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About PawnMate

PawnMate is a cloud based solution for managing single store operations to multi-location pawn shops. This software manages customer and item data, price quotes, police reporting, inventory management, and more.

Try this secure cloud-based software to help your pawn shop grow. This solution has been developed for both single store operators and multi-location pawn shops of all sizes. PawnMate comes with no headaches – GUARANTEED.

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  • Inventory Management: Manage store and eCommerce inventory yo eliminate double work
  • POS: Streamline sales with a point of sale system
  • eBay Integration: Make sales online through an eBay account
  • eCommerce: Sell items through an online storefront
  • Till Management: Balance your register
  • Jewelry Estimator: Accurately price out gold, metal, and diamonds
  • Law Enforcement Compliance: Integration with police reporting to BWI, Leadsonline, CAPSS, and local municipalities
  • Data Migration: Plan and execute a seamless transition from your current software vendor to ANY new software vendor
  • Customer Management: Detailed customer profile history with text and email message alerts

The first thing you’ll notice with PawnMate is the simple, responsive and intuitively designed face of the platform. Every thought went into the design to maximize the natural flow of processing transactions.

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User Reviews of PawnMate

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Anonymous

PawnMate’s interface is super quick and rather intuitive. I’m very impressed with the gentle learning curve this will offer my staff who will be transition from another platform. The platform is cleanly laid out, and provides vital details for any business at a glance. Navigation is fast and friendly, and it works on a variety of systems (from PC to even cell phones!)The police ticket auto-submission is AWESOME. By far the best I’ve seen of any platform so far. I suspect that it will reduce our service time, translating to more productivity. Currently, unnecessary redundant steps are required to perform multiple transaction types. All in all, I’m loving what I’m seeing! I’m looking forward to a bright future with PawnMate.

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Anonymous

PawnMate has made many of the repetitive tasks like adding a new customer, extending or reclaiming a ticket so much easier. It has considerably reduced the time these transactions take. Other tasks such as reporting to law enforcement agencies or sending customers late notifications via email or text has been completely automated. This has allowed our staff to focus on what’s really important, generating new business.

As an owner with multiple locations, access to all the stores data in real time has also proved invaluable.

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Anonymous

Pawnmate is a game changer for the pawn industry. The till management system makes keeping track of cash as simple as logging in. From transfers to and from the bank or transfers to individual tills, every note is accounted for. If any till is out more than five dollars an automatic email is sent to the owner. The checkout screen also makes multiple transactions very fast and very simple. Simply scan an extension, pick up, and a sale at the same time and it automatically gives you a total price. Pawnmate customer service and support is by far the best I have ever dealt with.