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A fundraising application designed by DonorSnap.
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Easy Donor Management and Fundraising Software

Outstanding support for every need: Our first-class support starts with Data Conversion at no extra charge for most. Next comes Free Private Training. After that, you get free support!

DonorSnap will help you:

  • Set up your database
  • Create new online forms for donations, registrations, etc.
  • Build comprehensive queries
  • and so much more!

Easy on the budget!: DonorSnap believes in keeping pricing honest and simple. There’s no hidden fees, and after setup, everything is included in the monthly subscription price.

  • Every feature is included in the cost of every database
  • Every organization gets unlimited users
  • There are absolutely no hidden costs

Track all your data in one place: All the bells and whistles are included for every client. Track all your contacts, donations, members, pledges, volunteers, event registrations and more.

  • Mass email contribution statements instead of paying for postage
  • Find hyper-targeted groups of contacts using DataMiner Platinum
  • Speed up data entry using the Mass Entry tool

Board Email Notifications

Notify Board Members Immediately

DonorSnap allows you to identify key donors and link them up with key members of your organization (such as board members) so that you can send out an email notification whenever a donation is received. You no longer need to wait until your next regularly scheduled board meeting for members to find that their friends or key contacts have donated. This helps tighten the bond with your donors since now they can receive timely acknowledgment from both the organization and the individual most responsible for linking them to the organization. Once you’ve linked individual donors with their key contact, email notifications can automatically be run.

Customize Your Email

The organization can customize the email to board members and decide what information about a donation the individual should know. You can also include the contact’s email address so that the Board member can quickly click on the address and send a personalized thank-you.

Process the Email Notification

The organization controls how often to send the email alerts. The system will automatically group together alerts for each board member into one email.

Timely Notifications Means Better Relationships

Providing the board member with an email notification will help them raise more money for your organization and properly acknowledge your key donors. Allowing them to quickly and personally thank a donor helps them reinforce to the donor the organization’s appreciation.

Email Contribution Statements

Go Green and Mass Email Your Contribution Statements

Not only will this feature save you the time that it would take to print, stuff, seal, and mail each of your contribution statements, but it could pay for your DonorSnap donor maangement subscription outright with all the money your organization will save on printing and mailing. In a few easy steps, you can create a customized email using merge fields and send it with the appropriate contribution statement attached. This feature is included in your DonorSnap subscription and does not require any additional account with any third party email services.

Personalize Your Email

This screen is where you have the ability to write the email that each of your contribution statements will be attached to. Choose to include merged data from any of your contact fields so that you can personally address your donors in a meaningful way.

Preview and Send Your Emails

Before you commit to sending all of your emails, stop and take a second to preview an email or two. In this area you can review the merge fields to make sure they are pulling in the exact information that you want. You can also open the pdf contribution statement to review it and the customized footer comment that you can add to it.

This screen also gives you the option to email a test copy to any email address that you would like. It’s easy to preview the email in different email inboxes that you control and check to make sure it is not caught by spam filters. This test email will also include the attachment and the merge contact data just as you would expect it to be received by your donor. If everything checks out, send the single email or close the window and send all of your emails in one click.

After you send any emails, you can see a record of them on the next screen. This record cannot be deleted and will remain for historical purposes. An option to resend individual emails is also available in case you need to do so.

Event Registrations

Automate the Registration Process

Use the DonorSnap online form tool to create a custom event registration web page for your organization. You can add a link to this page from your organizations website or include the link in an email to your mailing list (Better yet, use DataMiner Platinum to identify the golfers in your Contact list and link the list to Constant Contact to create a professional looking Email Campaign that includes your event registration link). The best part of the process is that the registration information collected is automatically captured in your DonorSnap database. This helps eliminate maintaining multiple lists and excess time required to re-enter data.

Sample Registration Page

DonorSnap has a web page development tool that allows you to create as many web forms as you would like and modify them as needed. There is no charge for creating or changing a web page. It’s all integrated into the DonorSnap system and yours to use with your account.

Registration with Payment Forms

You can also create registration forms that require payment. These forms are automatically linked to your online donation account. The registration form submission will be entered into your DonorSnap database along with the actual payment information. Talk about doing the work for you….

