A product lifecycle management software designed for the fashion and soft goods industries.

About Exenta from Aptean PLM

Exenta from Aptean PLM helps you reduce the cost of bringing a product to market within the fashion and soft goods brands and retail industries. Exenta from Aptean PLM helps you:

  • Grow revenue while reducing costs
  • Accelerate design, development, and sourcing
  • Enhance design creativity and productivity
  • Boost calendar/process visibility and control
  • Streamline/automate front-end processes
  • Foster team and supply chain collaboration.

Video Overview


  • Communication
  • Tech Pack Development
  • Line and Seasonal Management
  • Advanced platform
  • Material and Sample Tracking
  • Sourcing and Costing

User Reviews of Exenta from Aptean PLM

Submitted on June 25th, 2019 by Tony Cassella from J Queen

We needed to figure out how to set up our competitive edge, premiere our products, and grow our customer base. Exenta lets us do all that and more. Exenta fits our current needs, and will easily give us the ability to scale as we grow.

Submitted on June 25th, 2019 by Linda Orzeck from Hanky Panky

Since implementing Exenta, inventory accuracy has improved by 30 percent, and turnaround times on orders are 25 percent faster. Store shipments are also more accurate.

Submitted on June 25th, 2019 by Avi Meir from Outerstuff

Outerstuff has experienced consistent growth, and our existing software limited us. We wanted to take advantage of newer technology available, which could inherently overcome some of the challenges we were facing with our current solution.