Pharmacy software developed by Micro Merchant Systems

Product Overview

PrimeRx is a pharmacy management software developed by Micro Merchant Systems, designed for a range of pharmacy types including retail, long-term care, and more. Main features include patient and provider intake, prescription processing, workflow management, claims processing, labeling and dispensing, inventory management, report generation, automated refill management, and patient record management.

PrimeRx is a Windows-based platform that offers standard pharmacy functionalities and can integrate with other Micro Merchant Systems products to create tailored solutions for the healthcare space. It can also be customized to manage the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.


  • Customizable platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • Includes controlled substance reporting tools
  • Familiar Windows-based layout


  • Pricing details unavailable
  • May be inventory functionality issues

Target Market

Independent pharmacy owners who need a versatile and customizable solution that can adapt to various pharmacy types.

About PrimeRx

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PrimeRx Features

Automated Refill Management System

  • Electronic Prescriptions: Review existing patient, prescriber and drug inventory data
  • Refill Compliance Dashboard: Customize to include preferred metrics including scheduled refills, missed refills, expired refills, and Med Sync Rx
  • Scheduled Refills: Automatically queues daily refills
  • RxSync: Sync all refills to based on a date
  • Return to Stock Queue: flag prescriptions which are not picked up, show missed pickups, and add those drugs back to inventory

Customized Workflow Management and Reports

  • Inventory management
  • Reconciliation process ensures you will never miss a payment
  • Bin management feature facilitates prescription pickup process
  • Seamless management of incoming prescriptions
  • Generate electronic orders with wholesalers based on your customized drug ordering parameters
  • Ability to show cost comparisons between wholesalers
  • Automatically update true cost from EDI files received from a wholesaler(s)
  • Ensure compliance with all state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Automatic backups of all data; Remote server access in case of emergency

Electronic Health Records

Users can easily access and update patient records, and capture critical notes and observations about patient wellbeing. This expanded capability allows pharmacists to make note of any non-prescription drugs or supplements a patient may be taking, which may be in conflict with a prescribed medication.

Drug Reference Guide

PrimeRx™ includes an interface to Clinical Pharmacology, a medical search engine and drug reference guide offered by Elsevier and powered by ClinicalKey®.

Key capabilities include:

  • Drug Class Overviews
  • Custom Reports
  • Drug Monographs
  • Drug Images
  • IV Compatibility
  • Toxicology Resource
  • Advanced search technology with automatic suggestions that rapidly present relevant information.

Product Overview

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