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Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Software

MRP software enables manufacturers to take greater control over the manufacturing process. But for manufacturers looking to purchase their first set of MRP software tools or upgrade an existing software package, choosing the right solution can seem overwhelming. It doesn’t help that many similar software solutions, such as ERP software, often have overlapping functionality with MRP software.

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What Is MRP Software?

Manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software, also known as material requirements planning software or MRP II software, manages the manufacturing process through production planning, scheduling, and inventory control. MRP software allows manufacturers to plan and calculate material requirements, coordinate personnel and machine workloads, and optimally plan purchasing to meet customer demands.

MRP software also aids in inventory and production schedules to produce products and complete manufacturing jobs. An MRP system determines which assemblies must be built, what materials must be purchased, and the order in which to build products to meet customer due dates.

What Are the Most Common MRP Functionalities?

The functions of an MRP software platform enable manufacturers to manage, coordinate, and account for all steps of the production process. Here are some of the most common functionalities included in MRP software:

  • Master production scheduling: MRP software enables manufacturers to create a highly detailed master production schedule that accounts for resource, staffing, and inventory needs in order to complete and optimize production.
  • Purchasing planning: With the master production schedule, manufacturers can accurately estimate the amount of components and raw materials they must purchase to complete manufacturing projects.
  • Demand forecasting: Manufacturers use MRP to forecast the demand for inventory. This includes inventory items based on independent demand (such as finished products) and dependent demand (components required in order to build products). Inventory reservation and availability management: To ensure proper resources are available for production, MRP software allows manufacturers to check all available resources and reserve inventory to carry out specific tasks.
  • Shop floor control: For an overview of the daily work in process, shop floor control helps track, schedule, prioritize, evaluate, and report on the status of materials and production.
  • Equipment maintenance scheduling: MRP software helps prevent downtime by scheduling, organizing, and tracking preventive and critical equipment maintenance tasks. Production cost reporting: Throughout the manufacturing process, MRP software can produce accurate and detailed primary and secondary cost reports that can account for labor, overhead, storage, waste, and other manufacturing expenditures.

What Are Some of the Best MRP Software Products?

MRP software can be highly specific to an organization’s size, scale of manufacturing, or industry. Because every manufacturing operation is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all software solution; instead, there are dozens of great MRP software products available to help manufacturers meet their specific needs.

An example of an MRP software is MRPEasy, a software-as-a-service production planning and warehouse management tool popular among small and medium-sized organizations. The main goal of this solution as well as many other MRP options is “What is the actual production cost, and when will the order be ready?”

Software Connect can help manufacturers identify the best MRP software to meet their particular needs.

Trends in MRP Software

Two noticeable trends have emerged in MRP software: the evolution from MRP I to MRP II, and the evolution from MRP II to ERP. The major differences among MRP I, MRP II, and ERP come from technological advances that have led to software systems that offer greater functionality and control.

What’s the Difference Between MRP I and MRP II?

MRP I is named for the first sets of manufacturing resource planning software tools originally developed in the 1970s and 1980s. Limited by the technology at the time, MRP I software offered basic accounting for master production scheduling, inventory tracking, and the Bill of Materials.

MRP II developed out of the need to link MRP I software to inventory management software and accounting software. Far more capable than MRP I software, MRP II software adds the ability for manufacturers to oversee the actions of the shop floor, forecast demand, and carry out robust cost reporting.

What’s the Difference Between an ERP and an MRP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a large suite of software tools that helps plan and account for the resources of an entire organization. While incorporating some of the functionality of MRP software, ERP software handles more of an organization’s data management, including customer relationship management (CRM) tools, supply chain management tools, and accounting tools. ERP software can be fully integrated into an organization’s data operations to handle most major aspects of the business. It is often utilized by large businesses.

MRP software, in comparison, is a narrow but highly specialized set of tools designed specifically for manufacturing purposes. More nimble than a full ERP software suite, smaller manufacturers or businesses looking for complete control over their manufacturing often select MRP software to oversee their manufacturing operations.

What Common Manufacturing Pain Points Does MRP Software Solve?

The MRP Software Buyer Trends Report was published in 2018, and found the following key findings:

  • Three MRP features are head-and-shoulders above the rest on manufacturers’ must-have lists. More than 70% of buyers are looking for purchase planning, demand forecasting, and master production scheduling.
  • More than 65% of MRP software buyers are actually looking for a full blown ERP system that includes core accounting features. Order management is a close second.
  • MRP buyers are 45% less likely to have a preference for hosted systems.
  • 29% of MRP software buyers are replacing QuickBooks.

