WolfePak Oil & Gas Accounting

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An accounting software tailored for the oil and gas industry that automates revenue distribution, ticketing, and more.

Product Overview

WolfePak Oil & Gas Accounting is a software featuring revenue distribution, joint interest billing, and expenditure authorization. The platform also handles financial statements, compliance reporting, audit trails, and transaction histories. WolfePak supports core modules like general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, deposit entry, and 1099s. It also has add-on tools for document and production management.


  • Highly scalable and customizable
  • Comprehensive financial management
  • Responsive customer support


  • Some user complaints about high pricing
  • Cannot hard close accounting periods

Target Market

Exploration and production operators, crude oil purchasers, transporters, haulers, investors, CPA firms, and service companies.

About WolfePak Oil & Gas Accounting

WolfePak software handles daily accounting procedures with specific modules for oil & gas. Its integrated financial management tools include general ledger, check stub entry, and financial and production reporting.

WolfePak Key Features & Modules

WolfePak’s modular architecture allows operators, purchasers, and service companies to build a system that aligns with their specific workflows:

CDEX Data Exchange

  • Automation: Automates data entry from check stubs, reducing errors.
  • Efficiency: Accelerates data processing, includes error-checking features.

Check Stub Entry

  • Payment Tracking: Ensures receipt and accuracy of payments from purchasers.
  • Data Integration: Compatible with CDEX for automated data entry.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Includes historical reports and payment tracking.

Joint Interest Billing (JIB)

  • Integrated Accounting: Combines with revenue disbursement modules for a complete system.
  • Customization: Features over 100 lines of description for entries, restart capabilities, and detailed reporting.
  • Investor Management: Includes invoice generation and payment tracking.

Land Management

  • Lease Tracking: Manages critical land and lease information.
  • Comprehensive Database: Detailed lease and prospect information management.
  • Integration: Connects with other WolfePak modules for financial overviews.

Production Reporting

  • State Compliance: Facilitates the generation of required state reports.
  • Historical Data: Features a graph generator for visualizing up to 30 years of production history.
  • Data Integration: Links with other WolfePak modules for comprehensive analysis.

Revenue Distribution

  • Financial System Integration: Combines with JIB for a holistic accounting solution.
  • Owner Management: Automates general ledger entries and check disbursement for multiple owners.
  • Suspense Management: Handles legal suspense and petty suspense with detailed reporting options.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of WolfePak Oil & Gas Accounting

Submitted on March 16th, 2023 by Cara Smith

We ended up sticking with the WolfePak program. It is great and is able to meet all of our software needs. However, I do feel it is a bit more expensive than it needs to be.

Some of its workflows are a bit confusing and more complex than what I am used but other than that it is a great program.

The support team has been more than great and we are happy with our program so far!

The Good…

Feature packed and compltes our needs

The Bad…

Over priced for what it offers

Some things are not as user freindly

Submitted on August 3rd, 2022 by Phil Carlisle

If I could, I’d give a zero rating. They have totally taken advantage of their client base. Way too expensive, taking us hostage to the cloud.

The Good…

We’ve used WolfePak since early 2000’s. Was great until they decided to take advantage of their long term clients.

The Bad…

Pricing. Cloud based. Really anti-customer base.

Submitted on August 6th, 2020 by Todd Bart

WolfePak is a user-friendly and logical oil and gas accounting software. I’ve used several different software packages during my career and have been impressed by WolfePak.

The Good…

It’s easy to use and quick to learn. I also appreciate the great service we receive from everyone in the company.

The Bad…

I don’t like that you can’t hard close periods.