A software system designed by The Barke Group for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.


About Innatrack

Key Features:

  • Tailored to the needs of Process Manufacturers, Distributors and Private Labelers. Innatrack typically provides a 95% or better fit.
  • On-line, multi-dimensional, drill-down access to sales and cost-of-sales data. Viewable across multiple time frames and at any level in the sales and product structure.
  • Profitability tracking by region, broker, customer or product, so you know where you’re making money and where you’re not.
  • Cost of production and variance reporting at the product level, including labor hours, for true profitability analysis.
  • Very flexible pricing and broker-based commission systems, including promotions, charge-backs, accruals, commission splits and commodity-additive pricing.
  • Complete electronic integration with EDI, WINS, RF terminals and bar coding to streamline order processing, production, labor time entry, inventory and shipping.
  • Comprehensive lot processing and tracking, from raw material receipt to finished good completions. With on-line forward and backward lot recall.
  • Inventory, distribution & manufacturing systems that rival any stand-alone package to assure product supply meets demand in an optimal manner.

Full Report:

Innatrack is a comprehensive information management system tailored to the needs of processed goods manufacturers. That is, companies like yours that combine ingredients in batches, then process or package them into finished goods. Whether the finished goods are cookies, plastic bags, snacks, rubber gaskets, pizzas, beverages or packaging isn’t that important.

Because almost all process manufacturers share a common set of management needs met by the Innatrack system.

Innatrack is also designed to meet the needs of manufacturers selling products that end up in consumer markets–everything from small restaurants, hardware and convenience stores to large mass merchandisers, like Wal-Mart and Target. This requires software that can handle the intricacies of promotions, accruals, bill-backs and broker commissions. It oftentimes also requires software that can process orders electronically and provide lot traceability.

Compared to less-robust packages, Innatrack provides an integrated solution-- handling everything from customer service to company-wide resource planning. That means you don’t have to worry about whether your production system will ýtalký to your accounting software. Or, how you’re going to merge data from production and marketing to run forecasts. With Innatrack, there are literally hundreds of links between applications to provide you with one, complete, deeply integrated management system.

Compared to custom software, Innatrack offers the advantages of a tried-and-true package that’s been in use for more than a decade by companies like yours. Over that time, extensive changes and improvements have been made to keep the system current.

Much has been learned about what works and what doesn’t, what companies like yours really need and what is seldom used. In short, you get to take advantage of a very large, and growing, knowledge base rather than starting from scratch.

From its inception, the underlying philosophy of Innatrack was–and still is–that all transactions affecting the financial well-being of a company should be entered on-line when the transactions occur. And, that the data gathered should be processed and made available as quickly as possible for management review and decision making.

As a result, even in its early days Innatrack was integrating data from throughout the corporation–combining enterprise resource planning with supply chain management and distribution channel management before the terms were even coined.

Today, InnaTrack incorporates over 20 applications covering nearly every aspect of business management. And it’s in use by DBS customers in a wide variety of industries. DBS, the company, remains focused on meeting the information needs of small to mid-size manufacturers and distributors.

We’re large enough that customers feel secure in their investment in Innatrack, yet small enough to ensure that no customer gets lost in the system.

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