POS & Distribution

A multi-module management system designed by Business Control Systems.

About POS & Distribution

Point of Sale and Order Entry are the heart of the POS & Distribution. Point of Sale focuses on retail sales, while Order Entry is specifically designed for the special needs of wholesale and mail-order businesses.

Items are automatically deducted from inventory whenever you make a sale or produce an order. Find out how much of any item is in inventory, quickly create backorders, update item or customer information without leaving either of the ticket or order entry screens!

Grids & Apparel

When you sell (through ‘Point of Sale’ or ‘Order Entry’ the system will prompt you for the specific color and size being sold and deducts that specific color/size combination of that item from inventory. This feature is not limited to apparel; use it for hardware items (e.g. size of bolts), or any other item that may have color/size, weight/size or two dimensional specifications.

Grids are also used for pricing items. If a certain color/size combination should be priced more or less than another, the Price Pack option allows you to assign specific prices for each combination on grided items. When you ring up a sale, the special pricing is automatically applied.

Grids can be one or two dimensional with up to 20 ‘colors’ (rows) and 50 ‘sizes’ (columns). An item can have up to 1,000 unique color/size combinations. When a new item is set up, its grid layout is also established. New items may also be set up by copying existing items and grids, reducing setup time and opportunities for errors. Each cell for a grided item can also have its own unique barcode.

Order Entry

One of the highlights of the POS & Distribution System is it’s Order Entry option for processing customer orders and invoices. This module was specifically designed to meet the distinctive needs of the wholesale distributor and mail-order businesses.

Order Entry gives you the ability to process customer orders, print picking tickets and invoices, even track backorders. Produce credit memos, quotes, RMA’s, orders and invoices quickly and easily. Order Entry is easy to learn and provides fast and accurate entry.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale provides a fully integrated, and easy to learn, ‘cash-register’ function on a computer workstation. The POS & Distribution System couples the register with a full array of management controls and reports. Customers and inventory can be quickly added (‘On-The-Fly’) while ringing up sale.

Purchasing Advice & Automatic Purchasing

Purchase Advice and Automatic Purchasing produce reports to know which items are selling and which items to stock. You won’t waste your money on overstocking or on ordering inventory your customers don’t buy.

‘Min/Max’ allows you to specify a minimum and maximum in-stock amount of a specific item. Use it along with the ‘Replenishment’ feature to know how much you sold and how much to restock after your busiest seasons. The Purchase Advice feature also helps you predict how much you need to buy for next season based on previous seasonal sales.

Another powerful feature of Automatic Purchasing is ‘Days of Supply.’ This feature will allow you to order enough of an item to ensure that the inventory for that item will last a specific number of days. Know exactly how long your current supply will last, and exactly how much you will need to order.

Rental Inventory

The Point of Sale and Distribution System also has rental tracking. When an item is rented, ‘rental sales’ are recorded but inventory is not affected. Each unit of a Rental Item is tracked by a unique rental ID that can be manually entered or automatically assigned. The POS & Distribution System will track the rental, return, any deposit amount and any late fee for that particular item. You can check the status of a rented item at any time.

Sales History

Retain and manage historical sales data with the Sales History feature. This feature allows you to graph, view and report those sales in a monthly summary or detailed form. It also provides commissions reporting, so you can know who is selling what, and how much.

View sales order histories too! You will have complete detailed history of every sale or return in an easily viewable format. Looking up sales can be organized by order number, customer and date of the transaction, items sold, or by just by customer.

Print out a one-page recap that provides a summary of activities across multiple stores. This management tool, Flash Sales Report, will show you the exact number of sales tickets each store produces, along with sales amounts and profits.

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