we’d adopted it sooner.

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Madeline White from Natural Native

At first, we approached work ad-hoc, mainly doing everything by estimations. But once we got started with Katana, we were able to formulate a schedule and get our stock under control. Before, we would quite often experience delays but, since using Katana, we’ve been able to be on top of our order fulfillment.

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by a Katana MRP user from Hex Head Art

Best Shopify app out there for managing orders if you make-to-order and track inventory. It’s simple to use and the straight to the point layout makes it a breeze for any user. Lots of highly complex ERP systems struggle to do the basic tasks that this system handles from day one. A must-have if you make-to-order.

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by a Katana MRP user from Paper Republic

We’ve switched to Katana to manage our entire inventory and manufacturing process for our Shopify store. The tool is great, very intuitive and extremely detailed. If you actually produce stuff, sell on Shopify and want to grow, this is the tool that you need to manage your back-end like a pro.