An ERP system designed by 2M Technologies for manufacturing companies.

About ResponsePro

ResponsePro from 2M Technologies, Inc is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for Pharmaceutical, Nutriceutical, Food and Chemical Industries. Since 1987 2M has been helping companies get the most from their technology investment. Available in either Linux or Windows environments, ResponsePro gives you a competitive advantage to become more productive and profitable.

With over 30 years experience in the industry, our staff is well trained and has the ability to address the needs of the Process Manufacturing community.

Throughout the system you will find features that will help you become more productive and responsive to your customers’ needs, and as a result more profitable. A few of the features you will find throughout the system are:

  • Comment capabilities throughout the system lets you enter free form text.
  • Extensive sales, inventory, receivable, purchasing, manufacturing, trend, and analysis reports
  • Powerful lookup capability for any inquiry or entry screen for quicker action/entry.
  • Drill down capability to quickly get additional information on individual transactions.
  • Ability to email or fax documents, including statements and invoices saving time and money.
  • Ability to publish reports to secure websites.
  • You determine the length of time to keep historical information. You can offload data or purge data by module.

Accounts Receivable Processing

Accounts Receivable (A/R) module developed by 2M Technologies provides the user with a full range of functions for tracking and processing customer invoices and payments. By allowing you to easily manage all outstanding receivables, reduce collection time and increase cash flow, this module pays for itself in a very short time.

Some Features Include:

  • History kept on file for a period of time determined by the user
  • Customer comments can display and print as required
  • Customer access via account number, name, address, city, zip, and two additional user defined cross references
  • User defined payment types
  • Sales Tax Registers (detail of summary)
  • Late charges calculation by customer
  • Due Date Adjustments and Split Invoice Capability
  • A/R Journal entries/adjustments (with update of desired G/L accounts by type)
  • General Ledger interface journal is provided whether or not the G/L interface is installed

Customer Processing

The Customer Processing module provides better customer service by tracking detailed historical information and handling of special requirements for each customer through extensive comment capability. It also allows you to better manage customers through our comprehensive credit checking system.

Some Features Include:

  • Comments can be defined as printing or non-printing comments on orders, invoice, and A/R reports
  • Help Look-ups throughout the system let you find any customer by using the customer number, name, address, city, zip code, or two user definable search keys
  • Flags for late charges, statement printing, activity and taxable are defined by individual customer
  • Credit limit and credit status are set by individual customer
  • Customer History Trend Reporting (total sales for last 12 months) and comparison Reporting (compares this year to last year) is available in Summary and Detail (by Product Class)
  • Boundless number of special pricing options and quantity breaks
  • Automatic calculation of average days to pay for each customer and invoice
  • Customer Profitability reports

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module provides you with complete control of inventory, comprehensive pricing structures and on-demand management reporting.

Some Features Include:

  • Cross reference from your item number to customer’s item number
  • Quarantine capability for tight inventory control
  • Complete costing (Standard or Avg. cost) and inventory valuation. Profitability by Item – cost vs. Pricing Category
  • Cost Variance Exception Reporting – Std. vs. Last
  • Complete lot traceability from receipt to finished good. Full Inventory ýLedgerý of transactions
  • Tracks last sale and purchase information
  • Multi-Warehouse and multi-location capability
  • Quantities and dollar comparison reporting as well as month-by-month trend reporting
  • Critical item report for both over and under stocking levels
  • Cycle count code & ABC classification (with automatic recalculation)

Order Processing/Billing

These modules provide a range of functions beginning with the entry of customer orders all the way through to the final invoicing and updating. Once billed and updated, transactions may be tracked though the Accounts Receivable module.

Some Features Include:

  • Order management shows complete visibility from start to finish
  • Customer lookup by number, name, or user defined ‘selection’ keys
  • Credit management subsystem with credit hold/release processing
  • Lookup items by number, or partial description
  • Automatic back order creation
  • Inquiry ‘snapshot’ of an invoice after it is printed and updated. Also, option to reprint the invoice or eMail directly to the Customer
  • Create invoices through One-Step Billing without an order ticket
  • Daily / Monthly Sales Journals showing each invoice and totals with Product Class totals

Purchasing System

Automatic backorder creation. Inquiry ‘snapshot’ of an invoice after it is printed and updated. Also, option to reprint the invoice or eMail directly to the Customer. Create invoices through One-Step Billing without an order ticket. Daily / Monthly Sales Journals showing each invoice and totals with Product Class totals.

Some Features Include:

  • Revision number assigned each time maintenance is done on a purchase order
  • Ability to flag items that must be inspected/quarantine. Once received, quarantine items remain separate from On- Hand until inspected and accepted
  • Full or partial receipts of line items on purchase orders
  • Standard information such as terms and ship via are carried in from the vendor file
  • Supports drop shipment handling (to customer or other site). Printed P/Os are barcoded
  • Receipt History by vendor, item and p/o number
  • Pricing from vendors including up to 6 quantity breaks, date of last pricing update for each vendor for each item
  • Search for items by description

Quotation Module

Supports drop shipment handling (to customer or other site). Printed P/Os are barcoded. Receipt History by vendor, item and p/o number. Pricing from vendors including up to 6 quantity breaks, date of last pricing update for each vendor for each item. Search for items by description.

Some Features Include:

  • Integrates with Frontrange Goldmine CRM Software
  • Entry of quote using inventory items or non-stock items (special orders)
  • Lookup items by number, or partial description
  • Sales History of customer including item bought, date, and price paid inquiry and/or hard copy
  • Customer purchasing history including item, date, and price can be displayed as quote is being entered
  • Comparison of dollars quoted and quotes accepted by rep
  • Month-to-Date, Quarter-to-Date, and Year-to-Date
  • Quotation activity for Month-to-Date, Quarter-to-Date and Year-to-Date by rep
  • Open quote inquiries by item or contact
  • Unlimited note fields for quotations
  • Unlimited notes for phone follow-up for each quotations
  • Standard comment table for retrieval in quotation entry

Work Order Processing

The Work Order / Process Manufacturing Module provides a full range of functions beginning with the development of a work order through final completion. It also allows you to better manage the inventory of component items within work orders with a detailed tracking system.

Some Features Include:

  • Track each operation of a work order
  • Open Work Orders by Component or by finished good
  • Complete tracking of actual material and cost of components
  • Lot# tracking for Components and Finished Goods
  • Component requirement analysis
  • Commit inventory of component items of the work order upon its release. Option to allocate actual raw material (by Lot#) to a Work Order on a FIFO basis
  • Ability to split work orders into smaller batches for production yet retain identity under one Lot
  • Batch Sheet, Compression Log and Work Order Printing
  • Formula Printing without need for a Work Order
  • Multiple usage inquiries by Lot#, Finished Good or Component
  • Work Order Yield Report
  • Packaging line, Master and Manufacturing scheduling

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