A construction management software offering project management, accounting, and BI tools.

Product Overview

AccuBuild is a construction management software. Key features include document, workforce, and project management. The platform also delivers accounting and business intelligence tools. AccuBuild’s ability to pull detailed data into Excel helps create custom reports and analyses, crucial for project and financial management. It also offers an intuitive job cost reporting feature and responsive customer support.


  • Detailed data extraction to Excel for reporting
  • Intuitive accounting and job cost reports
  • Responsive customer support


  • Interface makes payroll process challenging
  • Limited customizations for dashboard metrics
  • Some users report UI looks and feels dated

Target Market

Mid-sized to large construction businesses needing detailed reporting and strong financial and project management tools. Serves general and heavy construction, specialty and MEP subcontractors, commercial and industrial projects, government and educational building projects, and multi-family housing projects.

About AccuBuild

AccuBuild is a construction business management software that has been serving contractors since 1987. The software has an open database design and custom report capabilities, allowing for easy adaptation to different company requirements.

AccuBuild also offers a flexible pricing model, meaning customers pay only for the features they use. Additionally, the software ensures background data is kept in a format that CPAs will understand. A copy of the AccuBuild System is offered to CPAs at no additional charge once a company purchases the package.

AccuBuild Key Features and Modules

  • Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Document Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Business Intelligence

Equipment Tracking

This optional module helps manage company vehicles, tools, and other assets. It includes features for equipment rental management and allocating rental expenses to specific jobs.


This module, designed for tracking materials and items in stock, can be used independently or in conjunction with the Orders system. It integrates seamlessly with the job cost and ledger systems.

Job Cost

At the core of AccuBuild’s accounting suite, the job cost module is flexible and integrates with all other software modules. It’s essential for contractors to review this module thoroughly before setup to ensure all needs are met.


The ledger acts as a central repository for transaction records from all accounting modules. It handles general journal and post-closing journal entries, as well as bank account reconciliations.


This system tracks purchases for inventory or jobs, covering purchase orders, subcontract orders, and stock orders. It plays a key role in managing vendor shipments and billings and preventing overpayments.


The payables module manages vendor invoices and payments, supporting multiple distribution amounts and integrating with other modules. It includes functionalities for processing 1099s and tracking payments and balances.


This complete payroll solution offers time tracking, tax reporting, and W-2 printing. It can function independently or integrate with other AccuBuild modules like job cost, ledger, and equipment.


The receivables system tracks customer billing status and integrates with payables, job cost, and ledger modules. It maintains a master list of billings and handles payment postings.

Target Industries

AccuBuild is used in various sectors within the construction industry, including:

  • General and Heavy Construction
  • Specialty and MEP Subcontractors
  • Commercial/Industrial Projects
  • Government and Educational Building Projects
  • Multi-family Housing Projects

Video Overview

Starting Price
$200 /user/month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of AccuBuild

Submitted on March 13th, 2009 by Laura Sheperd

You get so much more information from AccuBuild then you ever could imagine from QuickBooks. It’s very user-friendly. I’ve used stronger softwares in the past and AccuBuild just puts them all to shame.