Over 70 percent of the manufacturers spoken with identified three features to help address common manufacturing pain points: purchase planning, demand forecasting, and master production scheduling. MRP software offers specific features to alleviate each of these manufacturing pain points, making the manufacturing process more organized and transparent.

Why are Manufacturers Choosing MRP Software?

The five key reasons manufacturers are seeking to purchase MRP software:

  • 25% wish to increase their manufacturing software functionality.
  • 23% are buying an MRP system for the first time.
  • 14% are businesses seeking to replace outdated systems.
  • 12% are pursuing the benefits of consolidating multiple MRP systems into a single package.
  • 9% have outgrown their current system.

Upgrading QuickBooks to MRP Software

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Many manufacturers continue to use QuickBooks and QuickBooks Enterprise to handle manufacturing and accounting needs. 29% plan to replace QuickBooks with a different software solution, while 20 percent stated their next MRP system will not be replacing existing software. Whether it’s standalone MRP software solution or an integrated QuickBooks app like MRPEasy, there are many options to consider when adding MRP into your business.

Software Related to MRP Software

If MRP software doesn’t exactly fit your needs or you need additional software to support your manufacturing systems, more options are available. For software that can assist across all aspects of the business, including manufacturing, logistics, payroll, CRM, HR, and more, ERP software many different operations that can be tailored to any industry. To handle specific manufacturing needs, like a manufacturing execution system (MES) or a quality management system (QMS), many different types of manufacturing software also exist.

Choosing the right solution for your manufacturing operation can feel overwhelming. If you’re looking to upgrade your MRP software or need exploring the manufacturing software landscape, Software Connect is here to help your business determine the right software for your specific needs.

Popular MRP Software Products

Looking for great MRP software options? Below you can check out a list of the products most commonly considered by others searching for MRP software. The list on this page is based on many years of real software matches. But everyone’s needs are different. Browse for fits with your specific requirements or let us help you identify your top options.

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The companies and representatives you sent our way were prompt and thorough… I definitely would recommend your company as a means to exploring options with qualified providers. — Bruce Conley
Your service saved me some very valuable time and hooked me up with some excellent resources. Thanks for providing this top-notch service. — Linda Vittori
Thanks! Having a service like this to help navigate the ocean of accounting software and help identify potential good-fits without having to delve through numerous bad-fits is of tremendous value! — Mark Carpenter
  • Macola by Exact

    Macola has provided software solutions to thousands of small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors for over 40 years. Our solutions help organizations increase revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies, and...

  • E2 Shop System by Shoptech Software

    Created in a Shop... by Shop People The E2 Shop System enables shop owners to effectively control all aspects of shop activity, while simultaneously and effectively managing profitability. Whether it's your front office or shop floor that...

  • Epicor E10 ERP by Epicor Software

    Guided by the need of today’s users, Epicor ERP is a global enterprise resource planning solution that delivers the choice, flexibility and agility to drive growth and opportunity throughout your business. Track, measure, and monitor your...

  • Planning Manager by LYNQ

    Once you have determined what you need, you need to make it in the most efficient way while providing your customers with delivery dates they can rely on. ##Material Availability + Resource Utilization = Fast, Efficient Delivery Using Planning...

  • Q‑INMASS by Quantum Software

    Q-Inmass is a full featured, cloud based ERP system for emerging manufacturers and distributors. We specialize in companies that find themselves in "The Gap", which is when a company can no longer survive on QuickBooks and spreadsheets, but they...

  • CLC ‑ MRP by Raritan Valley Technology Group

    Raritan Valley Technology Group Inc. developed this MRP/ERP software under the Command Line Corp (CLC) brand name. If you are looking for an effective way to manage inventory bill of materials and manufacturing this is the software for you....

  • ECi M1 by ECi Software Solutions

    ECi M1™ is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, providing total integration and automation of jobs from quoting through invoicing. M1 is a business system designed for small-to-medium manufacturers including job shops, custom,...

  • AutoPO MRP by Accounting Technology, LLC

    This add-on, which is designed and developed for use with Sage MAS90 and MAS200, gives you the ability to automatically generate the Purchase Orders that the MRP Generation suggests via the Purchase Order Register, and add a Print Option to that...

  • CaliachMRP by Caliach Limited

    CaliachMRP is Caliach's original, ground-breaking manufacturing management system (MRPII) for managing core manufacturing activities. With an established track record, CaliachMRP's reputation is based upon its ease-of-use and straightforward...

  • justMRP by Info-Power International

    JustMRP is exactly that: just MRP. It focuses on providing a Material Requirements Planning (MRP) solution to companies that have existing systems, but need planning tools. JustMRP is browser-based so it's easy to use, and utilizes Active Server...


