Accelerate change with comprehensive case management

About Apricot 360

Apricot 360 is the most comprehensive case management solution offered by Social Solutions. Show your impact with easy to follow reports and dashboards in order to deliver multiple programs with ease.

The Apricot 360 platform combines best-in-class case management features with advanced data and analytics. At-a-glance insights illuminate trends, while built-in communication tools make it easy to keep participants engaged. By empowering your organization to make data-driven decisions, Apricot 360 enables you to maximize your resources and grow your impact across your community.

Apricot 360 Features

  • Best practice forms and reports: Get started with proven templates.
  • Advanced results reporting: Generate richer insights with robust reporting capabilities.
  • Census data integrations: Understand the demographics of the communities you serve.
  • Dynamic data representation: Gain visibility into programs with Insights Dashboard.
  • Multiple program sites: Synchronize and manage many programs and organization locations from the same platform.
  • Attendance tracker: Spot trends to keep participants on tack.
  • Dashboard bulletins: Share key information with staff upon login.
  • Apricot schedule: Manage virtual or in-person services with built-in calendar integrations.
  • Direct messaging: Easily communicate with participants via SMS or email.
  • Apricot connect: Empower participants to update information and view progress.
  • Connect scheduler: Simplify scheduling by enabling participants to request appointments.
  • Client intake: Make it easy for participants to apply for services with self-serve capabilities.
  • Closed-loop referrals: Search for partners and make referrals from within Apricot.
  • Workflows: Keep staff on the same page and establish best practices.
  • Mobile capabilities: Make it easy for staff to submit notes and actions while out in the field.
  • Rules and alerts: Identify risks and ensure no one slips through the cracks.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Apricot 360

Submitted on February 23rd, 2022 by Lauren Sly

Here’s what I believe: do the work and the outcomes will show. But in order for outcomes to show, I need the data. So, that means I need the right database and technology to prove the work and results.