Credit Card Payment Collected

DonorSnap will automatically link your registration form over to your Accelerated Pay credit card processing account. Your donor’s credit card information will not be captured by DonorSnap but will automatically be collected, verified and processed by Accelerated Pay. Once the transaction is complete, Accelerated Pay will deposit the funds in your checking account. They are PCI compliant and ensure the safe guarding of your donor’s information.

Mail Merge Letters

Acknowledge Donations or Customize Letters to Your Contacts

The ability to mail merge is an essential part of your database. Now that you have all of your data in one place, let the automations of either of our merge systems process letters and labels on a mass basis. If “mail merge” is a scary word to you, don’t worry. The built in system walks you through the process step by step.

Upload Your Own Word Document

One of the options for mail merging your data into acknowlegements is through our Acknowledgement Word Document system. Create your letter outside of DonorSnap using word and upload it to DonorSnap. This way you can add images, use special fonts, and have the full processing ability of Microsoft Word.

If you have more than one letter, upload as many as you would like. Most organizations have multiple acknowledgement letters based on the campaign, appeal, or contact type. DonorSnap allows you to tag each donation with a specific batch code that is used to select the proper letter. Don’t ever send out generic one-size-fits-all letters again!

Use Your Own Images, Fonts, and Formatting

When you upload your own Word document, DonorSnap preserves all of the formatting and images that you add to your document. When you are ready to process them, your letters are exported to Word where you can make any final changes or customizations to specific letters that need to stand out from the rest.

Online Donations

Make It Easy for Your Donors to Give

Creating an online donation form makes it easier for your donors to give to your organization. People are now comfortable with online transactions and often prefer the simplicity as opposed to the older manual methods of writing and mailing a check. DonorSnap has created a new online form tool that is integrated with Accelerated Pay to allow your organization to solicit and receive payments over the internet. Best of all it integrates directly into your DonorSnap account. You can create as many forms as you’d like and change them as often as you see fit. There is no extra charge for the online form tool and no limit to the number of forms you can maintain. That’s often a hidden fee with our competitors. (There are fees associated with using Accelerated Pay to accept credit cards and this is negotiated directly between your organization and them).

Add the Text to Your Form

You control what the form says and how it looks. It may look complicated but with a little experience you can design a form from scratch in less than 5 minutes.

What Information Do You Want to Collect?

Simply drag and drop the DonorSnap fields you’d like to appear on your form. You can change the order, default values, make fields hidden, or mark as read only.

Add the Form to Your Website

Once you’ve created your form you will need to embed the link on your website. For most organizations this will require assistance from your website designer. It shouldn’t take them more than a couple minutes to add the link onto the site. Don’t worry if you want to make future changes to the web form. This link never changes, so you can edit the form as many times as you’d like in DonorSnap without having to make changes to your organization’s web page. (Note – if you simply want to do an email campaign, you can create the form and email out the link. It doesn’t need to appear on your web site.)

What Happens When Someone Clicks on the Link?

When someone is at your site and clicks on the link, your custom DonorSnap web form will be opened up. It doesn’t appear to the user that they have left your site but any of the data they enter will be recorded into your DonorSnap database.

Is it Secure?

When the user chooses “Next Step: Enter Payment Information” the control is transferred over to Accelerated Pay. They collect and verify the transaction information on their secure server and only pass back the last 4 digits of the credit card number to DonorSnap. The process is secure and PCI compliant.

Data is Automatically Stored in DonorSnap

When the user completes a transaction the information is automatically uploaded into DonorSnap. We store the information in a processing area to allow the user to decide if they want to load the information as it is or to link the transaction to an existing contact in the database. We hate having duplicate contact records in the system and this step helps you review and ensure that you’re not adding a new contact to your system that already exists.

Online Forms

Let Your Contacts Enter Their Own Information

You can create an unlimited number of interactive web forms with DonorSnap to collect information directly from your contacts over the internet. Web forms can be created to sign up new contacts, solicit volunteers, register for events, or sign up for newsletters. The use of the form tool is only limited by the nature of the organization and creativity of its staff. Unlike other systems, there is no charge to create new forms, modify existing forms, or use the form tool.

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