    SYSPRO - Software You Can Count On Every day thousands of people on six continents rely on SYSPRO for information, functionality and technology. Formed in 1978, SYSPRO has stood the test of time as a company and as a business solution for...

  • MRPEasy by MRPEasy

    MRPeasy is a cloud-based and user-friendly production planning software for small manufacturers. The tool helps manage production scheduling, inventory, sales, procurement and shop-floor in one place. MRPeasy allows you to select the features...

  • MVI Solutions MRP Software by mviSolutions

    Our MRP software allows you completely manage your manufacturing operations and track customer shipments via an online system that tracks every aspect of your business. Purchasing and scheduling problems are reduced and inventory is kept at optimal...

  • pc/MRP by pc/MRP

    This software would be most advantageous for a small to mid-sized business that wanted to run its entire operation from one software package. The very best feature of the product is its price performance ratio. It would be hard to find a package...

  • ProcessPro by ProcessPro Software

    ProcessPro offers a robust ERP system with full manufacturing, inventory and financial integration - a complete system from beginning sales order entry through the manufacturing and accounting process. The software solves the critical needs of batch...

  • Enterprise Edition by Planet Together

    The Enterprise Edition is designed for companies with large, complex facilities, multiple production locations, or important material constraints. It provides the full capabilities of including it's dynamic Material Planning and...

  • E‑Z‑MRP by Weeks Software Solutions LLC

    E-Z-MRP™ is an integrated manufacturing system that includes all the functions you need to control your manufacturing operations. E-Z-MRP™ is designed for small manufacturers – from startup to $20 million. It works just as well...

  • Sage ERP X3 by Sage

    Sage ERP X3 is the most powerful and flexible business management solution offered by Sage. It empowers mid-sized and larger companies within the manufacturing and distribution industries with the ability to grow a competitive business with limited...

  • Active ERP by Aboard Software

    Aboard Active ERP (aERP) includes: A very robust, very scalable and perfectly priced ERP software package that addresses the present and future needs of your growing business. Robotic software users that actively and constantly work...

  • Acumatica ERP by Acumatica

    Acumatica is a cloud ERP system designed for the SMB market. Acumatica includes functionality for financial management, customer management, project accounting, distribution management, manufacturing management, field service management, and...

  • xTuple by xTuple

    Use xTuple on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. xTuple’s multi-client approach empowers customers to leverage today's — and tomorrow's — technology, especially employee preferences to BYOD (bring your own device). Users may access xTuple via our...

  • Infor VISUAL by Infor

    Infor VISUAL Enterprise was the first true Windows-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for custom, assemble-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed mode manufacturers. Its leading-edge technology is designed to manage the...

  • SAP Business One by SAP

    SAP Business One provides comprehensive business management capabilities for small and medium sized companies. 50,000 plus companies utilize SAP Business One to provide integrated departmental support for finance, sales, supply chain,...

  • True ERP by True ERP

    TrueERP is a software solution that goes beyond accounting. It is a true ERP solution designed to integrate the information from all your key business functions from inventory control, purchasing and manufacturing through to sales and fulfillment...

  • Mar‑Kov Chemical Management System by Mar-Kov Computer Systems

    Mar-Kov software focuses on Process, Batch, and Recipe / Formulation based manufacturers. We believe in best-of-breed solutions, and deliver specialized implementations for each of the following industries: Chemicals Pharmaceuticals...

  • BatchMaster ERP with SAP Business One by BatchMaster Software

    To grow your manufacturing business, you need to focus on your core competencies and key business objectives. This requires having detailed enterprise-wide information at your fingertips. Having your sales, accounting, manufacturing and distribution...

  • Hydra MES by MPDV

    HYDRA by MPDV USA is a fully integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that helps organizations collect and analyze critical data related to production, HR, and quality management. With HYDRA, manufacturers can gather real-time data from their...

  • NetSuite ERP by NetSuite

    NetSuite ERP is a cloud-based, developer-hosted, cloud ERP software platform offered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. NetSuite advertises its ERP solution as "the world's most deployed cloud ERP" solution. NetSuite ERP is used by over...

  • KeyedIn Manufacturing by KeyedIn Solutions

    KeyedIn™ Manufacturing – Smarter software for custom manufacturers KeyedIn ™ Manufacturing is a comprehensive web-based (Cloud) business management software solution for custom manufacturers. It combines the power of a proven, robust...

  • R4 Enterprise by Royal 4 Systems

    As a Total Solution, R4 financials complete your operation. R4 back office financials delivers a multi-entity, multi-currency and multi-lingual enterprise resource planning system. This system fully integrates AR, AP, GL, and other financial...

