Preactor 400 APS

A web-based software system designed by Preactor International.

About Preactor 400 APS

Preactor 400 APS has additional algorithms to deal with even the most complex of applications and allows scheduling to take into account both process resources such as machines, labour and tools as well as materials. It has a number of optimization rules in-built to deal with such problems as minimizing changeover times, preferred sequencing, bottleneck scheduling and campaigning. However where these rules do not meet the exact requirements, then unique customized rules can be added using Preactor’s Event Script Processor or any .NET compatible programming system, such as VB.NET.

Preactor 400 APS also has features for automatically linking individual orders for example in assembly applications. Often ERP systems will create manufacturing orders for each level of the BOM and may aggregate, in non make-to-order environments, parts for many different sales orders. Preactor 400 APS can use the BOM structure together with user definable pegging rules to link or peg orders together. These links are used as part of schedule generation so that, if, for example materials produced by an order are delayed, then the impact on one or more orders which it supplies can be established. This can be extended to purchase orders for bought-out items and to sales orders so full material traceability is available.

The flow of materials and links that have been created is displayed in a Materials Explorer

The product also has a Materials Explorer.

This is a unique and effective tool for planners to manage materials and see the impact of material constraints in their plant.

More than 70% of all licenses sold are at P400 APS level and can be considered its flagship product.

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