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Web-based purchasing software.
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Procurement Made Ridiculously Easy

Procurement doesn’t have to be complicated. A lot of business software solutions are overly complex and usually come with an expensive price tag. As a solution, most organizations don’t need something that can do everything - just something that is easy to use and gets the job done.

Problem: Difficult to Use and Price is too Expensive

Software shouldn’t have a gigantic learning curve. The more complicated something is the lower engagement will be with the intended users of the software.

A lot of solutions cost way too much, have exorbitant implementation cost, upgrade and maintenance fees, and require contracts.

Solution: Procurify was made to be simple.

Procurify is designed to be intuitive for the end user. That means organizations can implement the software in a fraction of the time other solutions would take to onboard. You could become an expert Procurify user in a couple of hours.

Procurify is hosted on the cloud so that the solution is fully scalable to meet the needs of your organization. A simple $45/per user per monthyou are able to add more users or take away users on the fly. Procurify doesn’t believe organizations should be forced to pay for solutions they don’t use and therefore Procurify doesn’t have contracts.

Procurify is a fully feature e-Procurement solution

Procurify streamlines the entire procure to pay cycle. Everything from requisitions, to purchase order creation, to approval routing, to item catalogs and tracking can be managed efficiently through the Procurify system. Procurify is web based so you’ll have access to the software wherever you have internet connection.

Procurify Benefits:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Real-time tracking
  • Mobile purchasing
  • Electronic purchase order
  • Electronic expense and travel management
  • Budget control
  • Approval routing
  • No contract required
  • Full phone, email and web support

The Procurify Way

Save Time

Procurify will dramatically reduce approval times and cut down on bottlenecks in the process chain. As a web based solution Procurify is able to be accessed anywhere you have internet or wifi. You can approve or deny requests on the go freeing up your team to do what they need.

Procurify will significantly reduce organizational paperwork. Every step of the procurement cycle is tracked electronically and automatically archived. This means that details can be quickly and conveniently pulled up when it comes time for reporting or to do an audit.

Save Money

Procurify helps to reduce operating expenses by reducing “maverick” or rouge spending. The system will make it easier to order from preferred suppliers to take advantage of vendor discounts. Procurify makes it easy to match purchase orders to invoices helping to prevent double ordering or payments made for unordered goods and services. Ultimately, having complete visibility and tracking of orders approved and dollars spent will lead to real cost savings.

Reviews of Procurify

Nick from Crown Marketing says...

Great experience right from the start. Customer service guided through the setup, which was much easier than we thought. For the price point, this purchasing software has everything we need.

The good: What stood out the most was the user experience of the app. It is much more user friendly than the other options we’ve looked at.

The bad: The mobile applications are still in development and only offer a glimpse of the full capability of the web app. Would like to see more mobile use.