An easy-to-use case management software built by and for clinicians

About Community CareLink

Community CareLink is a first of it’s kind case management / EHR provider built to fulfill the needs of people serving organizations across the Continuum of Care. Having began as a nonprofit, Community CareLink was built for case managers, by case managers and offers a full suite of functionality including reporting for both qualitative and quantitative measures.

Community CareLink software comes from a 15 year development cycle, built from the ground up for people serving organizations.

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  • Full case management capabilities
  • Custom reporting
  • E-signature functionality built in
  • Secure messaging
  • Roster reporting/bed boarding
  • Seamless intake processes

Pricing Details

Pricing for Community CareLink is based off of a mixture of the scope of the implementation, required support, custom reporting build and workflow build outs. Generating pricing requires a discovery call with the client. Currently, the lowest yearly license is $8,000 per year.

Community CareLink is primarily used by nonprofits, health systems, funders and units of government that work with those experiencing homelessness or high utilizers of local healthcare.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Community CareLink

Submitted on November 14th, 2022 by Justin Hoover

Great development team which is very responsive and growing the platform. I think the company’s approach is innovative and where the market will head. They provide real value to the end user vs. the hospital system and have built a useful product that will help serve people in need.

The Good…

Community CareLink is a great product for nonprofit case management and sharing and receiving real referrals that make a difference for our clients. The community-based approach allows for better visibility and client care not found in other referral platforms. The ability for grant reporting makes administration less burdensome and allows the organization to focus more on client care.

The Bad…

The user interface is outdated, and would like to have some bulk import features for onboarding.

Submitted on November 10th, 2022 by Stephanie L Taylor

CCL team works so well together, and the support they provide is so helpful.

The Good…

CCL attention to detail is top notch.

The Bad…

None thus far

Submitted on November 8th, 2022 by Ken Vick

I love the team at CCL. The system is easy to use for all levels of education.

The Good…

Simple and easy to use. Great service when needed for issues.

The Bad…

Working on reports. Mostly need better input from my team to get better out put.

Submitted on November 8th, 2022 by Anonymous

Very strong-great staff

The Good…

Ability to link to other social service/health organizations.

The Bad…

Getting everyone to use it for their social service coordination and management.