  • WorkWise ERP by WorkWise

    WorkWise ERP is organized into seven Suites that cover all the information technology needs of the manufacturing enterprise. Product Data Management (PDM) supports standard, configured, and custom products for to-order, to-stock and...

  • Chempax by Datacor

    Chempax Page Complete ERP Software Solution for the Chemical Industry Your software should work harder than you do. Enterprise Resource Planning increases your productivity and incorporates all aspects of your business into one...

  • OptiPro ERP by OptiPro

    OptiPro ERP has three core components: SAP Business One, OptiPro Manufacturing and OptiPro Distribution. ##OptiPro Manufacturing Optimized Production and Quality Bring advanced agility and efficiency into your production. The OptiPro...

  • S2K Enterprise Software by VAI

    VAI's technology roadmap, our shared vision with IBM, provides companies with a business model based on best industry processes that leverages technology to create value and improve performance. The S2K family of products includes solutions for...

  • MasterTools ‑ Manufacturing by Online Computing

    With MasterTools, all elements of your business process flow through a relational database that enables you to access, monitor and control every aspect of your business in real-time. Managers can see the entire process, quickly and easily track...

  • WinMan by TTW

    WinMan provides a complete and integrated manufacturing management system for small to mid-sized manufacturers. WinMan is one of the first full function ERP products developed 100% on the Microsoft .NET platform. Coupled with Microsoft's SQL...

  • ORION Enterprise by 3I Infotech

    Going beyond an Affordable, Full-featured ERP Solution for Process Manufacturing. The ORION Enterprise for Process Manufacturing is a comprehensive, affordable, full-featured ERP solution for the industries such as food & beverage, chemical,...

  • TRAVERSE by Open Systems

    TRAVERSE is an ERP system from Open Systems, Inc. offering financial, operations, and sales functionality. Traverse provides comprehensive integration for key business processes, while offering the ability to scale from 5 to 500 users....

  • Dynamics NAV by Microsoft

    Dynamics NAV is an ERP product developed by Microsoft for small and mid-market companies. The solution offers product functionality covering financial management, supply chain management, manufacturing, project management, and service...

  • Odoo by Open ERP s.a.

    Odoo is the most installed business software in the world. Odoo is used by 2.000.000 users worldwide ranging from very small companies (1 user) to very large ones (300 000 users). Amongst the biggest references you can find: Odoo is the only...

  • JobOps by Synergistic Software Solutions

    JOB OPS, a graphically based job operations and production system, is designed for organizations that need to track real-time labor, materials, purchases and other costs while monitoring the status of each job throughout the production process. JOB...

  • MISys Manufacturing by MISys

    MISys is a time-tested, fully integrated MRP system that can streamline a manufacturer's process, saving them time and money. From basic Inventory and BOM needs, to complex Shop Floor Control and Serial/Lot Tracking, MISys offers a scalable solution...

  • Millennium III (M3) by Rover Data Systems

    Millennium III (M3) is a complete Enterprise Software Solution created to meet and exceed the requirements of small and medium sized businesses. Over the years Rover Data Systems has worked with M3's clients to incorporate the changes needed to stay...

  • JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software by JAAS Systems

    JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software (JAMS) was written to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Business Solutions - Solomon, an award winning application suite. JAMS uses both the financial and distribution modules of Solomon 4.x to provide a...


    An operations software solution that is user-friendly,fully functional, and designed with applications that are focused on managing business processes. These applications include customer and vendor management, order fulfillment, procurement,...

  • IIG Process Manufacturing Maestro by Information Integration Group

    IIG's Process Manufacturing enhancement, built into the user interface of either Sage 100 (formerly MAS90 / MAS200), is a recipe management software system designed specifically to address the unique requirements needed by batch processing...

  • Horizons Manufacturing Suite by Horizons International

    Horizons Manufacturing Suite (HMS) is composed of a series of modules that enable manufacturing scalability where one can begin by using the Bill of Materials and Production Entry and scale up in use as situations demand. Add Work in Process, Serial...

  • Vicinity ‑ Process Manufacturing Software by Vicinity Manufacturing

    Introducing Vicinity software, the first software application in a decade built specifically for process manufacturers, integrating and simplifying critical functions like formula management, production scheduling, and QC tracking. Vicinity helps...

  • SyAcc ERP by SyAcc Systems

    SyAcc's flexible and scalable ERP software allows you to meet your current business challenges while empowering your organization for future success. Accounting Unlimited currencies and rates for A/R and A/P by date Comprehensive currency...

  • ALERE Manufacturing by TIW Technology

    ALERE Manufacturing is designed specifically for order driven and make-to-stock manufacturers. It includes all the day-to-day functionality that you might expect in a sophisticated manufacturing package. What you might not expect are the carefully...

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